Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Israel Provokes & Will Continue to Provoke Until...

 .........the desired response is given.

1. to anger, enrage, exasperate, or vex.
2. to stir up, arouse, or call forth (feelings, desires, or activity) incite or stimulate (a person, animal, etc.) to action.

4. to give rise to, induce, or bring about
What could have provoked such an incident?- Israel lobbing missiles into another nation

Israel is so obviously looking to provoke a reaction from Syria or allies, while claiming they're acting "defensively" Preposterous.  I roll my eyes at just how blatant Israel's provocations are!

The strike on  Syria yesterday:

1-Breaking: Israel Strikes Syria (Updated) Coming hot on the heels, and predictably so, of the cancellation by the US of the P5+1 there are reports of Israeli Air Force strikes on Syria.

Within an hour of Trump breaking the P5+1 deal. Immediately after Netanyahu crowed to the rising sun like a proud rooster!

2-Trump Breaks Nuclear Deal (P5 +1) Risks Increased Middle East Conflict

Yah, it was within the hour- Obviously the Trump announcement/ Netanyahu's crowing and the Israel attack  into Syrian territory were totally and completely planned in advance.

 Syrian state-run media said Israel struck a military outpost near the capital Damascus on Tuesday, saying its air defenses intercepted and destroyed two of the incoming missiles. The reported attack came an hour after President Donald Trump announced he was withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, calling Tehran a main exporter of terrorism in the region.
 Trump's speech, by the way, can be read in the second relinked post. It should be read because it is so devoid of reality. So clearly delusional. If Trump wasn't an actor- he couldn't have never read that with a straight face

Haaretz- Israel prepares for possible attack- One they will have provoked 

An Iron Dome anti-missile system can be seen near the Israeli side of the border with Syria in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Israel May 9, 2018.
 The Israeli army has prepared for possible rocket fire towards Israel with plans for a number of potential responses after a strike in Syria was attributed to Israel hours after U.S. President Donald Trump announced U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear accord with Iran
We  have to understand Israel has already, is already, on the attack. Any response will be met with the usual victimhood/ant semitic boohoohooing, so typical of Israel's leadership when they've acted very, very badly.

The airstrike on Syria, which Israel hasn’t officially claimed responsibility for though it is widely seen as an Israeli operation.
On Wednesday, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and other senior IDF officers toured the north to inspect the army’s preparations for the possible Iranian (reponse) attack.
The Israeli military said it identified what it called 'unusual movements' of Iranian forces in Syria, and believed those forces were preparing for an imminent retaliation against Israel. 
Israel say's it's identified "unusual movements of Iranian forces in Syria".
Are these Iranian forces? Are there 'unusual movement'- I don't know. And, I'm not takin' Israel's word on that claim! 

The IDF believes the Iranians’ deployment in Syria gives them only limited capabilities against Israel. Consequently, its assessment is that Iran will retaliate by firing short-range missiles or rockets at the Golan Heights.
That kind of retaliation would work out so well for Israel.
According to this assessment, Iranians don’t actually want to kill Israeli civilians; Iran understands that killing civilians would provoke a harsher response than attacking Israeli soldiers. 
So, what would be the point of firing at Golan then? 

The IDF believes Israel’s level of intelligence about Iran’s operations in Syria has surprised Iran.
Oh, really? How would they know Iran is "surprised". This is absurd perception management. Stated to create an idea of Israeli superiority- For domestic audience consumption.

"which is how Israel, apparently, obtained advanced warning of Iran’s preparations for a strike on Israel on Tuesday"
Apparently? Not definitely. But maybe, perhaps, allegedly??? 
What seems way more sensible is that Israel, as I've stated launched the attack in the hopes of provoking the response
 But Iran’s difficulties in carrying out a rocket or missile strike on Israel are liable to lead it to try a different tactic, such as getting its militias in Syria to start a violent incident near the border fence, IDF officers said. The army is therefore preparing for anything from a missile strike – possibly on IDF forces near the fence – to an infiltration of armed fighters across the fence with the goal of penetrating an IDF base.
Isn't it Israel that has a whole sea of jihadis at the border fence with Syria? Along with their NGO's embedded in the area? Why, yes, yes it is!
Maybe Israel will employ some of their own jihadis to false flag some sort of incident enabling Israel to further attack Syria- After all this is what Israel wants!

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