Monday, February 26, 2018

We Don’t Want to Scare People But...It’s Cold, Very Cold. Snow. Wind.

Remember the days when the cult of AGW, which rebranded itself to the cult of “Climate Change”, when AGW was a fail, told us all winter was a thing of the past. 
Snow will be just a distant memory... How wrong they were.
When I’d saved this article yesterday the headline started out “We don’t want to scare you but- Snow, Strandings and Mobile Phone Outages. Different Headline Today- Same Winter Storm.
Cripes Rome, Italy is covered in snow. Yes, Rome, Italy!

And in case we've all forgotten: The climate always changes. Always has. Always will.
As stated so many times. Where I live used to be under ice. Miles of ice. Then when the ice melted this was a great sea. The lakes remain as remnants of that sea.
Climate changes. Which is why I employ the original hard sell brand of AGW.
 Here comes the extreme cold!
The fallout from the "Beast from the East" has already begun across the country, with trains cancelled as forecasters and operators warn of plummeting temperatures and more cancellations later in the week.

The Met Office has put out a new warning as Storm Emma is set to hit the UK on Thursday and Friday, bringing heavy snow, blizzards and high winds.
"The Portuguese met service @ipma_pt have named #StormEmma, bringing strong winds to the Portuguese coast on Wednesday. Emma may then bring strong winds and heavy snow to parts of the UK during Thursday and Friday," the Met Office tweeted.
The effects of the storm could be felt throughout the weekend, and it is possible the Met Office will upgrade weather warnings to amber or even red.
Some parts of the UK are set to feel colder than the Arctic Circle as freezing temperatures continue into the week ahead, and amber warnings of snow have been issued by the Met Office for north east, central and south eastern England on Tuesday, and eastern Scotland on Wednesday.
"There is a good chance that some rural communities could become cut off.
Power cuts are likely and other services, such as mobile phones, may be affected."
Rail operators have warned passengers of potential disruption, with Greater Anglia cancelling some of its services in advance, and Transport for London (TfL) warned passengers to check ahead of their journeys as disruptions were possible on Underground and Overground services due to the low temperatures forecast.
The cold snap began to creep in over the weekend, with temperatures of minus five degrees recorded in some parts of the country, which marked the lowest temperature in the week leading up to March 1, the first day of spring, since 1986.
The wind chill, which could see parts of the UK feeling as cold as minus 15C (5F), rivals the temperatures forecast for parts of northern Norway and Iceland.
The Met Office said that by the end of Wednesday, more than 20cm of snow may have accumulated in some parts of eastern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Snow on the Colosseum?!

Rome is under a blanket of snow as weather chaos hits Europe

Romans have awoken to a rare snowfall, after an Arctic storm passing over much of Europe dumped enough snow to force schools to close and public transport to reduce services.
Rome's Mediterranean climate and proximity to the sea usually result in mild winters, such that restaurants often keep outdoor seating open even through the coldest months of the year. As a result, the Monday morning snowfall, though not huge in quantity, brought excited young Romans out for a rare snowball fight or walk in the slush.

Walking in the snow. In Rome.

Mayor Virginia Raggi signed an ordinance Sunday evening closing public schools as a precaution, and many private ones followed suit.
Elsewhere in much of northern and central Italy, the storm also closed schools and disrupted transport.

Moscow is also feeling the freeze; temperatures in Russia have dropped to this winter's low despite the approaching spring.
The Meteorological Office said on Monday the mercury in the Russian capital dropped to nearly minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit) on Sunday night, the coldest night this winter.
 Like myself, those persons in Russia, UK and Italy should be feeling the warming effects of the sun's rays. The days are definitely much longer! Still cold, but, nothing extreme in my neck of the woods.

Meteorologists are forecasting unusually low temperatures for early March. Roman Vilfand, chief of the Russian Meteorological Office, told the Interfax news agency that Muscovites should brace themselves for frosty weather in early March and could only "count on the warmth of the soul," not higher temperatures outside.
Moscow earlier this month saw what has been described as the strongest snowfall on record when more than a month's average of snow fell on the city, turning streets and yards into snowdrifts.
Apparently carbon does not equal heat?  
Though, I do know carbon = LIFE.

Since I'm a carbon based life form..On a planet built with carbon

Link  "How did carbon-based life develop on Earth, given that most of the planet's carbon should have either boiled away in the planet's earliest days or become locked in Earth's core?

Watching the planet breathe "Carbon is a building block of life on our planet" 
"Understanding the carbon cycle is crucially important for many reasons. It provides us with energy, stored as fossil fuel. Carbon gases in the atmosphere help regulate Earth’s temperature and are essential to the growth of plants. Carbon passing from the atmosphere to the ocean supports photosynthesis of marine phytoplankton and the development of reefs. These processes and myriad others are all interwoven with Earth’s climate"

flashback- Where do Trees Get Their Mass ?

flashback- The Keeling Curve etc

Because it's nearly spring time in the Northern Hemisphere- this is when carbon is at its highest in the atmosphere because all the plants have been dormant- so we should all expect that the mass mind manipulating media will start hyping the carbon numbers very soon


  1. One short comment. I would much rather see the glorious Colosseum under a mountain of snow than I did last week in a photo showing thousands of Muslims praying in front of it as a show of power.

