Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tillerson: The Way Forward In Syria is Military Occupation & Regime Change

Along with recognition of ill gotten Syrian territory as a separate entity.
 'Scuse me for being completely underwhelmed and absolutely not shocked by any of  this. I've written for years now about this plan to reshape the region, including a push for some form of Israel 2.0/Kurdistan, under the guise of fighting ISIS.

Rice and Tillerson- Bookends for the regional remake?

Interesting that he shared the stage at Stanford with Condoleeza Rice. She of the "birth pangs of a new middle east" fame. I've quoted her many times here at the blog.

 Some excerpts from his prepared speech. Undoubtedly carefully crafted.

“United States will maintain military presence in Syria, focused on ensuring ISIS cannot re-emerge,” Tillerson said. “Ungoverned spaces, especially in conflict zones, are breeding grounds for ISIS and other terrorist organizations … The fight against ISIS is not over (…) Similarly, we must persist in Syria to thwart al-Qaida, which still has substantial presence and base operations in northwest Syria.”

“Once Assad is gone from power, the United States will gladly encourage the normalization of economic relations between Syria and other nations,” Tillerson said. “This process will take time. But we’re patient in the departure of Assad and in the establishment of new leadership.

Relinking some previous posts. 

One from as far back as 2011 mentioning the Kurdish wild card as it pertained to Syria.

Kurds: The Wild Card in Syria- November 2011

As I mentioned in the previous post, some of the Kurds have substantial military ties to Israel.
I wonder just how much of a role those Kurds tied to Israel have already been engaged in the destruction and destabilization of Syria?

Then I come across this today!
From Michael Weiss of the Henry(Scoop) Jackson Society.

You have been introduced to the Henry (Scoop) Jackson Society in previous posts. Interesting to note, the agenda being pushed:Will Kurds Determine Syria's Fate?

Turkey & Syria

Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis - The Impending Destruction of Turkey. November 2014

Last week there was an article in WSJ One of many in the WSJ, but this one really caught my attention.   

Headline: Kurds Fight Islamic State to Claim a Piece of Syria  

Sub-heading: A Kurdish paramilitary group will help the U.S. expel Islamic militants in exchange for a stretch of northern Syria to build its vision of utopia

Oh, does anyone find it odd that the US can just give another nations territory away?    Anyone think that strange? Of course Israel sees this as perfectly acceptable because they were given land inhabited by other people. Northern Syria is not just occupied by Sunni Muslim Kurds. There are others resident in those areas. Do they want to live in this Utopia? Is anyone considering them?

Part 2- Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis - The Impending Destruction of Turkey- November 2014

 Many suspect that Erdogan supports ISIS? But does he?
I mean, yes, support of ISIS could explain why he refused to join the coalition against ISIS?
But, I don't think it does.  With all the new information I have come across lately it seems vastly more plausible that Erdogan would not join the fight against ISIS because he knows, as I have written, that the fight against ISIS is a fight to create Kurdistan. And that ISIS is a pretext created by the West specifically for that reason. In other words Turkey is not going to participate in it's own downfall
Kurdistan: NATO's New Southern Flank- November 2014

If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds.  Turkey will be supplanted as NATO's Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....I hold the opinion that Turkish leadership has become aware of what looks to be it's impending betrayal
“Especially if the export of Kurdish oil and gas through Rojava and the Mediterranean Sea is implemented. In this situation, Kurds must be politically and economically independent. Now, Kurds have a good opportunity and they must play their political cards wisely,” added Penjweni.

Kurds must be united in their national interests to protects Kurdistan and Kurdish people,” concluded Penjweni.

 August 2015: P5+ 1 is a Distraction -Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border
The seeds of an Iranian destabilization are being  sown-
All the while the destruction of Turkey by Kurdish forces is on full display, for those with eyes to see. 
 April 2016: Iran's Forgotten Kurds Step Up The Struggle- So the Media Promotion Begins
 Consider this news item the beginning of your war mongering, perception managing, main stream media indoctrination to explain why Iran is bad. Oppressive. Tyrannical. And needs to be attacked by NATO force for Sykes Picot 2 and Israel 2.0/ Kurdistan. That is if you allow yourself to be manipulated and indoctrinated?

May 2016: Kurds on Attack in Iran as Predicted


  1. Hi Penny:

    Not my thought, but interesting nevertheless.

    ” Erdoğan and the US both want Assad to go. Erdoğan also wants some territory from Syria. The US would not mind splitting Syria. The US has been trying to get Turkey to invade Syria for awhile. Erdoğan, for his has been trying to get the US and NATO to provide boots on the ground in Syria.

    It seems though that the US has found the achillies heel of the Turks here, and is using the Kurds as bait to force Erdoğan to invade Syria. I am not sure that Erdoğan won’t take the bait. He may just huff and puff. But he can’t do this indefinitely without beginning to look weak to his own constituency.

    If Erdoğan wanted a little revenge on the US, he could just ban them from using Incirlik. It would be more effective for a while than bombing mostly Strian Arabs in Afrin “

    1. Hey Mieszko I

      I agree with some of that
      And have in face written here about much of that

      - The US has been trying to get Turkey to invade Syria, since 2013.. -Yup
      - They didn't
      - Until they finally put up the block to the desired Kurd corridor to the Mediterranean- which was not assisted by the US.
      And yes, that was exactly what the US expected Turkey to do, especially once the coup attempt failed, knowing they in Turkey had long seen both the writing on the wall as well as hearing the death bells mournful toll.

      There has been much talk about what is or isn't going on at Incirlik... I don't think anyone can say with certainty- nor am I 100% certain the Turks could block the use of Incirlik.

      Doubtful Erdogan "wants" additional territory from Syria or Iraq- Turkey hadn't made moves to take territory from any neighbouring nations to my knowledge... Until the US showed it's hand.