Thursday, February 15, 2018

Illegal US Bases In Raqqa, Syria- Canadians/Brits/French/US Occupiers

As the US makes permanent it's occupation:
Inside Syria Media Centre:

Inside Syria Media Center has obtained information on the location of U.S. military bases which are illegally located in Syria.

1- Muhammed Faris military base is located in Syria’s At-Tabqa (28 miles south- west of Raqqa city). Currently, it has military personnel from the U.S. (22), France (12) commanded by U.S. Sergeant Scott Suaima. The primary task of the unit is to monitor government troops’ movement and Kurdish forces in the region, as well as training the Kurds.

The second U.S. military base is also located in Syria’s At-Tabqa. It has servicemen from
Canada (12), Austria (17), and the U.S. (44) commanded by Erik Butnar from the U.S. Marine Corps. Its main task is to coordinate the activities of the U.S.-led Coalition in the Governorates of Raqqa and Al-Hasakah.

3-Another military base, Ain Isa, hosts combatants from France (35),  Britain (35), and the U.S. (73) commanded by Jason Afrashid. There are also deployed 6 Abrams tanks, artillery and mortars. The base has a runway strip. The base is used to control the air situation in Raqqa Governorate with the help of radars, observe and photograph the activities of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), and to cooperate with Rumeilan base in Hasakah Governorate.
Of course the Canadians are present in Syria- of course! Not that I had ever doubted it

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etc., I've talked and written to the point of exhaustion about American bases and plans to annex Syria- along with the duplicity of the PKK/YPG- years and years now 

earlier today:

It's not "mad" to question the hidden power of the global elite

Extremely important and dam interesting

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  1. How disgusting, Ghey Canada, USA's little Igor, complicit in so many War Crimes. Can only hope I live long enough to see these Venal and phoney Clone-of-Judas Traitors Smashed. Get my Tax$$$ out of Syria Ukraine Laffghanistan and Israel. Layoffs for EVERYTHING NATO