Saturday, December 16, 2017

Wind Power Weaked by AGW?! So Many Bats & Birds Killed for A Green Hoax

All those dead birds and bats.. Year after year.
As those massive ugly wind turbines march across the skyline alongside grotesque transmission towers.  How much tax payer money/debt has gone to wind “power”

Apparently the green carbon cult missed the boat on this one? Or not? Since they enriched themselves a great deal along the way From bankers, through "scientists" to carbon traders- big oil- wind subsidies etc., Every one connected to the cult made money and people like you and I are vastly poorer for it.   If only the green carbon cult would go the way of the alleged endangered polar bear?

Oh wait that’s just another lie!  Polar bear populations are doing fine.
Here’s hoping the carbon/ banking/ fraudster cult meets their demise  and soon.

Where to begin? Let's talk polar bears first.. the recent carbon cult psyop has me burned up.

Feb. 2017: Two High Arctic polar bear populations stable

Polar bears in two High Arctic populations seem to be doing better than scientists had thought.
The first major study of the Baffin Bay and Kane Basin populations in about 20 years has found more bears than population models predicted.
The study updates the last report into the two populations done in 1997. Since that time, scientists have used population models to predict the health of the two groups.
Both were considered to be in decline. The Baffin Bay bears were thought to have decreased to about 1,600 from 2,173 two decades ago.
Those models seem to have been too pessimistic, partly because the earlier population survey was an underestimate. The new report says there are 2,826 bears in the Baffin region.
Let's read those facts, again- Computers models said Baffin Bay Bears would decrease from 2173 to about 1600. Real world numbers? 2,826 Bears. That is an increase of nearly 700 bears from the initial 2173 count-  It's also 1,226 bears more then the estimated decrease count
The report has better news on the Kane Basin numbers. "(There's) relatively strong evidence for stable to increasing population."
The report counts 357 bears in that area, up from 224.
A polar bear cub nuzzles its mother in Wapusk National Park on the shore of Hudson Bay near Churchill, Man

I'm not getting all excited about claims regarding conditions of the bears- First of all, I can't verify the claimed conditions of the bears. More importantly because some years are good and some years are bad for wild animals- I'd expect the bears would be leaner some of the time and more robust other times. An overall increase in the population indicates a clear ability for the animals to thrive!  Keep in mind the dire warnings of the carbon cult- imminent demise/extinction? Wrong, as usual.

Let's talk dead bats and birds- Fake environmentalist/cult adherents (who love only the green of money, money, money)

Globe and Mail- Windfarm turbines deadly for birds, bats

"Shockingly high" numbers of bird and bat deaths caused by one of Canada's biggest wind farms should serve as a warning to planners of other projects that may be built in crucial wildlife zones, one of the country's key conservation groups says.
The 86 huge turbines on Wolfe Island, just outside Kingston, Ont., began to produce power about a year ago, and an on-going count of bird and bats that have been killed by the blades has been conducted since then.
A consultant's report covering the period between July and December of 2009 was released recently, indicating that 602 birds and 1,270 bats were killed by the turbines over that stretch. While the report says the numbers of dead birds and bats are similar to other wind farms in North America, Ottawa-based environmental advocacy group Nature Canada says the figures are actually surprisingly large and represent a significant threat to several endangered species-
6 months of wind turbine operation- 602 dead birds- 1270 bats- vital contributors to our environment- a significant threat to several endangered species!


Mr. Cheskey said Wolfe Island is an internationally recognized "important bird area," or IBA, for raptors - birds of prey such as owls and hawks that hunt for small mammals to eat. The numbers of those birds killed is worrying, he said, as is the mortality of swallows, which are in decline across Ontario.
The hundreds of bats killed is also cause for "grave concern," he said, especially because they are less well understood than birds. "They are being massacred [and]we could be driving more species to extinction without understanding how or why."
I happen to love birds- a whole lot. Hawks. Eagles. I've talked about the cold winter kill offs of lake ducks that were massive here in Southern Ontario. The appearance of the giant lumbering turbines might just explain why I haven't seen a purple martin for years. I hope not!
Purple Martin

 Remember... POLAR BEARS

The True Cost of Wind Power:

 The true cost of wind energy is higher than most cost  estimates calculate. Mandates requiring the use of wind energy increase electricity costs for consumers, and subsidies mask the actual cost of  doing so. RPS require intermittent renewable energy to exist, but at the expense of utilities and  consumers. The PTC makes wind power cheaper for utilities and consumers, but at the expense  of taxpayers. Through  such  policies,  U.S.  policymakers  have  essentially  decided  that  electricity  consumers  will have wind power, even if it is more expensive. The cost of this decision has fallen to U.S.  taxpayers and consumers of electricity. When weighing the costs and benefits of wind power, not  including all of the hidden costs makes wind power appear to be a more attractive option than it actually  is.

