Monday, March 12, 2018

Theresa May Delivers an Ultimatum to Moscow- 24 Hours to Respond

 Theresa May ups the Anxiety Inducing Theatrics in Britain  as everybody sits on the edge of their seats, because Moscow has been given 24, or maybe 48 hours, "to respond".....

Oh what will they say?!   I can just imagine what it's like in telly land? The not knowing.
This over the top drama, apparent from the get go, now requires you to wait for the next episode  before knowing the outcome. 

Was just talking to hubby, discussing with him, that I see the whole 24 hour ultimatum as still more theatrics. If someone, like a neighbour,  broke into my house or car,  it's inconceivable to me that I'd wait 24 hours to get an explanation from them why they'd busted into my property! Particularly if I was certain of the identity of the perpetrator! 

So, we are in psyop land as far as the May ultimatum.
I'm of the mind, and still am, that it was Britain that desired this pretext. 

From yesterday: Britain to Support US Style Magnitsky Sanctions Against Russia??

I'm of the opinion that Britian wanted the sanctions anyway- hence the alleged poisoning serves as a perfect pretext for the desired actions.
Was this the pretext? About that Alleged Poisoning of Sergei Skripal

Onto the latest: 

Sydney Morning Herald:
London: It is highly likely (but not certain) that Russia poisoned former double agent Sergei Skripal with a military-grade nerve agent, British Prime Minister Theresa May says – and she has given the Kremlin 24 hours to rebut the claim before she takes “extensive measures” in response.

“Should there be no credible response, we will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the Russian State against the United Kingdom,” May said.
So an attack on the UK ?
"Though she did not outline what her response would be, May’s words suggest she would invoke NATO’s principle of collective defence, in which an attack against one ally is considered an attack against all"
"Either this was a direct act by the Russian State against our country, or the Russian government lost control of this potentially catastrophically damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others"
"The Russian ambassador was summoned to the British Foreign Office and asked to explain how a Russian-produced nerve agent could have been deployed in Salisbury"
Theresa May gave no out to Russia by suggesting Russia lost control of the nerve agent.
She started a new thread in the narrative-

Will Theresa May Invoke Article 5:
" Mr Speaker, on Wednesday we will consider in detail the response from the Russian State. Should there be no credible response, we will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the Russian State against the United Kingdom. And I will come back to this House and set out the full range of measures that we will take in response."
This is quite something. It suggests the government is treating this as far more than a murder attempt on a former spy that happened to take place on UK soil. Unless the Russian ambassador can come up with a convincing alibi (e.g. the terrifying possibility that Russia has lost control of its chemical weapons stock), it will treat the poisoning as a state-sponsored attack on the UK as a whole. This is far stronger language than used, for instance, by John Reid in the wake of Alexander Litvinenko’s death, even after the authorities had established it was the result of polonium poisoning.
The PM’s statement was interesting for two other reasons. First, she emphasised that Mr Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with ‘a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia’. In other words, this was a kind of military attack rather than a civilian or ordinary criminal one.
So this raises the question: might May invoke Nato’s Article 5 on collective defence? That article, from the original 1949 treaty, states that ‘the Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all’ and that they should work together to ‘restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area’. It has only been invoked once in Nato’s history – by the USA after September 11th – so this would be the strongest possible option open to her.
 There will be no "credible" response that Russia can make to Britain. Nothing that will be deemed to be "credible", that is.  Britain is looking for a confrontation of some sort.

To explain the confrontation idea:

-May wants to appear leaderish.
-Smear Putin prior to elections
-Maybe a boycott of World Cup?
- A strike on Syria- because ya know... Russia "bears responsibility" for alleged chemical weapons use
- Most importantly to enact the Magnitsky style sanctions, which are a form of Economic Warfare, enabling May to sell them as a response attack.

SMH continues "This attempted murder using a weapons-grade nerve agent in a British town was not just a crime against the Skripals," May said.

"It was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the United Kingdom, putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk."

May will also take her case to the United Nations, she said.

She also suggested the government may drop its opposition to a proposed new law applying visa bans and asset seizures against corrupt Russians who have laundered money through London real estate.
See post from yesterday linked at the top regarding Magnitsky style sanctions

Huffington Post
Novichok, the fourth generation of poison gas, was made with agrochemicals so that offensive weapons production could more readily be hidden within a legitimate commercial industry, according to US chemical weapons expert Amy Smithson.

