Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Did Israel Spoof US Warplanes to Strike Syria or Was It Stealthy F-35

Now we're all supposed to believe Israel is waiting for a response from Iran. 
Which is absurd and explains the spin around this incident. 
Bottom line, this was yet another Israeli attack on Syria.

Task & Purpose

As the U.S. gets more deeply embroiled in the Syrian Civil War and considers pulling out of its nuclear agreement with Iran, the Middle East is being roiled by news that the Israeli air force bombed Iranian-connected military sites in Syria… possibly by masking Israeli aircraft to identify as U.S. warplanes in contested airspace. All this is happening as Israel reportedly prepares for a larger military conflict with Iran.
Here’s what we know so far.

Syrian Munitions Explosion Israel
Syrian bombing

  • Syria and Iran accused Israel of executing the strike, which destroyed 200 missiles and killed at least a dozen Iranians. 
  • Rumors began circulating that Israel masked their attack by flying through Jordan and Iraq and using U.S. “identification friend or foe” (IFF) codes to conceal their aircrafts’ identities.
  • Another unconfirmed rumor states that this was Israel’s first downrange use of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which could theoretically be able to penetrate Syrian airspace directly due to its stealth features.

Stealthy plane

  • For Israel to pull off a a strike using spoofed transponders, they would have to fool ground radars from Iraq and Jordan, as well as U.S. E-3C Sentry aircraft, who would likely have an established order of battle and tasking list to consult if several F-15s appeared from the direction of the Mediterranean. 

  • Also the use of U.S. transponder codes, which are encrypted, would either mean that the Israeli air force has access to or was given U.S. IFF codes. This means it is very unlikely that the Israeli air force could have pulled off such an operation without U.S. support.
  • To date, Israel has lost one F-16I due to Syrian air defenses, despite conducting numerous strikes inside the country. It is likely that Israel utilized traditional airstrikes against the munitions facility with F-15Is or F-16Is. Iran has vowed to retaliate for the Israeli strikes
Spin presenting the Israeli strike on Syria as something more then it is..

Israel braces for Iranian military reaction

On May 1, American government sources told NBC that it was Israeli F-15 fighter jets that destroyed the Iranian missiles. Then came Netanyahu’s presentation, which received widespread international attention. In it, he exposed what Israel calls the “Iranian lie” in all its boldfaced nakedness. These two events — the night bombings and the intelligence briefing for the press — are directly related.
The Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) freedom of action against Iran can also be attributed to the fact that until May 12, when President Donald Trump is scheduled to decide the fate of the Iranian nuclear deal, Tehran has put all its actions on hold. The last thing that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps leader Qasem Soleimani need now is a major war in the Middle East targeting Israel. That is why Israel is allowing itself to tug on the rope and raise the threshold on an almost daily basis.
Israel is looking for a pretext. Any pretext. 
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  1. The moment I read in your article title the term "stealthy" F-35 fighters, I had to comment..

    Have you not read my articles about the FACT that 'stealth' does not work and is a hoax? I have seen enough evidence from studying electromagnetic fields and applied long and short wave radar to know that "stealth" is a phantom,and all that any modern radar installations have to do is to go to a variable radar transmission to find so called 'stealth' aircraft.... There is NO way for "stealth" aircraft to modify their structural makeup for variable radar sweeps as the craft is limited to a very narrow range of radar absorption..

    I therefore dismiss this notion that this attack was done by "stealth" aircraft in an instant... Syrian radar systems incorporate the most modern Russian designs and guaranteed they sweep variable frequencies!

    1. Hey North:

      I would agree that it was not likely stealthy anything.

      The Task and Purpose article offered up to possibilities-

      Personally, it makes more sense to me that it was the spoofing.

      PS: I've read some of your posts on the F-35.

    2. Yes, of course supposedly invisible American crap is a hoax.
      But what about 'Nazism' and 'ISIS'?
      What about (MI6/CIA/Goebbels') "Adolf Hitler; The Greatest Story Never Told", which you are peddling?

      How come such (unbelievably stupid hoax) crap is readily available, anyway, but not (Yevgeny Primakov's) and Mahmoud Abbas' high quality dissertation about Nazism (as Trotskyite fake-communism), Zionism, and Western imperialism being one and the same thing?

