Saturday, February 10, 2018

UN Rights Chief Urges "International Action" For Syria- Think Bosnia

UN Rights Chief Urges “International Action” As Violence Soars in Syria
 Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein called Saturday for urgent international action after a week of soaring violence and bloodshed.
Now you’d think he suggest the US stop occupying Syria. The Kurds should retreat to their terror camps in Iraq. Israel to stop attacking Syria. All the foreign mercs get out. But, no!
I’ll quote the murderous man masquerading as a human rights promoter, so you get the real idea of what he’s promoting.

 Digression; At least he mentioned the fact the heroic Kurds are using civilians as human shields- I guess he's got to appear as impartial despite the rest of his statement
Some inhabitants wishing to flee are apparently being prevented from doing so by Kurdish forces.
It's when he uses Bosnia as some sort of solution that I get very concerned
“The term 'de-escalation area' is becoming all too reminiscent of the so-called “safe areas” in Bosnia, which proved anything but safe, as we were starkly reminded during the recent trials of Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic,” the High Commissioner added. “But the conflict in Bosnia was brought to a halt by the international community after four years. The Syrian conflict has continued, with active involvement by other states, for seven blood-soaked years with no end in sight. The prevailing climate of impunity has to be addressed and civilians must be protected. After seven years of paralysis in the Security Council, the situation in Syria is crying out to be referred to the International Criminal Court, as well as for a much more concerted effort by States to bring peace. The conduct and management of this war has been utterly shameful from the outset, and the failure to end it marks an epic failure of global diplomacy.”
Strange that a UN representative would talk about the "international" attack on Bosnia... Since that attack was a NATO operation. Without Security Council Approval. If my memory is correct?
 What is he suggesting here? Another NATO operation to finally balkanize a nation completely?
Resulting in an uneasy truce masquerading as peace?
I think this man is calling for Syria to be brought to heel and broken up by the “international community” as was done in Bosnia. Which resulted in the creation of a notorious terror state Kosovo. 

Flashback:Richard Holbrooke, KLA terrorists, Kosovo recognition

Richard Holbrooke & KLA thugs
Syria’s balkanization would result in yet another, long desired terror state, Kurdistan. Gee won’t the Khazars be pleased?
And let us all bear in mind that the US employed the KLA as a destabilizing force, same as they’ve employed the PKK/ISIS tag team

Global Research: US/NATO military intervention
“The events of the Kosovo Crisis can only be understood in the context of U.S. support for the Kosovo Liberation Army as a tool to foment ethnic strife in Kosovo. A May 4, 1999 Washington Times article by Jerry Seper described the narco-terrorist characteristics of the KLA. Seper reported that, Some members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which has financed its war effort through the sale of heroin, were trained in terrorist camps run by international fugitive Osama bin Laden — who is wanted in the 1998 bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa that killed 224 persons, including 12 Americans.[35]
Led by Agim Ceku, the KLA imported into Kosovo “mujahadeen” from throughout Eastern Europe. Seper referred to official U.S. State Department reports labeling the KLA as an “insurgency” organization, while State Department officials themselves labeled the KLA as a “terrorist” organization for attacking both Serbian and ethnic Albanian civilians in its war for Kosovo’s independence. Seper also quoted the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s statement that gangs of Kosovar Albanians were “second only to Turkish gangs as the predominant heroin smugglers along the Balkan Route.”[36] “
Thaci and Albright- kiss/kiss/die

Those Turkish gangs being referenced were none other then the PKK. Or our latest deified US allies- YPG/PKK Kurds

Flashback: Three Cheers for the PKK

And isn’t it interesting that Kosovo declared independence. Sunday February 17/2008.
Exactly ten years ago in just 7 days


Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia was enacted on Sunday, 17 February 2008 by a unanimous vote of the Assembly of Kosovo

And isn’t it interesting to note yet another similarity between Syria and Serbia?

