Monday, January 8, 2018

Frigid Cold Ends For Now; NOAA Wrong on Great Lakes; Global Warming & Iran

I had meant to get this post done while we were still absolutely freezing in the extreme cold- With temps so far below normal that records had to have been broken.

Toronto Broke Yet Another Cold Record

Our extreme cold temps went like this:

January 4/2018 - High 14.9F or -9.5 Celsius: Low -0.9 F or -18.2 C
January 5/2018-  High  3.7 F or-  15.7 C : Low -5.4 F or -20.8 C
January 6/2018- High 3.7 F or - 15.7 C:  Low - 11.2 F or -24.0 C
Forgot yesterday- Windchills made it even colder

Today we're hovering right around the freezing. Tonight is set to be a low of - 4 C
Definitely more in line with what is usual for my stomping grounds.

Let's talk Great Lakes- Cause it's where I live!

Great Lakes Total Ice Coverage Hit 29.5 Percent in Very Short Order!

Great Lakes Total Ice Cover as of January 07/18 29.5 percent

Apparently the image from NOAA updates itself daily- though posted yesterday it is showing the January 08 information for Great Lakes which would not be available till today.
Ice coverage was 29.5 percent as of January 07/2018
 With Lake Erie’s coverage coming in at about 85%. Accurately 84.7%

Lake Erie Ice Concentration 84.7 percent
Lake Erie is down to 81%  as of January 09/2018

I've been out at the Lake. Was there yesterday. It's ice, ice and more ice. Hubby and I were joking that we could walk across the Lake to the US- 

Interestingly, NOAA had predicted that the Great Lakes Coverage would be “Below Normal” at only 26%

Great Lakes ice cover forecast recalculated, with total coverage down to 26 percent

Ooops, I guess they got that wrong! And we have months to go. If the weather stays unseasonably warm from now till the beginning of March, which is pretty doubtful, NOAA has already called this one wrong!

If the total ice forecast was there only error?

“Now, the Great Lakes overall are looking at a mere 26 percent ice coverage, with Lake Erie prognosticated to freeze the most, at 48 percent coverage.”

NOOA got that double wrong because Lake Erie hit 84.7 percent ice coverage in this recent freeze.

Speaking of flash freezes- We had those ships stuck in the St Lawrence Seaway System

January 6/18 it was reported that every effort was being made to thaw a ship frozen into the Lock since January 01/18

Every effort is being made to free an ocean-going vessel, stuck in a lock since New Year’s Day, that has delayed the closing of the St. Lawrence Seaway system on both sides of the border, says Andrew Bogora, spokesman for the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp.

“At present there are three tugs attempting to help with the extrication of the Federal Biscay,” says Bogora.

The seaway was to close on Dec. 31, but a snap freeze and very heavy ice conditions on the St. Lawrence River, from Kingston to Montreal, pushed the date back.

Finally the ship was freed- and it’s soybean cargo is on it's way from Chicago to Turkey

Krafft said boilers had been brought in to thaw and melt the ice, using high-pressurized steam, inside the Snell Lock, at Massena, N.Y.

A release from the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. - which operates the seaway on behalf of the U.S. Department of Transportation on the American side of the border - said it was a major effort over the last 24 hours to melt the ice around the vessel.

“The vessel exited the lock earlier this afternoon (Saturday) with tug assistance. The vessel is now tied up along the upper approach wall to the lock,” said the release.

It said the effort to free the Federal Biscay, which became stuck on New Year’s Day, lasted several days and involved the "hard work of many individuals under severe weather conditions." At least three tugs had been trying to free the vessel, with no success, before the steam boilers were brought in.
Today there are claims being made that the Iran Protests are Due to “Global Warming”- Seriously, this is the absolute baloney, garbage, nonsense that is being put forth as the reason for these protests.
Scientific American no less. Wild speculation at it’s most crazeeeee....

“Barbara Slavin, director of the Future of Iran Initiative at the Atlantic Council.
She said the role of climate change on the protests is "massive" and underreported by the media.