  2. Hello from Rome! We Italians are a bit old fashioned as of weather scaremongering. TV's are still pushing good ole Global Warming. The phase is that of "warming doesn't necessarily mean *warm*. Warming means destabilization of the climate as a whole, so every extreme event is to be footed on GW's bill, BUT IT'S STILL WARMING (and we're gonna die)".

    Anyway, Rome always had snow... once per decade. A 4" thick one is called The Great Snowing :D, maximum endurance - including ice in the streets - 4 days.
    Easy stats: 1956 - 1971 - 1985/1986 (Xmas/Jan) - 1991 - 1999 ("The Great Cold" -7°C :D but no snow) - 2010 - 2012 - 2018.
    That's it: unpredictable - as a non-paranoyd person would expect.
    Or, if you really-really want to extract some data out of the above trend: the more the planet warms up, the more frequent snowfalls you'll have in Rome (doh!).
    Along with desertification, tropicalization, locusts, death of firstborns, killer insects, floods, earthquakes (IT WASN'T MY FAULT!! - Oh, Jake... [cit. The Blues Brothers])

    A really funny fashion is coming around here: the *dangers* of carbon dioxide. I mean: in your house. The quality of the air, you know?
    New Wave-ish, rich people are shelling out tens of K€ for "forced air exchange" systems that keep at a minimum the % of CO2 you could - God forbid! - inhale, but without annoying air draughts - that's why they have to be extra-complicated and costly systems!
    It all assisted by "technical literature" (not "medical", mind you), professionals with "CO2 detectors", and loads of "collateral benefits for health and environment".
    I logged in a board on those topics to ask "How comes we didn't go extinct in millenniums of spending winters in air-tight, highly CO2-polluted houses/cottages/dacias/igloos/caves?"
    Banned :'(

    [Just in case: Yes, Carbon dioxide CAN be health-adverse in industrial environments, but in concentrations you're highly unlikely to reach in a house]

    1. OMG!!

      My Dad is from Italy!!!
      I told him there is snow in Rome- he says it happens but not very often, not much and it never stays.

      He came from the South (Calabria) they saw snow there too when he was younger- same deal
      not much and never lasted but was exciting as a child to see.


    2. Thanks for that information, brdlip. My father is eager to have one of those forced air exchange things, but he doesn't want to put out the big money for it. Since I pay no attention to the mass media and fearmongering, I have no idea what he's talking about and why. :)

    3. brdlp: got off track with you being from Italy
      re: CO2 detectors for your house.. I can see why you got banned from that forum- Since we humans go around aspirating C02 constantly our houses would definitely have Co2 in them... That said so does the air outside. So this expensive device really comes off like some sort of money making scam to suck in people who believe that Co2 is a pollutant rather then the basis of all life on the planet.
      Oh and if you reduce your C02 your house plants won't grow as well..

      I am aware that excessive Co2 can displace oxygen, but, that's an extreme, extreme amount to my understanding-

    4. Hey Gwen:
      I hadn't heard of this until brdlp mentioned it either- is there a mask that these people can buy to go out of doors as well?- Silliness abounds.

    5. They talk all day, everyday about CO2.

      While the real concerns are with Mercury, SO2 and NOx in the air. People sometimes, honestly

    6. Penny, funny you should mention masks. My dad does wear a mask when he's out in public, but that's because he's been marinating in the flu panic. :)

    7. Carbon dioxid detectors? Carbon monoxide OK, especially in countries like Italy as they are not used to heaters but carbon dioxide, that's definitely a scam.
      btw: Rome is on the same parallel than New York, just for information.

    8. hey gallier
      I have two carbon monixide detectors in my house
      there actually mandatory here in Canada- at least where I live
      Interesting about Rome.. I did not know that!

  3. but as for carbon dioxide..
    My husband says to tell you he is sequestering carbon via the beer he consumes- Yes, he's saving the planet one bottle at a time ;)

  4. Hey Gwen: the flu scare is mostly over here-

    It's interesting that measles is breaking out- despite this abundant effective vaccine, allegly, that is widely available.
    Despite the vaccine? Or because of the vaccine?
    I suspect the rise in global impoverishment and malnutrition is to blame for the rise of measles etc.,

    Along with the over dependence on vaccines being given to very unhealthy, malnourished immune compromised, living in filthy conditions persons- conditions ripe to spread disease

  5. KazFebruary 27, 2018 at 8:15 AM

    They talk all day, everyday about CO2.

    Yup, and they talk about ice melting when it's actually growing, but, hey why stop lying? Why ever stop with the lies? even when the real information is out there

    It's quite disgusting

    1. Well I could give a long answer, but I would just repeat myself, over and over and over again. Besides I already linked Yuri Bezmenov Twice which would give a better indication of what I am trying to tell.

      But in the end it all comes to this
      "There's a popular Bedouin saying that, if you have a bag of rats and you want to keep the rodents from escaping, you have to keep shaking the bag"