Tuesday, December 12, 2017

UK Colder then Moscow- “One World “ Banker/Oligarch Climate Summit

We’re supposed to believe the planet is warming and this is all because of carbon and very bad humans- Yet  very cold, cold temperatures in Britain. That unusual snow in the deep south.
 Rare Snow Storm Hits Deep South: Travel Warnings And colder then usual temps in my locale. -9 Celsius right now! 6:50 pm est. Our usual low -4 Celsius. And it's set to get colder still tonight! Warming hardly seems an issue.
December 13/2017 awoke to a frigid -14  C or 6 Fahrenheit
December 12/2017  Max (high) : -1.5°C / 29.3 F 
Min (low) : -12.1°C/10.2F
Averages for December 12..Max C. Min -4°C..   or    Max 36°F. Min 25°F.
As you can read we're much colder yesterday and today!
Freezing Temps Make Britain Colder then Moscow

"Temperatures in parts of the UK have dropped to below those currently recorded in Moscow, following the coldest night of the year so far.
The mercury dropped to as low as -13C in Shropshire overnight, while vast swathes of the UK fell below freezing"
Monday night was the coldest in more than a year as temperatures plunged to -13C

UK Colder then Moscow

Arctic Conditions Set to Continue- More Snow Set to Freeze Britain

Extreme cold will briefly give way to milder, more unsettled conditions due to sweep in from the Atlantic over the next 24 hours.

Torrential downpours threaten to lash swathes of the country with rain, sleet and snow through the week.

Arctic conditions will return on Thursday, opening the doors to further freezing temperatures and wintry downpours.
It follows days of winter chaos which saw heavy snow since the weekend spark chaos on the roads and transport networks.
"One World  Summit" Cabal of Global Scum Meet

The World Bank said it would stop financing oil and gas exploration and extraction -- representing about two percent of its current portfolio -- from 2019, becoming the first multilateral bank to take such a step.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the European Commission promised to earmark more than $600 million for agricultural research to combat the effects of climate change.

The Gates Foundation itself pledged $315 million to help the poorest players in the sector, notably in Africa, adapt to global warming, while the European Commission pledged $318 million.

Notice the heavy exploitation of children in the image? - Wouldn't have quite the same effect if it was a bunch of rich guys and politicians posing together would it?

Macron centre stage on global warming
Is the globe warming? Hasn’t been for years and years now.....

Rather like the recent polar bear fake news
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  1. ....., almost seems like a perfect time to start purchasing oil.

    You whats funny, the moment the world starts cooling down because of the cycle, these frauds will then claim it is because of their effort.

    1. Hey Kaz

      "the moment the world starts cooling down because of the cycle, these frauds will then claim it is because of their effort"

      spin, when worked well, it is a beautiful thing for the psycho elites

    2. And than when it becomes to cold that certain regions cannot grow food anymore, that is when I wonder what their reactions will be.

      Will it be.
      1. He guys not our fault the natural cycle seems to be like this. So basically we were lying

      2. We overdid it and now we have to invade africa to secure our foodsupply, He its not like we wanted it, but we need to survive.

    3. And of course we see that Bill and Melinda Gates are all about farming in Africa......

  2. Around here, we've been getting flooded with chemtrails, Yesterday, counted 40 before 11 am and by noon, the entire sky was filled with those sickly looking pale clouds that don't look like clouds.

    If as were told the chemtrails are to reflect the Sun's heat back and keep it from Earth, then why have chemtrails on days when the weather is typical for Winter, with nice cold days?

    Today it's going to warm up 10-15 degrees above average, and with that comes the wind storms which seem to follow this chemtrail pollution.

    My guess is they're Geo-engineering the weather to make it warmer than normal so people will beg for the USG to do something, and they'll give us those damned carbon swaps, which do nothing for removing CO2, but make Wall Street hundreds of billions in swap money.

    Ask Spain and Germany about carbon trading, they tried it and finally quit, because it was doing nothing except enriching crooks. Germany alone has around 11 billion Euros 'missing' from the trading. Missing, like all those trillions 'missing' from the Pentagon?

    1. Hey Greg:
      round here we're colder then normal.
      Carbon trading is designed to enrich crooks and nothing more- it was created by the crooks for that express purpose

  3. I've updated this post with today's chilling temps here and please see the newest post

  4. Hi Penny. Here in Manchester the wheather is a bit funny. Sometimes it starts to snow a bit and then suddenly stop and then snow a bit (it doesn't normally snow at this time of the year). And in some areas of Manchester, there is a lot of snow.