Thursday, May 10, 2018

Israel CLAIMS Iranian Missiles Struck OCCUPIED Golan, Prompting Retaliation


The headline did not include the word "occupied" when describing the area allegedly struck by so called Iranian missiles.- I added the word because it more accurately describes reality. 

"Israel's military says it is targeting "dozens" of Iranian military sites in Syria with missile strikes after the Golan Heights were struck with about 20 rockets in an attack it said was ordered by the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant General Jonathan Conricus told reporters in Jerusalem early on May 10 that Israel's army targeted sites used by Iranian intelligence, logistics, storage, and vehicles, as well as the suspected site where the missiles aimed at Israel were launched"
Israel targeted sites in Syria. These sites may or may not be used by Syrian allies.

"Conricus claimed that the commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Qassem Soleimani, ordered the missile attacks on the Golan Heights, which he said caused no serious damage or casualties in Israel.
"It was ordered and commanded by Qassem Soleimani, and it has not achieved its purpose," he said."

Israel's narrative; "Conricus claimed" that the order to strike came from Qassem Soleimani. 
Did it? If that is accurate? If  I was so inclined to actually believe that claim, it would make much more sense to me that damage or casualties would have been caused. 
Yet according to all reports emanating from Israel "caused no serious damage or casualties in Israel."
"Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on May 10 that Israel responded fiercely to what he termed an unprecedented rocket attack by Iranian forces in Syria against Israel.
He said no one was harmed in Israel and all the rockets were either intercepted or fell short."

An alleged Iranian attack, emanating from Syria, fell completely short and Israel, always desirous of peace, launches a full out attack killing as many as 23. Maybe less. And taking out Syrian air defences.  

"In a statement, the Russian Defense Ministry said that 28 Israeli F-15 and F-16 fighter jets launched about 60 air-to-surface missiles during the two-hour raid early on May 10. The ministry said Israel also fired over 10 tactical surface-to-surface missiles.
The monitor said Israel struck several military posts for Syrian troops and Iranian-backed militias near the capital, Damascus, in central Syria and in southern Syria"
 Israel struck Syria. Israel struck Syrian military posts. These places may be used by Syrian allies, but, this is still Syria. And these are Syrian military posts and Syrian defense assets.

The exchange of fire comes one day after Syria accused Israel of launching missile strikes targeting an Iranian military outpost in Kisweh, south of Damascus

Yes, second day in a row that Israel has struck Syria. And this attack from Israel was much larger then the previous one. Should we expect still larger attacks tonight? 

This has been a series of provocations Israel has engaged in, with the absolute knowledge and collusion of the US. The initial Israeli attack on Syria was timed to begin an hour after Trump announced the Iranian p5+1 deal was done

Trump Breaks Nuclear Deal (P5 +1) Risks Increased Middle East Conflict ......Good- Bye P5+1 + Hello Sanctions = War

Breaking: Israel Strikes Syria (Updated)

Before news of the second Israeli attack on Syria I'd just nicely published......

Israel Provokes & Will Continue to Provoke Until...

 Which included my observation of what Israel's next move might include. See below:
"Isn't it Israel that has a whole sea of jihadis at the border fence with Syria? Along with their NGO's embedded in the area? Why, yes, yes it is! Maybe Israel will employ some of their own jihadis to false flag some sort of incident enabling Israel to further attack Syria- After all this is what Israel wants!"
 And sure enough... Israel claims they were attacked, by Iran via Syria, but the attack was a fail

Breaking!!! Israel is Striking Syria- Second Night in a Row

 Last night it was reported there was no confirmation of these alleged strikes on Israel. And according to the earliest reports, one of which is in the relinked post.
"The Golan Regional Council released a statement saying that several towns in the Golan were targeted by rocket fire and that residents of those towns are requested to stay in shelters until notified otherwise"
Kind of difficult to claim you've been attacked if there is no real damage to demonstrate an attack actually took place? Not that it matters, issuing statements like the one above guarantees lots of scared interviewees for media presentation. -Psychological operation style


Iranian rocket fire into Israel indicates strengthening of hardliners and increases likelihood of war involving Hizbullah

10 May 2018
Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) launched 20 rockets from Syria at Israeli positions in the Golan Heights on 10 May 2018.
Four of the rockets were intercepted by Israel’s missile defence shield, and 16 fell in Syrian territory, according to Israeli officials. No casualties were reported.
IRGC sure launched a very poor 'attack'
Israel responded with the most extensive airstrikes in Syria since the Yom Kippur War in 1974. Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that Israel had struck “all Iranian infrastructure in Syria” (around 50 targets), but stressed that this was not the beginning of a larger military operation, a claim IHS Markit assesses to be credible
I personally don't take Lieberman's claim to be credible. Clearly  IHSJane's doesn't either or they wouldn't have raised the concept of a war with Hizbullah, right in the headline of their article
"increases likelihood of war involving Hizbullah"


  1. The freakshow called Israel is at it again, I see..

    They will do ANYTHING now to try to push the entire Middle East into a major war that could turn into a world war in a heartbeat..

    The plan has always been to see the Syrians retaliate and then to call that retaliation an "unprovoked attack" and have their American minions do all the fighting in the upcoming war!

    It will be interesting to see how the Jew spew media handles this latest unprovoked Israeli attack... And watch the morons out there swallow their bullshit!

  2. Ah Come on, Bibi and Putin are Brothers.

    We have now see the Real Face about Russia they give a Fuck about Syria. Israel go in and bomb Syria and Putin and Bibi have walked yesterday together in Russia hand on hand, why have Putin not invited Iran and Syria president at the celebration? Why? Because he is a Part of the Global Agenda, Putin and Donald and the other are only Puppets of the Banks.

    The true is ,Syria is now alone only with Iran, the only hope that can come is Turkey but Erdogand cant be trusted, we will see a war with Iran is this Year coming.
    We learn that we cant trust anyone anymore.

  3. A lot of things came together this week. Bibi's show and tell about Iran's hidden nuclear stuff; Bibi getting the power to call a war without asking parliament; Trump pulling out of the Iran agreement. So kind of expected, eh?

    And We Thought Hitler Was Insane!

  4. Any time the "Hitler" canard is employed my eyes roll. Ir is the AshkeNAZI's prime argument for their entire hoax. Someone who uses it themselves is an AshkeNAZI tool of deception.