**Beside the UN ‘human rights’ call for “international intervention” as occurred in Serbia
** Beside the curious synchronicity between the muslim Kosovar and the sunni muslim Kurds including massive drug dealing/smuggling rings and partnership with the US
***Beside the synchronistic timing of Kosovo’s declaration of independence and what is starting to look more and more like an impending “international intervention” just ten years later

There is the Dayton Agreement or Accords

The Dayton Agreement has been bandied about more then once as an example of how the Syrian ‘crisis’ can be brought to an end. I have posts here at the blog on this topic. Damned if I can find’em! If anyone else can find them here, let me know?

Meanwhile I’ll link a Brookings Institute article
"And we have been here before. The conditions mentioned here are similar to what transpired in Bosnia two decades ago. The Bosnia recipe is, in fact, the best first approximation to what we should be trying to accomplish in Syria"
And isn't it interesting the Russia has outed the double dealings between ISIS and US besties YPG/PKK at the UN, just this week- Which went unnoticed and unreported,  but, not by me!

Russia’s UN Ambassador Says KurdIShIS as the ISIS/YPG Symbiosis Continues Unabated.

As history repeats.............

Rant Time!

I detest the UN. The UN is nothing but a bureaucratic cover for those that should have NO power - They’re the fake “humane” face for  the 5 eyes/global/military industrial banking/chemical/pharma cartel- They’re the spoonful of sugar that makes the toxic swill from the global elites easier to digest.

Madeline Albright and Iraq's dead children

 Keep in mind Obama gave this woman a prestigious medal of freedom

Prestige being the ultimate trick to deceive


  1. Hi Penny:

    Thanks for this heads up. I think Putin has mentioned Bosnia and Kosovo so often in terms of how disastrous this was for the region. I don't think he will let it happen again. As I've said many the end it's up to [poor, little] Syria to demand that the foreign entities vacate their land.

    Ironic how the Sh1t always hits the fan during the Olympics.


    1. Hey GC!

      I thought exactly about the start of the Olympics and the beginning of Georgia's attack on the break away province- that was under GW Bush's watchful eye.

      Figured that couldn't be a coincidence- And believe more is yet to come.

    2. Gee... And here I have been saying for over a decade that the UN is nothing more than an arm of the Rothschild attempt at world dominion...

      You are of course right about the UN... I see it as another Jew run organization for their greed, selfishness, and lust for power..

    3. Haven't you read Nostradamus Century 10, quatrain 74:

      "The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
      It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter (Hecatombe):
      Not far from the great millennial age,
      When the buried will go out from their tombs".

      These 'prediction' was invoked before any Olympic games since 2000. It is not ironic. It is a plan conceived a long time ago and the dates 'predicted' are a time-table. The astrological jargon is a perfect cover (it permits even 'plausible deniability'). Olympics serve as orienting points for the planners. They are very useful by the massive distraction they provoke. They help also to induce in people's minds a sense of inevitability of 'prophecies' in general (you see, something happened around such and such Olympics, it will happen again!).
      The quatrain 72:
      The year 1999, seventh month,
      From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
      To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
      Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.
      1999, Kossovo war. 2008 Georgia, 2012 Arab Spring, 2014 Ukraine. 2018 Korea.
      We may expect something big in 2020. China is the next target.

    4. Hey North- Either way I still detest the UN :)
      Was talking with hubby last night- what has the UN done for world peace, war reduction etc

      They cover for all attrocities including all the peacekeepers who molest children, they spread disease- Haiti comes to mind- The entire AGW meme was created at the UN.

      Etc., etc.,

    5. Wiz Oz- did not know all that? Thanks!

    6. Penny,

      I should have mentioned that reference to Olympics (and perhaps not only, any big sporting event can serve the same purpose) is always coupled to the 'end of the world', the Second Coming, cosmic collisions, stirring mass psychoses, fear and despondency. Remember the "2012 phenomenon" and remember the prank of the Queen 'descending' from the sky at the London Olympiad. Many people 'saw' then occult signs everywhere and were seriously waiting for the descent of the aliens from Nibiru!
      I was in the south of France then and I remember how the French government placed 100 police and firefighters around the villages of Bugarach and Pic de Bugarach, to cope with the influx of people coming to assist at the 'encounter'! Of course, nothing happened. But the choice of big sporting events as markers present the advantage that they are cyclical. A prediction going bust at one event, it always was blamed on a slight mistake in calculations, and recycled for the next event with the certitude that the psychological effects would be the same.

