Thursday, March 1, 2018

The SDF call on the UN to Stop Turkey?!?!

It’s a mad, mad, mad world.

How do the SDF have any legitimacy to call on the UN at all?

1- The SDF is an occupying force

2- The SDF is not a nation  
3- The SDF has annexed 27 percent of Syrian territory. Syria wants it back
4- The SDF denies the Syrian government access to many of Syria’s resources.
5- The SDF attacks Syria's national army
6- The SDF has no legitimacy other then that granted to it by the US, which is illegally occupying Syria alongside the SDF

I could understand if Damascus & the nation of Syria made this request, but, they didn't
To analogize this situation: 

Squatters have taken up residence in my neighbours house- Neither my neigbour or I want the squatters to remain. We, myself and my neighbour, encourage the squatters to leave. In a non courteous fashion.  The squatters then call ‘law enforcement’ to protect them as we attempt to remove them from a home that is not theirs.
Does that sound even remotely sensible to you?
Sure doesn’t to me! 

backwards and irrational

SDF calls on UN to Stop Turkish Invasion
The Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) on Thursday called on the UN to stop the Turkish invasion and to demand Turkey to follow the UN Security Council resolution that includes Afrin in its 30-days ceasefire.

“The UN Security Council unanimously adopted its resolution 2401 at its meeting on Saturday, February 24th, 2018, on the basis of a draft submitted by the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Sweden, which explicitly provided for the cessation of all combat operations by all parties on all Syrian territory for at least one month,” SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel said.



  1. "Does that sound even remotely sensible to you?"
    But still: you cannot just swipe squatters out of your property, you've to call the cops. If you 'attack' the squatters you slip on the wrong side of the law. Squatters have rights, too :P
    OTOH, you can kick their squatting arses out of your property (fast and at night); they cry for being unfairly ousted by use of violence; cops come after you; you welcome the cops with a polite but firm lawyer on your side... it may end up with TWO different trials, but it may also mean no lawsuit at all. Whichever, your property is again yours. For good.

    Turkey is betting on a quick and dirty solution to the Rojava BS (ATM in the western quadrant), SDF is crying foul, yet I don't think that UN (aka: the double standard lynchmob) is going to openly jump at a NATO nation's throat for the benefit of the Kurds.

    1. hey brdlip

      The UN as a bureaucracy has demonstrated it's capable of extreme vileness- If they are to retain some semblance of credibility they can't openly jump at Turkey- that doesn't exclude them from devious behaviour

      I also think of this move from the perception management aspect..
      I would suspect the vast majority of the 5 eyes brainwashed population actually thinks Syrian Democratic Forces are Syria's national army-

      Meaning this news could be interpreted very differently by most then by how you and I perceive it.