Wednesday, March 28, 2018

US Rebrands Their Kurdish Proxies in Syria "Syria's Future Party"

When a specific brand has grown tiresome, controversial or too much truth has been told about that brand- A Rebrand becomes a necessity.  A big spoonful of sugar to make the toxic swill go down easier. And so it goes in eastern Syria.

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‘Syria's Future’ party is launched

A new political party named "Syria's Future" has been launched as part of a U.S. initiative in parts of northern Syria occupied by the YPG/PKK terrorist group.
According to sources in Syria's northeastern Al-Hasakah province, U.S. officials helped establish the so-called "Syria's Future" at a Tuesday congress held in Al-Hasakah. U.S. officials discussed the new party’s launch during recent meetings with YPG/PKK members, the sources said.

The new party has been met with much scepticism, with accusations of a cosmetic change implemented by Washington, Jiroun reports

The head of the Association of Independent Kurds, Abdel Aziz al-Tamou, told Jiroun that “the Syria’s Future Party comes at American instruction to the leaders of the Democratic Union Party [PYD] and the Syrian Democratic Forces militia, whereby the Americans required that the name be changed and all previous slogans removed in order to continue support, in order to avoid provoking Turkey. This step will be followed by the launch of other Arab parties in the eastern provinces, and then elections will be held to form an administration for the area under American influence.”
Tamou ruled out that there would be “a change in the behavior and methods of the SDF militia after changing its name, because Ocalan’s philosophy and the Qandil leaders are still in control of everything.
This step resembles the Nusra Front changing its name a number of times to deny its connection to Al-Qaeda.” 
 Qandil leaders are of course the PKK.. a globally recognized terrorist group the US has been cavorting with for decades
In summer 2003, the U.S. Army surrounded Mount Qandil and established checkpoints on the roads leading to the mountain [3]. The Coalition Provisional Authority refurbished small Saddam-era forts on some of the mountain's approach roads that are now manned by small PUK peshmerga detachments. These men do not interfere with the operations of the PKK or PJAK and their main aim appears to be to prevent non-Kurds from reaching the camps.
Like I said the US and the PKK have been cozy for a while. Far longer then 2003. However that date is interesting for it is the date, in my opinion, that the entire remake the region agenda kicked off with the attack on Iraq!   

The Americans  also KNOW this is NOT going to fool the Turks, they just want to sell a rebrand to the mindless masses who haven't been following the bouncing ball. Syria's Future Party.???  Promoting democracy and decentralization. Covering up for annexation, balkanization and displacement of the residents

The Americans are currently trying to secure areas of their influence east of the Euphrates in Hassakeh, Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor after expelling the Islamic State (ISIS) organization through issuing a number of statements around reconstruction and the return of refugees.
However, it seems that this requires political administration which is able to achieve local agreement and international acceptance.
From another side, M.M., a teacher from the city of Manbij, said: “I can say that these performances have become trivial. I do not believe there is any value to this change. After seeing the real face of the SDF and its foreign project, one cannot expect a national project from them.”
He continued: “Before the SDF talks about the future, we need to inform more than 100,000 displaced people from Arab villages east of the Euphrates about their future after they were expelled from their homes!”

Adding a Kurdish source for same information- Rudaw 

 Ibrahim al-Qaftan was elected the first leader of the Future Syria Party (FSP) in a congress attended by 800 representatives from different parts of Syria and 100 guests from Kurdish and Arab political parties and other institutions. 
The FSP will “build good relations with neighboring countries – Turkey and Iraq – and their peoples on the basis of mutual interests and mutual respect,” Qaftan said in a speech closing out the congress that was held in Raqqa under the slogan “democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria.”
Syria's Future Party has been created to further sell/justify the destruction of Syria. Period.

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