Sunday, May 13, 2018

Paris Attacker Born in Chechnya. Blame Russia? You Betcha!

One always has to wonder exactly how it is each of these types of attacks will be spun. 
Certainly this most recent attack in France, with it’s alleged Chechen perpetrator, caught my attention. Considering most previous  French attackers have been Syrian or somehow connected to Syria. Or French nationals somehow ‘radicalized’ in Syria.

Examples: France Supermarket Attacker pledged to "die for Syria"
"Nine men - most of whom had fought alongside IS extremists in Syria - unleash explosives near the Stade de France stadium and open fire on people enjoying a night out at bars and restaurants in Paris, and at the Bataclan concert hall"
But this time we have an islamist born in Chechnya- Interesting. Brings to mind a post from 2012.  Followed by additional related posts, of course. But specifically the 2012 post included material that showed the the neo con/ anglo zionist crowd putting forth the idea of blaming Russia for uncontrollable and destabilizing Islamic terrorism within the Russian state that threatened US interests- including those of their European allies so greatly that the problem simply had to be dealt with by the anglo zionist crowd!

Let’s  briefly step back in time to that 2012 post so you can understand where it is I’m coming from as I suggest that this terror attack, was likely promulgated by & can be used by those who wish to blame Russia thereby justifying some sort of necessary intervention in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia. As a means to do that which Russia cannot. Fight terrorists. 

Did you notice I highlighted Armenia? The home of the most recent western backed 'velvet revolution' and coup- That coup took place at the same time Toronto had a van attack perpetrated by an Armenian. Perhaps an Armenian Canadian? Not that it matters really. As long as you have Armenia, attack and death on your mind as a tool of trauma. Before we get to the 2012 post... I'll relink the Armenian information-

Location, location, location. Just like in real estate folks. Look at the neighbourhood..... Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Iran

Flashback- April 05/2012: Predicting the Future: The destabilization of Russia -April 05/2012 

 Keeping in mind the goal of balkanization...As laid out by the Heritage Foundation and one Ariel Cohen Ph.D in a paper titled: A Threat to the West: The Rise of Islamist Insurgency in the Northern Caucasus and Russia’s Inadequate Response
-A threat to the West?  Of course!
-The rise of "Islamist Insurgency"?  Of course!
-Russia's Inadequate Response?  Of course!
Well you just know someone is going to have to step up to that plate!
Who might that be?
Abstract: “Russia’s Northern Caucasus is turning into one of the most volatile, lawless regions in the world and a hotbed for international terrorist activity in spite of decades of Russian military operations and repeated assurances from the Russian government that peace has been achieved. As Russia continues to lose control of the region, it is becoming a significant base for Islamist terrorist organizations and organized crime and may ignite an even greater terrorist campaign inside Russia and beyond.”
Spreading ungovernability in the Northern Caucasus facilitates the emergence of Islamist safe havens, complete with terrorist training facilities, religious indoctrination centers, and hubs of organized crime. This should be a cause for concern for the United States.
The Dangers of North Caucasian Instability
The danger from North Caucasian instability is threefold.
*First, the presence of such an ungovernable enclave in Southeastern Europe compromises the border stability of U.S. friends and allies, such as Georgia and Azerbaijan. Unrest in the North Caucasus increases the security threats to the two countries, where border security is already problematic due to the Georgia–Russia and Azerbaijan–Armenia conflicts.
*Second, the North Caucasus pose a global threat as a potential terrorist base in close proximity to U.S. European allies. Some terrorists are already operating in the European Union (EU), as the recent discovery and arrest of a Jamaat Shariat cell in the Czech Republic illustrates.[4] For now, such incidents are rare and minor, but the massive North Caucasus diaspora in Russia and Europe will likely become a growing security concern for European authorities.
*Third, destabilization in the Northern Caucasus threatens not just Russia, but also the security of the whole Caucasus, including Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.
The region is a principal north–south and east–west hub. Oil and gas pipelines linking the Caspian Sea to Western Europe pass through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. The large oil and natural gas reserves in the Caspian basin supply a significant share of Europe’s energy needs and may provide an even greater share in the near future as projects such as the Nabucco natural gas pipeline come online.[7] The importance of pipelines and their vulnerability to sabotage make them preferred targets of local insurgents.

