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Syrian Chlorine Concerns Replaying Iraq's Cholera Outbreak (Restricted Chlorine Access)

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Noted when I posted the notice of your article "The U.S. was' extremely concerned' about the supposed use of chlorine gas in Iraq too, so much so that it blocked supplies needed for water treatment. That worked together with sanctions to kill thousands and thousands."
HR Bush set the stage. Search "The Secret Behind the Sanctions"
Water treatment was part of "Iraq Reconstruction" Funny how years went by without anything being accomplished except squandering of funds.
Hey opit- I searched "The Secret Behind the Sanctions"
 "Over the last two years, I've discovered documents of the Defense Intelligence Agency proving beyond a doubt that, contrary to the Geneva Convention, the U.S. government intentionally used sanctions against Iraq to degrade the country's water supply after the Gulf War. The United States knew the cost that civilian Iraqis, mostly children, would pay, and it went ahead anyway"
So it's not a stretch to connect the dots regarding US expressions of “concern” about the alleged use of ‘chlorine bombs’ in Syria leading straight to an embargo on this clean water necessity- particularly in wartime. Restricting the chlorine which is a cheap effective way to clean water can provide the US and company yet another way to wage war on the Syrian people.

I took the time to find some more information - We’re going to head back to Iraq 2004- via wikipedia
“Chlorine bombings in Iraq began as early as October 2004 , when insurgents in Al Anbar province started using chlorine gas in conjunction with conventional vehicle-borne explosive devices.

The inaugural chlorine attacks in Iraq were described as poorly executed, probably because much of the chemical agent was rendered nontoxic by the heat of the accompanying explosives.[1] Subsequent, more refined, attacks resulted in hundreds of injuries, but have proven not to be a viable means of inflicting massive loss of life. Their primary impact has therefore been to cause widespread panic, with large numbers of civilians suffering non life-threatening, but nonetheless highly traumatic, injuries”
Anbar province in Iraq. The very locale that birthed AQ in Iraq. And it’s evil offspring ISIS!
Imagine that? And they were using chlorine- It's like history repeating! 

Flashback.... Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS/ The awakening councils were the Anbar Awakening Councils  &   ISIS- A US created "stay behind" using Iraqs plundered wealth

Deja vu! Chlorine bombs and US concerns in Iraq echoed today in Syria. Resulting in restrictions that encouraged cholera and other diseases to spread.
 Making my questioning if it is an entirely different motivation on the part of the US that is the real reason for their claimed “concern” regarding alleged chlorine use. Is the US intending to wage yet another type of warfare against the Syrian?  Spreading disease through dirty water via a blockade of sorts?

After chlorine trucks were used in suicide bombings, spreading gas clouds that severely sickened scores, U.S. and Iraqi security forces started restricting the flow of the chemical. The embassy official, who followed the U.S. policy of restricting on-the-record comments to a handful of spokespeople, said the Iraqi defense and water ministries now coordinate convoys of chlorine trucks
Think Progress
"This week the World Health Organization confirmed Dr. Mohammed’s fears, with cases confirmed in Baghdad and Basra. The disease had been previously limited to the northern Kurdish provinces, with the number of infected at over 7,000.

Iraq’s deputy health minister, Dr. Adel Mohsin said that further spread of the epidemic was “very likely” in the capital without water testing and maintaining sufficient levels of chlorination, which kills the bacteria. Mohsin said teams testing in the capital had found chlorine levels were insufficient to prevent cholera in 20 areas.

Chlorine imports have been dramatically curtailed in the wake of insurgent bombs that used chlorine. Dr. Naeema al-Gasseer, the WHO’s representative in Iraq, said some 100,000 tons of chlorine were being held up at Iraq’s border with Jordan because of fears the chemical could be used in explosives, leaving Baghdad with only a week’s supply.

Cholera “is a gastrointestinal disease that is typically spread by drinking contaminated water and can, in extreme cases, can lead to fatal dehydration.” Cholera is fairly simple to manage under ordinary circumstances, but the precarious security situation in the country prevents medical teams from reaching the ill, and the mass displacement of the population into unsanitary conditions makes control and treatment difficult"

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