 The group of “military-grade” chemical agents was positively identified at the UK government’s Porton Down laboratories
 Moscow is not believed to have ever declared Novichok or its ingredients to the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which oversees a treaty banning their use. There are no known previous uses of the substance.

It was designed as a “binary weapon” - meaning they are made up of two relatively harmless ingredients that only become deadly when mixed together.
This is, allegedly, a cold war weapon.
It's made with agrochemicals. I'm figuring based on my reading this is based on phosophorous/phosphine fumigant type stuff, weaponized?
If anyone knows for certain, chime in?! 
Also notice that this chemical weapon meme is continuously recurring?
What about Syria?

The Backlash Against the Pentagon's Hybrid War in Syria


  1. This is actually the reverse of what the Lying May...remember BLIAR? says....instead of an attack on UK it is an attack on Russia. Yet another in the escalating "Russophobic Wars" perpetrated by the USrael subjects. The purpose of this one is to try and affect the Russian elections...but also and priority One is to get NATO to refuse to attend the World Cup games. This was and is the greatest priority for the evil ones.

    1. hey gc! I'm of the opinion that this episode has been concocted as a pretext to attack Russia in some way

  2. OK... Lets see... What exactly will the UK intend to use against Russia if the Russians do not "respond" as May demands?

    The UK will unleash their army right? Well, needless to say but the UK army is a shadow of what it used to be and cannot even afford proper weapons.

    Well then, the UK will unleash their navy, right? Well, recently the entire UK navy was basically forced into dry dock due to lack of weapons, personnel and even money to go to sea...

    OK, OK, the UK will unleash their airforce.. Right? Well, the UK's airforce is also a shadow of former greatness with most of its updated Typhoon fighters not even being able to carry weapons due to costs.. And the UK has made the mistake of buying those god awful F-35 flying turkeys.. So their airforce would be shot down within a day if it had to tackle the Russian superior airforce...

    Well.. As a last resort, the UK will use its nuclear weapons... Right? Wrong, the UK is also a shadow of its former greatness with its Trident missile submarines basically unable to stay at sea for any length of time due to costs again... And honestly, would May be this insane as to risk a nuclear war against Russia?

    The UK is a mess both militarily and economically and is absolutely not a match for even one arm of the Russian Federation's forces... And as Putin has said so many times, he has no intention of attacking anyone in NATO, for other than evil posturing by the US in driving the alliance towards stupidity, EVERY NATO country is a basket case and could collapse economically within the next year.... So again, why would Putin even bother with the UK at all?

    Honestly, when I saw the reports about this poisoning, I could not help but to think ... "Mossad.... Mossad... Mossad..." for the facts are that Russia gains nothing from that attack, but the goddamn Jews and of course the US would gain a propaganda victory by having Russia vilified in the UK.....

    1. Hey North!
      I'm not certain there has been any poisoning- I'm certain there is a media circus generated for specific reasons- advancing UK interests

      I found it interesting that "There are no known previous uses of the substance.

    2. That is why I also look at this as being either a Mossad/CIA attack, or just more propaganda and hype..

      It is also why I pointed out the facts that the UK is absolutely no match at all for the Russian Federation and if they are looking for a fight, then they are the stupidest people on the planet!

  3. I would think that the simple evocation of Magnitsky suggests what is behind the theatrics.
    OTOH, remember Nostradamus 'prophecy' that some major event must happen around some Games. In fact, a British boycott of the World Cup in Moscow could be a bonus, clearing the atmosphere of the British Football hooligans!

    1. I'm leaning heavily towards the economic sanctions ala Magnitsky- something to do with World cup also
      May looking like leadership material
      bad pr before the Russian election
      I've added a list to the post above this morning
      Wondering if they can tie this back to Syria somehow???

    2. I thought along the same lines. Gas attacks, Syria, Russia behind both, red lines, something must be done.

      "Russia said on Tuesday it had information that the United States planned to bomb the government quarter in Damascus on an invented pretext, and said it would respond militarily if it felt Russian lives were threatened by such an attack.
      Valery Gerasimov, head of Russia’s General Staff, said Moscow had information that rebels in the enclave of eastern Ghouta were planning to fake a chemical weapons attack against civilians and blame it on the Syrian army.
      He said the United States intended to use the fake attack as a pretext to bomb the government quarter in nearby Damascus where he said Russian military advisers, Russian military police and Russian ceasefire monitors were based".