Oily hub a bub
U.S. policymakers should be concerned that the North Caucasus may devolve into an anarchic haven for Islamist terrorism and criminality. Security of America’s friends and allies, prevention of a terrorist safe haven in the ungovernable North Caucasus, and ensuring the free flow of energy resources are high priorities for the U.S. in this volatile region. Such a threat should not be allowed to develop.
The interests of the United States and its allies could suffer from Russia’s failure to respond appropriately to Islamist extremism.

I suspect that last sentence, which I will repeat below,  is the most probable direction for the spin regarding this recent alleged Chechen islamist knife attack.

“The interests of the United States and its allies could suffer from Russia’s failure to respond appropriately to Islamist extremism”
The spin may not come immediately, but, it will eventually show up.

USA Today
PARIS – The man behind a deadly knife attack in central Paris was born in Chechnya and was listed in a police database of suspected extremists, French authorities said Sunday.

Investigators are working to determine whether the man who stabbed five people in a busy neighborhood in the heart of the French capital Saturday night had any help. The attacker killed a 29-year-old man and wounded four others before being shot by police.

Witnesses reported hearing the man shouting "Allahu akbar," the Arabic phrase for God is great, during the attack. The Islamic State group claimed the attacker was one of its fighters, but provided no evidence or details about his identity.

The assailant was born in 1997 and had French nationality but was born in the largely Muslim Russian republic of Chechnya, where extremism has long simmered, said a judicial official who wasn’t authorized to be publicly named.
police on the streets

He was born in Chechnya in 1997? If so, how long did he reside there? The media certainly wants us to believe his birth in Chechnya is somehow important to this incident. Is it? Perhaps, but, not in the way most people will be lead to think about this. As they have their perception managed for them by the 5 eyes media.

Express UK

The 29-year-old attacker has been identified despite he was not carrying any identification papers. (Clearly well known to authorities- Or did the authorities have prior knowledge of this attackers plot/plans? In order that he could be identified without the availability of identification documents)
The man had been previously categorised as "fiche S" by the authorities, a source said, which in France is a list of people who may represent a threat to national security.
PARIS, May 13. /TASS/. French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux has confirmed that the Chechen-born knife attacker, who killed one and wounded four other people in a suspected terror attack in Paris on May 12, became a citizen of France in 2010.

"He gained citizenship in 2010 following his mother. He was registered in the database of Paris police among persons with propensity for radical actions in 2016," Griveaux told the RTL radio station on Sunday.

The knife attacker, named as Khamzat Azimov, who was born in Chechnya as media reported, was shot dead by police after carrying out the assault on Saturday evening.

Born 1997 in Chechnya- Gained French citizenship in 2010 at the age of either 12 or 13 depending on dates of birth etc., Still we don’t know how long he lived in Chechnya? What age was he when he came to France?

 The Russian embassy in Paris has requested information on the nationality of the man who killed one and injured several others with a knife in the city. Reports claim that he was born in Chechnya but had French citizenship.

“We have requested information on the nationality of the attacker and we are currently waiting for a response from the French authorities,” Anna Shlychkova from the embassy’s press service told RT.
Will the Boston Bombing come back to haunt us all.........


  1. When it happened it was immediately announced that the perpetrator was Russian on Australian TV. I immediately commented that he was certainly Chechen. I was vindicated next day when the presenter of News on SBS TV announced: "he was Chechen, erh... born in Russia's Chechnya". I was wondering whether she had an involuntary slip of the tongue that she obviously was prompted to correct (I imagined the supervisor frantically gesticulating in the background), or whether she did it intentionally. They did not mention in the first broadcasts that he was shouting: Alahu Akbar, but they have been unable to hide the declarations of the French Police. The more after the suicide bombings in Indonesia, which 'explosively' confirm that ISIS is relocated to Asia. We may expect a flare up of their activities in the Phillipines, South-East Asia and China.

    1. I've been keeping an eye on the situation and see now the French Police are widening their search- looking for conspirators.... and the plot thickens