This exact same claim was made regarding Syria, by self proclaimed authority figures and regurgitated by agenda pushing 5 eyes msm and alt media. Though it was later clarified that the scientific evidence for the Syrian claim was so thin as to be considered tenuous. Tenous: lacking a sound basis, as reasoning; unsubstantiated; weak: Yah, tenuous sounds exactly right!

Another AGW Lie Bites the Dust:
"Climate Change Fuelled Syrian War"

“There is no sound evidence that global climate change was a factor in sparking the Syrian civil war,” said University of Sussex Professor Jan Selby, one of the study’s co-authors, in a statement.

“It is extraordinary that this claim has been so widely accepted when the scientific evidence is so thin.”

A lack of evidence never stops liars from lying. Same spin, different destabilization campaign.

Internet Responds to yet another climate change lie: Science RIP

Flashback:  Dr. Henry Bauer, Why We Shouldn’t Trust Science 
Flashback:  Peer Review = Conspiracy. Peer Review = Conspiracy is my own concept. It's a very, very valid concept.


  1. Why do you lot continue to believe that North America is the centre of the universe?
    40Centigrade here on the alternative half of this planet ... sheesh.

    1. Ah 40 degrees Celsius - that's HOT ... have never really understood why Americans think that 40 is freezing .. meh.

  2. For whatever it is worth - America is losing so many international 'brownie points' that even the Aussies can laugh at you.

  3. Ah, oddly enough, recently had a squizz at this DVD ..
    made in 2004 - oddly prescient.
    "The Day After Tomorrow"
    While some of the CGI is a bit extreme - almost predicts the real events in North America at this point in time ..
    Go figure.

    Um, yep, while Antarctic ice shelf Larsen A and B ...
    do not increase or add all that much to global ocean rise .. they DO allow the land held water stored in Antarctic glaciers to melt into the sea.

  4. I'm not American!
    And btw I saw the news out of Australia, Sydney to be exact despite the attemp at hyping an alleged record breaking temperature- it had to be recanted when someone caught the lie-

    "That record still stands - a now-closed Richmond weather station recorded 47.8°C in 1939."

    It was hotter in 1939 when Sydney was undoubtedly a vastly smaller city.

    Additionally Sydney suffers from the heat island affect, as does Toronto, New York and many other cities

    "AUSTRALIAN cities are 5C hotter compared to surrounding areas because of a phenomenon known as the ‘Urban Island Heat’ effect that could eventually turn them into death traps"

    1. The Heat Island effect is obvious in small cities also- such as where I live. If I walk from my neighbourhood- to the downtown core it is way hotter then in my back yard- If I head from downtown to one of our local park spaces (in the city core) it is much cooler.. no heat island


    Drones that attacked Russian military bases in Syria could have been shipped only from U.S. - Russian senator


    1. Thanks, I was just working on that post!

      And will add your comment in

  6. Nice write-up - No, there's never any hype, news or story about record breaking anything to do with cold or freezing temps . . . they downplay it every time.

    Next time someone calls you a climate change denier, ask where the word "consensus" is in the scientific method or thinking! Just because the consensus was a hundred years ago that bleeding yourself would get rid of bad germs, didn't make it true. Although that was also supposedly based on very good scientific evidence at the time. And so it is today. The corporations will save money with tax credits, and the consumers will pay more, and be taxed more . . . a double whammy!

    Welcome to corporate servitude, eh?

    1. thanks slozo- consensus science is not science- it's bandwagon or appeal to popularity?

      btw slozo: hope you and yours are well? :)

  7. Check out this latest BS story about warming oceans. Sea turtles have been around for 150 million or so years, when the climate was a LOT warmer and that didn't fug up their sex.

    Be sure to read the comments about the real cause, all the plastics that get tossed into the oceans.

    1. Hey Greg; always with the spin- Yes, endocrine disruptors- My long forgotten series... sigh
      link below:

      It's not just plastics, though they are a part of the problem, it's chemical fertilizers and pharmaceuticals- I'm so glad some astute commenters caught that spin, because I would agree sea turtles have survived warmer and colder climates

  8. something my hubby just mentioned- ocean temperatures vary depending on depth also...

    So if a Turtle or fish for that matter dove deeper they would inevitably hit colder water temps- closer to the surface they would have warmer temps- considering that they must be quite adapted to temp variations.