Sunday, January 28, 2018

Female Kurdish Fighter Blows Herself Up- Killing Turkish Troops

I'm posting this article to point out the spin that is placed at the end of the piece.


A female fighter within the Kurdish People’s Protection Units paramilitary group has blown herself up amid an ongoing offensive by Turkey-led forces in Syria’s Afrin region sources report.
Sources following developments in Afrin are reporting that a Kurdish female fighter by the name of Avesta Khabur has blown herself up to in an attempt to turn back an armored assault by the Turkish Army.
The incident is said to have taken place in the village of Hemmam and that it resulted in Avesta Khabur taking the lives of several Turkish troops along with her own as well as the destruction of a battle tank.
Sources are vague about the conditions in which Avesta Khabur carried out the suicide bombing.
It is hard to believe that it was a preempted Islamist-style martyrdom operation in the fashion that jihadist factions carry out such attacks.
If the reports are true then rather it is case that Avesta likely found herself surrounded by enemy forces and – seeing no way out – then committed to the suicide attack against the Turkish Army.

She likely found herself surrounded by enemy forces? So her comrades, the fierce ISIS fighters, simply left her on her alone, unattended,  allowing her to become "surrounded" by enemy forces?
"Seeing no way out" she blew herself up. So she was already wearing explosive devices? 
 And she had not choice?  This was not happenstance, though, that is the idea presented.  Why? So that any easily swayed reader will believe something other then reality?  

 I can assure you Kurdish fighters, male and female, have resorted to ISIS style suicide attacks for decades now. Always targeting ordinary folk or police on duty- sometimes soldiers

These attacks have been reported here, most recently:

Turkey's Destabilization- Kickin' It Up a Notch? Or Two,Three, Ten Notches?? 

"The Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK), an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group, said Friday it carried out a suicide bombing in Turkey's biggest city Istanbul this week that killed 11 people."

 One can easily find any number of reports of fanatic sunni muslim Kurds, male and female,  resorting to these types of attacks. In fact suicide attacks have long been a hallmark of the Kurds attached to PKK and all it's subsidiaries

Female suicide bomber in Ayn al-Arab aka Kobane
"A female Kurdish fighter has carried out a suicide attack in the besieged Syrian town of (Ayn al Arab commonly presented as) Kobane"
From 2011- PKK Suicide Bomber Takes out the Gendarmarie  

Female PKK Suicide Bomber in Ankara

Face the facts- these groups are fanatics

A female member of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) was one of two suspected perpetrators of a car bombing that killed 37 people in the Turkish capital Ankara, security officials said on Monday.
  The Kurdish PKK, a secessionist "secular" movement, perpetrated 16 suicide attacks in the years 1996-1999 (plus five foiled attacks), which killed 20 people and wounded scores. 

1998:  TWO KURDS set themselves on fire in Moscow yesterday and a Kurdish woman killed herself in a suicide bombing in Turkey as the diplomatic crisis across Europe deepened over Abdullah Ocalan

- Knowing fact. Not buying into fantasy. Or spin. Or mass mind control media presentation.
 I do not find it credible that this poor waif of a woman just happened to find herself surrounded by enemy forces- It is vastly more realistic that she intentionally targeted the Turkish troops, knowing she was going to blow herself up.

I am so fed up with spin! Not just when it comes to the presentation of fanatical sunni muslim kurds but time and time again!  If another so called Islamist bomber, like ISIS or AQ, did this the news report linked to above would be completely different. Since there is an agenda to create a 'greater kurdistan' we are subjected to the demonstrated manipulative news coverage. 

Sometimes I just gotta express my disgust with media presentation and this article gave me the perfect opportunity- Rant done.

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  1. Something to add to this behavior, after a capture of one of their hideouts in the Afrin region They found a bag of drugs specifically used to get people into this state of suppressing their real emotions, so they can be manipulated into blowing themselves up.

    1. Hey Kaz:

      that doesn't surprise me, since drugs have been a huge part of the entire Syrian destabilization fueling every manner of brutality- Additionally PKK is a mass drug smuggling organization-

      what were the drugs? were they named?

    2. hey kaz- I figured it was captagon- the drug that has fueled the entire Syrian destabilization!
      Pretty sure I've posts here on that drug and it's role in this awful horrific mess-

      from 2014

      appeared to be connected to the Saudis...

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