Just remember POLAR BEARS 

Global Warming to Weaken Wind Power

I’ve absolutely no idea how this claim can be presented as fact... it reads much more like wild speculation, projected so far into the future, that when proven wrong it won’t make any difference to present day spending/debt or real energy needs.  Or dead birds and bats.
There are a whole hosts of problems with wind power.

Global warming will significantly cut the power of the wind across northern mid-latitudes, including the US, the UK and the Mediterranean region.
The research has found that there will be big changes by the end of the century in many of the places hosting large numbers of turbines. According to a new research published recently in the journal Nature Geoscience, climate change in the future might cause wind resources to decline across the Northern Hemisphere. These losses could be tempered by increases in wind power potential south of the equator under severe climate change scenarios.  Wind farms have grown more than fivefold in the last decade and plunging costs have made them a key way of reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning.

But in central US, for example, the power of the wind could fall by nearly a fifth. Though the findings don’t disqualify wind as a competitive source of renewable energy yet the researchers do suggest that energy planners should take the future climate into account when creating long-term strategies for renewables. Wind powers only about 3.7% of worldwide energy consumption as of now, but global wind power capacity is increasing rapidly. It is growing at about 20% a year. In the latest study, researchers used an international set of climate model outputs to assess changes in wind energy resources across the globe. The team then used a ‘power curve’ from the wind energy industry to convert predictions of global winds, density and temperature into an estimate of wind energy production potential. While not all of the climate models agreed on what the future will bring, substantial changes may be in store, especially a prominent asymmetry in wind power potential across the globe.

Losses of wind energy stretched from central US to the UK, Russia and Japan for both medium- and high-emissions scenarios. If carbon dioxide emissions continue at high levels, wind power resources may decrease in the Northern Hemisphere’s mid-latitudes and increase in the Southern Hemisphere and tropics by 2100.

A projection 83 years into the future based on yet more computer modelling. Haven't we all had enough of this?


  1. At some point, man's stupidity and greed will be our downfall. Just as a human body can survive a missing finger or foot or arm or leg, but eventually, if a body keeps loosing parts, it will cease to function and exist.

    And that's what humans are doing to the planet, killing off bits and pieces. At first, it wasn't noticeable, but it's starting to get BIG traction and all the specie extinctions are going to add up to our doom.

    Then Nature will have a peaceful hundred million years or so to right the wrongs without human interference.

  2. Yesterday I posted a "cartoon" that depicts a dying polar bear. I got into quite a chat with the artist who upheld his ludicrous comments possibly because .. well I don't know why. Even the National Post came out announcing that this was an old animal dying a natural death but the Green Nazis do not want that narrative heard.

    What Greg above says is truth. The system will collapse as it has before over the millennia. This is not the first time we have over-stepped the limit.

    Each time the world slowly renews itself, but each time, everything comes back weaker and smaller than before, with mutations of some sort to deal with. Remember Atlantis?

  3. Hey Greg and Noor:

    I agree we have an affect on the environment- I would add that every living creature on this planet affects the environment.

    Deer chewing tree barks- other critters eating bird eggs etc- It all affects everything

    Yet those wind turbines killing off birds and bats- is ignored to push a specific agenda- I detest the bait and switch being employed- the polar bears by all appearances are doing fine- thriving, but what about the vital birds and bats?

    They did a big water/energy project (Tidal Power) in the Bay of Fundy to generate 'clean energy' when they got the project going there was an immediate mass fish die off.

    Barely noticed by the media and solidly ignored by the green cult

    “The environmental effects monitoring plans (EEMP) for fish and lobster fall well short of their intended mark,” Avery told National Observer. “There’s nothing in there that’s of value to show the long-term and cumulative effects on fish or lobster populations right now.”

    The EEMP was established to measure the impact tidal, in-stream energy conversion devices could have on fish, seabirds, marine mammals, lobster, marine noise, ocean bed habitats and other variables.

    Avery is an assistant professor of biology, mathematics and statistics at Acadia University who specializes in fish habitat and several at-risk species in the Bay of Fundy, including the striped bass, the little skate and winter skate.

    no matter- it's 'green' and costs a fortune
    no one gives a hoot about fish, birds or bats- not when it has a green label

    " Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Nova Scotia Power have long known that the Annapolis tidal turbine kills significant numbers of fish.

    As a result, Acadia University professor and former Fisheries and Oceans scientist Michael Dadswell is accusing Nova Scotia Power of being in violation of the Fisheries Act and the federal department of not enforcing it.

    “Either (Fisheries and Oceans) does not pay attention to its own scientists or they have been in cahoots with Nova Scotia Power all these years to deny the extreme decimation of the Annapolis fish populations,” said Dadswell."

    It can't be green or environmentally friendly if it's killing everything in it's path

  4. Yeah, don't forget certain types of solar power