Sunday, January 21, 2018

Update: Operation Olive Branch- Turkey's Operation Against US Backed Kurdish Proxies in Syria

It is France that called for an ‘urgent’ UN meeting- Earlier there were claims that Russia was going to do that. Claims, quite frankly I did not believe.  Since I hold  the opinion Russia  green lighted this operation. As did Iran. As did Syria. It seems self evident despite all the cheap talk.

US Broken promises trigger Afrin operation

*Arming PKK/YPG Kurds
*Broken US promise to have their kurdish proxies retreat east of the euphrates
*Creating a “border force” aka a terror army right on Turkey’s border
* Building US bases to support an occupation

“If the US wasn’t going to arm Kurds, Turkey wouldn’t have arrived to the point where it is.” Ankara “tried to draw attention of its ally, [telling the Americans] ‘You should not arm and train and provide ammunition to a terrorist group’,” Yakis said, referring to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) viewed by Ankara as a terrorist group.

IS Units Hidden Amongst Kurds in Afrin

Of course they are! That’s the way this ‘game’ has been played since it started. I caught on to this some years ago-  Hence KurdIShIS!

Turkish Jets Hit the Air base used by the US to Arm Kurds in Afrin
The Turkish Air Force attacked the Menagh Military Airbase in northwestern Syria, which the US used for supplying weapons to Kurdish armed forces, the Hurriyet newspaper reported citing military sources.

The newspaper noted that the airfield was among the 113 targets scheduled for the attack during Operation Olive Branch in Syrian Africa.

Misleading Headline from Albawaba- so I’m using my own

A broader perspective on the real agenda in the region

Finally we get a better look at what the Syrian destabilization has been about, even though this article is lacking.

Turkey vs Kurds? - Not entirely. The hoped and planned for creation of a Kurdish nation state from the ashes of four destroyed nations. Control of the Turkish Straits. Impeding Russia.

Iran/Hezbollah versus U.S./Israel? Iran & Lebanon vs Usrael. Is more accurate
Mediterranean gas resources.. Pipelines etc.,


*Russia and arms deals
*Russia and trade
*Russia and resources
* warm water port access - Again think Black sea. Turkish straits, Crimea/Ukraine

The Forgotten Syrian people?

True enough. I've not forgotten them. But the ordinary folk we're never a concern to anyone other then the domestic government.

Albawaba forgot this, I'm including it

Israel & the creation of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0
* Ally in the region (non arab)
* Trading partner (drugs, arms, organs, people)
* Land grab- Greater Israel
* Both the Kurdish thugs and their Israeli allies detest Christians.

There are reports that Turkey’s planning a buffer zone

*but we already know that Russia has told the US backed Kurdish proxies to hand the territory back to Syria- And it is Syria’s territory. And they’ll pretty much put a stop to this- The US backed Kurds refused. They can change their mind. But I don’t think they want to.

From earlier today:

Kurds Rejected Russian Protection In Exchange for Syrian Territorial Return

One thing we can say with certainty this is all “up in the air” and deadly dangerous.
The potential for this to spin out of control is very high.

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  1. Penny:

    I thought you might find the following stories interesting. Its possible there are innocent explanations for them. However, in the current geo-political atmosphere they are highly suspect.

    " Part of S-400 shipment to China damaged by storm "

    " Chinese Engineer's Mysterious Disappearance Suddenly Takes On Geopolitical Significance "

    " Claim: Hawaii charter boat group witnessed explosion in sky on morning of false missile alert "

    1. thanks miesezeko I
      I see anonymous recalled the incident regarding the missile launch in the med 2013- that too has much confusion surround it-

      The chinese engineer's mysterious disappearance seem interesting- going to have to read that one!

      do you stop at syper's anymore?
      I haven't bothered-

    2. Yes, I still do. Its fun to watch the folks secretly eat crow at their many failed predictions and assumptions. The latest being, that Turkey would never attack the Kurds, and if they did, Syria would shoot down Turkish planes. Both which proven horribly incorrect.

      I've stopped trying to have logical discourse with them, as they are always correct in their assumptions, until they're not, at which point, they just ignore their previous statements.

      Its always amazing to me how they think Syria's ,seriously depleted forces, can take on Turkey, or the US alone, and I actually support Syria's effort.

    3. I suspected Syria would not shoot the Turks down if they began this operation against the PKK/YPG Kurds- Why would they?
      Makes no sense at all. Why would anyone think that Syria would defend the annexers of Syria's sovereign territory

      I seems apparent that Syria, Russia and Iran are quietly ok with the Turkish op.

      "I've stopped trying to have logical discourse with them, as they are always correct in their assumptions, until they're not, at which point, they just ignore their previous statements."

      seems about right and the place is full of pointless comments and trolls-

    4. I think only Russia is okay with it,

      Syria and Iran are not.
      There are even statements by the Iranian government that Turkey should cease all activities in Afrin.

      And just to be sure, Turkey deployed several countermeasures to increase their odds when facing hostile surface to air missles.

    5. Hey Kaz- glad to see you weighing in on this situation :)
      I am of the opinion that Syria and Iran have to make those kind of statements for the domestic audience... I'm getting a sense of cooperation- tacit acceptance- Turkey has stated they are in touch with all parties- Including the Syrian gov- I think they are. Even if they are not Russia is keeping Syrian informed. Therefore nothing can come as a surprise to Syria.

      Re: countermeasures? what would these be?

    6. Electronic Warfare systems and Early detection systems.

      Electronic Warfare systems - Might be able to mess up the data input for the S-400 radars, to be give it some noise. The system they have now was tested against the S-300 missile systems and was effective, The S-400 is an expanded version of the S-300 but since Turkey has no means to test and verify on A S-400 radar system, it became something as, might or might not be. In any case TAF are taking the necessary precautions to minimize the causalities if something unexpected happens.

  2. might recall the confusion surrounding the missile launch in the med 2013

    The Israeli Navy has reportedly carried out a joint missile defense exercise with the US in the Mediterranean, at the same time as Russian radars detected the launch of two "ballistic objects" towards the eastern Mediterranean.

    1. also this

    2. 22-jan sec meeting syria - aleppo corridor?

    3. those multiple core reactors being dropped and having to be replaced seems.... odd.

      3 x 330 ton reactors???

      "It’s the third time Russia has shipped a reactor pressure vessel....."

      has me scratchin' my head!