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Yet Another Early Ice Wine Grape Harvest!

  As mentioned last week it’s been very cold for late fall. As sub zero temps persist the ice wine grape harvest got under way December 13th in Niagara- At least a whole month ahead of the usual harvest time. Which is usually mid to late JanuaryThe 2017 Ice Wine grape harvest kicked off one day earlier then last years earlier then usual harvest! 

 I’m awfully close to wine country- physically (living in Niagara) and in my heart ;)

Let's talk another late fall ice wine harvest! 
Winter kicking off officially December 21/17
 Sub Zero Temps Marks Start of  Niagara Wine Harvest- December 13/2017

"The Icewine harvest started in Niagara at 5 a.m. Wednesday morning when temperatures dropped below -8 C, the audited temperature for VQA rules, and Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery began picking Cabernet Franc grapes.
The Cabernet Franc grapes will be followed by Riesling and Vidal varietals.
“The forecast is showing plunging temperatures over the next few days,” said Matthew Speck, Co-Owner and Viticulturist, Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery. “With the expected cold weather in Niagara, we are excited to harvest the 2017 Icewine crop. Due to the exceptional growing conditions this year, and especially the warm, dry fall, we are anticipating one of our largest Icewine crops in our 30 year history.”

December cold snap means early icewine grape harvest

Icewine grape growers got a lucky break with Mother Nature this week as sudden and persistent sub-zero temperatures allowed them to harvest the grapes nearly a month ahead of schedule.
Growers across the region started picking certain varieties of grapes as early as Wednesday, Dec. 13.
At Pillitteri Estate Winery, the machine was out in the field by 3 a.m. on Thursday, but director of viniculture Jamie Slingerland said they had to wait until about 5 a.m. for the conditions to be ideal.
When Ice grape harvests occurred later, which they have, once that I can recall,  the news reports screamed AGW (man made global warming)- When the harvest occurs earlier because of frigid temperatures, two years in a row, the media ignores the reality. 

Last years early harvest was covered here too!

AGW ? Fall Ice Wine Harvest-...

 While it’s not officially winter here yet...Winter kicks off December 21st. The solstice.  The weather we’ve experienced?  Brutally cold  for this time of year! Temps well below normal- getting very little media coverage, of course! Doesn’t fit with the hard sell of our impending carbon tax/cap and trade in Ontario- you know more taxes to impoverish us all?
Let’s look at how AGW is affecting my neck of the woods:
December 14/2016- The Ice Wine Grape Harvest is On! 
This has got to be one of the earliest harvest I can ever recall- Usually they aren’t until January or February.
 Instead, at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, (December 14/2016)  harvest started on the winery's 8 hectares of icewine grapes. Thanks to a cold snap when temperatures dipped below the required -8 C mandated under VQA rules for an icewine harvest, they were able to pick a little earlier than last year — about 21 days earlier.

Here's another report from 2016: Early IceWine Harvest... 

It's like the polar bear spin... The mascot chosen to push the carbon agenda- Yet ignore all the reality- like colder temps- birds and bats massacred by 'clean green' grotesque wind turbines and mass fish die offs from "green" tidal projects. (see comment previous post)

Wind Power Weaked by AGW?! So Many Bats & Birds Killed for A Green Hoax

Hey Greg and Noor:

I agree we have an affect on the environment- I would add that every living creature on this planet affects the environment.

Deer chewing tree barks- other critters eating bird eggs etc- It all affects everything

Yet those wind turbines killing off birds and bats- is ignored to push a specific agenda- I detest the bait and switch being employed- the polar bears by all appearances are doing fine- thriving, but what about the vital birds and bats?

They did a big water/energy project (Tidal Power) in the Bay of Fundy to generate 'clean energy' when they got the project going there was an immediate mass fish die off.

Barely noticed by the media and solidly ignored by the green cult

“The environmental effects monitoring plans (EEMP) for fish and lobster fall well short of their intended mark,” Avery told National Observer. “There’s nothing in there that’s of value to show the long-term and cumulative effects on fish or lobster populations right now.”

The EEMP was established to measure the impact tidal, in-stream energy conversion devices could have on fish, seabirds, marine mammals, lobster, marine noise, ocean bed habitats and other variables.

Avery is an assistant professor of biology, mathematics and statistics at Acadia University who specializes in fish habitat and several at-risk species in the Bay of Fundy, including the striped bass, the little skate and winter skate.

no matter- it's 'green' and costs a fortune
no one gives a hoot about fish, birds or bats- not when it has a green label

" Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Nova Scotia Power have long known that the Annapolis tidal turbine kills significant numbers of fish.

As a result, Acadia University professor and former Fisheries and Oceans scientist Michael Dadswell is accusing Nova Scotia Power of being in violation of the Fisheries Act and the federal department of not enforcing it.

“Either (Fisheries and Oceans) does not pay attention to its own scientists or they have been in cahoots with Nova Scotia Power all these years to deny the extreme decimation of the Annapolis fish populations,” said Dadswell."

It can't be green or environmentally friendly if it's killing everything in it's path

Inconvenient truths, I guess?

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