Sunday, February 11, 2018

Great Lakes Ice Coverage 64.3%. Now AT 69.1%

NOAA has recorded Great Lake Ice Coverage was measured at  64.3 % as of 2/10/2018

Keep in mind the map below will update itself, but, this is the official measurement for 2/10/2018. 

UPDATED: The measurements are updated- As of 2/11/2018 Ice Coverage is at 69.1 Percent

Previously I'd mentioned:

" NOAA had predicted that the Great Lakes Coverage would be “Below Normal” at only 26%"
And of course they were wrong.

Below normal is somewhat subjective, but the "average" is roughly 55 percent ice coverage. Our two very severe winters pulled the average up.

UPDATED to reflect 2/11/2018 measurement of  69.1 % ice coverage. NOAA had predicted 26%- Not even close.

Ice is affected by temperature and winds- so it can be very, very cold, but if a strong wind is blowing ice coverage can be reduced.

That all said Lake Erie is frozen. Not only is it frozen it's snow covered.  From the shores outward onto the lake is as white and snow covered as the Lake could be.  (Visited the beach earlier this week)

Windsor, Ontario declared a snow emergency

As for where I live- Freezing Rain/Ice Pellets as we hover at freezing- which will change to snow. As in still more snow

The end of winter?- Winter just a memory? - So the AGW cult said? 
But, they were wrong. Lots of those wrong predictions going on....

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