    7. boy do I recall the 2012 hype!
      and wasn't it interesting that meme was hyped by a probable CIA/cultural creation stooge named Daniel Pinchbek?

      Heard an interview with him- swear the guy was using neurolinguistic programming- he has interesting ties to many curious persons.

      Pushes the AGW rhetoric and all other kinds of nonsense

      I get what your saying how these events, mostly contrived can be employed to manipulate on a mass scale

    8. Just look at 9/11?! I'd say that was one trauma inducing event perped to create mass hysteria

    9. We must not overlook the numbing effect that sporting events per se have on the masses (discovered by the Romans some 2000 years ago). I am pained to see otherwise rational and balanced individuals throwing to the wind all critical thinking and human dignity when an 'important' match of whatever silly game is on and descending to animal levels. They create a state of suggestibility. As they are all the successors of the gladiatorial games of the Romans, they stir also the homicidal instincts which lurk under the skin deep surface of 'civilisation'.

    10. "We must not overlook the numbing effect that sporting events per se have on the masses"

      "they stir also the homicidal instincts which lurk under the skin deep surface of 'civilisation'"

      so true!

  2. Send Lady Liberty back to France. Erect a fanged Albright holding high a dead Iraqi child, in her place. Bulldoze them Georgia Guidestones and erase that Denver Airport Artwotk, Tear up Agenda 21, for good measure. Good policy, moving forward. Good for Americans.

    1. I have to admit a fanged Albright holding a dead Iraqi child a high, in place of Lady Liberty, does suit what the US represents... vastly more then any idea of claimed liberty and freedom

  3. Hey all

    I found one older post that has an external link included covering the many problems with the Dayton Accords
    the post itself is interesting-
    what happened to you freethinker?
    you're the one who left me the original post material ( I added the dayton stuff)
    going back to read it was certainly interesting
    going back to Feb 13/2014- the pot was being stirred in Russia's neighbourhood and oddly enough there is a Ukraine connection to Klitschko's UDAR party

    Karganovic: Of course – this is part of the strategy. But let us check the facts. One of the protesting groups is called UDAR...

    But UDAR is the Ukrainian party of Vitali Klitschko..
    Karganovic: (laughs) Yes, and now we have an UDAR also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By the way: the Ukrainian UDAR party is a product of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. The Bosnian UDAR recently published a manifesto. In this manifesto they call – besides justified criticism of the social and economic problems - for the “end of nationalism” and for the “start of negations with NATO and EU”.

    I linked in an older piece regarding the many problems with the Dayton Agreement (Accord)

    "f the Bosnians lack the capability to modify the iron corset bequeathed to them at Dayton, the EU remains indifferent, and the United States is preoccupied with the Middle East, South Asia and China, what lies ahead? Leaving Bosnians to explore the options that befall a failed state (with a Muslim plurality) – located within Europe but on the margins of its prosperity, unity and relative social cohesion – is to acknowledge policy bankruptcy and let others roll the dice on ways to end the current stalemate."

    I would suspect the Dayton Accords were intentionally shoddy to keep everyone unhappy- setting the stage for future discord- I can't imagine they were created as the Guardian suggests to appease so called war criminals
    Quoting from the Guardian "To appease Bosnian Serbs led by Slobodan Milosevic (who died while on trial for war crimes), Radovan Karadzic (who remains on trial for war crimes) and Ratko Mladic (who was indicted for war crimes and is still on the run in Serbia), the west accepted the territorial division of Bosnia at the end of the war.

    Like I said not likely- more plausible is setting the stage for future fracturing of the people and territory by playing the ethnic card- which is a well worn tactic