Monday, March 5, 2018

White House Considers More Military Action in Syria- Predictably, Chlorine in Ghouta!

UPDATED... scroll down

I had mentioned this as a distinct possibility last week in more then one report: 

Originally from WaPo link above to stars and stripes

As reported today

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has considered new military action against the Syrian government in response to reports of ongoing chemical weapons use, officials said, raising the prospect of a second U.S. strike on President Bashar Assad in less than a year.
The president requested options for punishing the Assad government following reported chlorine gas attacks - at least seven so far this year - and possibly other chemicals affecting civilians in opposition-controlled areas.
The president discussed potential actions early last week at a White House meeting that included Chief of Staff John Kelly, national security adviser H.R. McMaster and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, officials said.

 As if on cue....Fresh chemical attack on Ghouta reported as Trump “considers” military action
 Just around 11pm local time on Monday night, activists on Twitter and a media centre in the city of Hamouriya began reporting another chemical attack by the Assad regime forces in the area. The Hamorouria media centre (HMC) reported 30 casualties – 28 of them women and children – who were evacuated “following an attack by regime forces using chlorine gas in the residential part of the city”, a Facebook post read

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  1. Nuttyahoo has told his bed buddy, President Jared, to kick the Yinon plan into high gear, since Nutty needs soe fireworks to keep his job.

    1. yes, Bibi slept in Jared's bed..
      I had that article here some time ago
      Of course it didn't mention if Jared was present- And Jared's father (convicted, incarcerated criminal) is quite the 'piece of work'

  2. Thinking of the Oscars..

    Chlorine made a timely appearance in Ghouta. About 11:00 pm local time according to reports. (that's maybe a couple of hours ago to my just past 8;00 pm est???)

    After news of the White House considering yet more attacks on Syria... the messaging has been ongoing since last week
    The drama has been building.. Oscar worthy
    What will Trumps performance include?

    1. Netanyahu touchdown

      US navy to deploy to protect cyprus drilling

      Israeli-Greek gas deal for offtake on disputed fields? Setup fo the med pipe

      With ExxonMobil to Drill, US Navy Sending Ships, Marines Off Cyprus

      Curious sinc erussia just invcited exxon back to the arctic

      Exxon quits some Russian joint ventures citing sanctions
      Rosneft said it would welcome Exxon’s return to the projects in the future if the “legal possibility arises”.

      Remember when Exxon dumped its southern fields in iraq

      UPDATE 4-Iraqi Kurdistan confirms Exxon oil deal-minister



      U.S.-Backed Fighters Take Largest Syrian Oil Field From ISIS


  3. Right on cue... Here we come with another bullshit "Assad gassed his own people" meme...

    I for one am sick and tired of all this, and it truly surprises me on how gullible and stupid people are that they will fall for this bullshit once again!

    Anything to save the last vestiges of the scourge now being wiped out in East Ghouta...

  4. "I for one am sick and tired of all this, and it truly surprises me on how gullible and stupid people are that they will fall for this bullshit once again!"

    I am not sick nor tired nor surprised anymore. We've been controlled over several generations (at least) by "the matrix" -- the internet afforded a small window onto the truth, but even that is misted up and dirtied.

    I'm afraid our consciousness is molded from the cradle to the grave; the lucky ones never find out ;) Give me the blue pill!!!!! Ahem.

    Yup; most people are sheople and let all their deepest desires and most ferocious opinions be formed by known scoundrels, liars, deviant-manipulators and mass-murderers (I am thinking of the BBC and Tony Blair as I type, but all our culture-makers and law-makers are complicit now).

    Sadly that is the case; that is the way the cookie crumbles; and how the heck do I get off this ship ;)