      OTOH notice that another Russian 'dissident' (close to Berezovsky) was dispatched to another world:

      "A Russian exile who was close friends with the late oligarch Boris Berezovsky has been found dead in his London home, according to friends.
      Nikolai Glushkov, 68, was discovered by his family and friends late on Monday night. The cause of death is not yet clear. One of his friends, the newspaper editor Damian Kudryavtsev, posted the news on his Facebook page.
      Without confirming the man’s name, the Metropolitan police said the counter-terrorism command unit was leading the investigation into the death “as a precaution because of associations that the man is believed to have had”.
      It said there was no evidence at present to suggest a link to poisoning in Salisbury of the Russian former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. The Skripals remain in a critical condition...

      And guess what:

      "Bill Browder, the founder of Hermitage Capital Management and an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Glushkov’s reported death was a “very disturbing development.”
      “Another Russian enemy of Putin, Nikolai Glushkov, found dead at his London home,” Browder tweeted".

    3. Bill Browder??? Magnitsky sanctions etc
      I heard the May statement this morning...
      exactly as had been expected

  4. The appropriate response from the Russians should be -
    "Show us your evidence and make your case."
    "Until you have made your case, there is no case to answer."

    Or simply say nothing.

    1. I think saying nothing is the best anyway, since nothing Russia could say would make any difference

  5. In the meanwhile another Russian died in the UK.

    1. ty Kaz

      I see by that article he recently had surgery..
      can't rule out blood clots that have moved to the lungs or elsewhere-

    2. That in itself is very coincidental. Its like saying
      2 russians + 1 policeofficer poison, Deffinatelly the underground

      1 other russian died, who might be as imporant as the first one. Damn the NHS ???

    3. which may be the coincidence?

      a blood clot after surgery?
      or his death after the alleged poisoning?

      My niece had surgery on her knee- a blood clot formed broke off and went to her lung, nearly killed her.

      I know nothing of this man's general health

      And am not certain that a poisoning actually occurred.

      "In a statement, police said there was "no evidence to suggest a link" to the poisoning of the Russian former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury."

  6. Hi Penny - just wrote a huge comment - but pressed the wrong button and it's gone (I think) unless you have it in your bucket?

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, it occurred to me yesterday - this is a message to Putin about Syria and they are probably about to stage a chemical attack and blame rogue Russians as a pretext for some kind of larger intervention/attack on Syria. What do you think? Zizzi and Sissi - The Mill - pretty obvious to me - Salisbury is a weird town to choose to cause this kind of international incident... but then again....


    1. Hey Marie
      the comment went away- not in my span or anything

      "Anyway, to cut a long story short, it occurred to me yesterday - this is a message to Putin about Syria and they are probably about to stage a chemical attack and blame rogue Russians as a pretext for some kind of larger intervention/attack on Syria. "

      I'm completely on board with that as a possibility

  7. Hey Penny.
    Interesting you say 'wondering how they can tie this up to Syria'. I guess one inference of the heightened hysteria currently being projected is 'putting in the western mind an image of chemical weapon use and alternating the same propaganda against the Syrian regime which is backed by Russia to implant a correlation. In other words, if Syria is 'allegedly' using CW , then they have Russia's tacit approval, because Russia also 'allegedly' uses CW, and since both are in alliance the blame is enhanced. This paints both of them as violaters of human/civilian rights. Further projecting them as pariahs and most egregiously taking away the blame of CW use by opponents and granting them a more sympathetic audience. This validates the coalition backing and presence on moral grounds.

    An insidious inference indeed.

    PS. They chose a CW narrative purposefully. To bolster the image of their illegal presence and intervention in Syria as well as casting further doubt on Russia's role. At a time when Russia and the regime are further peddling them back particularly with the current strategic East Ghouta gains.

    1. Thanks Abdullah;
      Yes, I believe the CW narrative was chosen purposefully- and as of this moment i'm thinking this could get uglier then it's been