    3. Laika Lammerink : " "Adolf Hitler; The Greatest Story Never Told", which you are peddling?"

      Are you addressing me?
      I've never peddled that, what ever it is? Book? Movie? I don't know?
      I can't recall even mentioning that here?
      As for "ISIS" with certainty I've stated that is a American creation.. bought and paid for and then used to present a good guy vs bad guy concept with the PKK-
      could you clarify?

      oh and "Yevgeny Primakov" who is this?
      thanks yet again!

    4. Hi Penny . . . I should've begun with "Hey North" but I forgot.

      Primakov was a great Russian patriot (as Stalin, Beria, and Putin), in sharp contrast to Trotskyite traitors like Khrushchev and Gorbachev.

      Besides, the Palestinians (Abbas) actually used a lot of solid information from East German sources (real German patriots, anti-fascists). see for instance the blog "Sascha's Welt" ( about them (real German patriots). General Ludendorff (broke with Hitler, after being fooled by the scam at first) could also be described as a real German patriot, by the way.
      The fascist (Zio-Nazi) indoctrination of the West (esp. North America) is almost complete.

      (PKK/PYD/MEK are typical Trotskyite (Zio-Nazi) terrorist organizations, by the way)

    5. I have no qualms in "peddling" the fabulous video series about Adolf Hitler called 'The Greatest Story Never Told'.... I have found NOTHING in error in that series and I and others have constantly pushed naysayers to show us the errors...

      And you are mistaken, Laika, with the idea that western imperialism is somehow "zionism".... Zionism is a fraud since the entire tribe of slime ball creatures are behind what woes the planet.....

      I have read Laika's comment again and again, but I am still wondering where that comment is leading, and what it has to do with Penny's article..

      If you, Laika, have problems with German history, research it and get back to me over at my site...

    6. Laika: I looked at the blog, put, it through translate and will bookmark it to read more

      Sadly I am all too aware of what the PKK/PYD are and yes they are some weird communistic utopian cultish weirdos- also working as terrorists- drug smugglers- organs and people smugglers

      they are quite a bunch!

      The MEK.... know them as terrorists also until Hillary Clinton had them removed as terrorists from the 'official' list..

    7. Good Morning North....

    8. Good morning to you too! I want to see where this "Laika" is going with her/his comments.... Still no reply..

  2. Penny, I may be commenting in the wrong place here, but I'm wondering - is it just me, or are there two Aaron Cohens? The one in the YouTube video shown here doesn't look anything like the one on "Cherries" being interviewed by Larry King - unless he's suddenly gotten shaven, plumper and LOT balder?? (under Hire Aaron).

    1. Hey YayaC

      I notice the Larry King video is from 2015.. so maybe he did get older, fatter and balder in the three years that have passed?

      The video I linked to has a Fox news banner identifying him as Aaron Cohen? The Larry King video shown at the cherries site states he's a regular on Fox News..
      Maybe he didn't age gracefully ;)

  3. Yeah, three years is a long time ;-] But now you've got me thinking about Fox news. Does Cohen have a direct line to them, I wonder, because the more complete video:
    was posted quickly on the day that the event occurred, and he just happened to be in Toronto? Did Fox know he was in Toronto and did they have his cell phone number or did he call them? That close Fox connection makes me a bit queasy.

    I'm also reminded of 9/11 when training exercises were going on at the same time; and of the London Underground when a training event was being held close by. Smoke and mirrors.

    1. I think it's safe to say that all the major media outlets have a direct line to the appropriate and necessary to deliver the message to the masses spooks.

      Do you recall after the Toronto 18 psyop that the guy who set the whole ring up Mubin Shaikh became a 'security expert' as well?

      It's quite rewarding to be an operative for CSIS.
      Read his wiki bio below including the appearances on msm

      "He also appears on occasion as an unpaid contributor on major media outlets such as CNN, CBC, ABC, and NBC on matters related to extremism and terrorism"

      CSIS Mubin is delivering the message as is, undoubtedly, Mr Cohen

    2. YaYaC "I'm also reminded of 9/11 when training exercises were going on at the same time; and of the London Underground when a training event was being held close by. Smoke and mirrors."

      Was it not a private security firm involved in the 7/7 bombings too?

      And yes training exercises, Iraeli 'security' at the airports- so familiar