Thursday, May 31, 2018

Saudi Arabia: Where is bin Salman, Attack at National Guard Facility etc.,

Where is Mohammed Bin Salman- More then a month since he's been seen publicly.
Saudi Arabia has released a new video. Featuring Bin Salman at some random meeting.
The video included below with the newsweek article is not the recently released video- 
Making it's inclusion a weird choice for the article titled:
 Where’s Mohammed bin Salman? Not Dead, According to Saudi Arabia
Saudi authorities have released new video footage of Mohammed bin Salman amid conspiracy theories alleging the crown prince has been dead for more than a month.
The undated video shows Salman chairing a meeting of the Council of Economic Affairs and Development in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that apparently took place on May 29, according to CNN.
On April 21, heavy gunfire was heard around the royal palace in Riyadh. According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the shots were fired by security guards neutralizing a hobby drone flown within the palace perimeter. There were no casualties, and 82-year-old King Salman was not at his palace, a Saudi official told Reuters at the time.
However, questions arose regarding the whereabouts of the crown prince, who usually has a high media profile and is regularly seen meeting fellow leaders and chairing events. Unusually, he was not pictured or filmed by Saudi media for several weeks after the drone was shot down.
 So if he's not dead, was he injured? Is he in hiding? Why no public appearances in all this time?  Admittedly I'm curious.

The recently released video is available here 

Still thinking it would be better to have a public appearance in a setting that can be identified as occurring present day .

Toronto Star had an interesting oped regarding Saudi Arabia.

Time to expose Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman for the tyrant that he is

The headline and content struck me as odd since Bin Salman is always presented as a reformer and a modernizer. Not sure where or why the tyrant theme is being pushed at this time? 

- We have an MIA bin Salman, negative Saudi  press and curiously enough- armed militias attacked a Saudi National Guard outpost- there were casualties..

Several wounded after gunmen attack Saudi military base in Taif
National guard base near Yemen

Several Saudi military officers were wounded in an attack on a military base in the western city of Taif after gunmen killed a policeman and seized his weapons before attacking the facility.
Two attackers exchanged gunfire with security forces at a National Guard facility in Taif, some 70km east of Mecca, after killing a police officer and stealing his weapons and car before entering the site
Sabq reported there several soldiers were wounded and one of the attackers sustained injuries and was arrested. The other escaped.
Videos uploaded on social media showed scenes of panic at the scene while the sound of rapid gunfire could also be heard in the background.
اللهم عليك بمن يروع قلوب الآمنين واجعل بلادهم آمنة مستأمنة على أرواح الأبرياء منهم والخائفين . #الطايف_الآن #اطلاق_نار_في_الطائف — ابتسام آل سعد (@Ebtesam777) May 30, 2018

 The twitter is dated yesterday, yet, by all appearances this news is breaking today?

VIOLENT clashes in Saudi Arabia after ARMED militia attack National Guard
Local news site Sabq reported attackers stole the officer’s vehicle before forcing their way into the military location.
The officer is believed to have been on duty at the time.
The armed attackers exchanged fire with the security men in the Taif city building.
The man was taken to hospital, but later died of his injuries.
One attacker is thought to have been detained wounded, but the other has fled the scene.
There have also been additional injuries among security personnel.
It is unclear the extent or the number of people affected.
Video footage shows police swarming the guard station on 60th Street
The identity and motivation of the assailants are currently unknown.
Tail city is north east of the Hajj pilgrimage site of Mecca, the holiest place in Islam.

  1. Are we dealing with infighting and power grabbing?
  2. Is this related to Yemen?
  3. Are these some bigger geo political moves at play?

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 It's a head scratcher?


  1. Robbing from your fellow thieves is never a good idea for a mobster.

    Guess all those NSA transcripts that his buddy Jared passed onto MBS didn't help that much?

    1. hey greg:
      I'm going to have to look into the NSA transcripts your mentioning..

  2. Hi Pen,
    Israel Inc. are the majority shareholders in Saudi Arabia Inc. The CIA compose the Board of Directors and MBS is/was the Managing Director/CEO and the public face.

    It is a despotic regime and like all despotic regimes, it depends on the cult of personality of the leader to hold everything together. So he needs to be seen everywhere and often.

    But MBS has not been seen so something is definitely wrong with Our Man in Riyadh.

    If he is dead, then the CIA would be holding things together while they negotiated MBS's successor. But would this take 6 weeks and counting? I don't think so. We would have been reading articles like The Star one long before this preparing the way for the next despot. We haven't seen those articles till this first one now, six weeks later. So, he is not dead, yet.

    If he is seriously injured, then the CIA would be holding everything together (with massive threats) till MBS can resume his diabolical rule. In which case we would be seeing (and are seeing) lame attempts at showing him fit and well instead of the obvious but thoroughly inconvenient public appearance.

    The longer MBS's recuperation takes, though, the harder it is to hold everything together. Perhaps The Star article is preparing the ground in case MBS dies, or his recovery will not be complete enough or his recovery is simply taking too long.

    The one thing we can be sure of, though, is that MBS is not fit and well and there is trouble in the camp.

    1. hi james:

      Based on what I've read I lean towards MBS likely being injured. Perhaps quite seriously- and the image or video release is to sort of quell the questioning on his whereabouts-

      And yes it seems there is trouble in the Saudi camp-
      wondering if it had anything to do with the potential agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia to increase oil output?

  3. I'm not up to speed on the oil output question, Pen, to give an opinion. But MBS arresting many of the 'princes' and doing a little asset striping must have absolutely outraged a lot of his extended family. I'm sure they saw themselves as a protected class up till then.

    1. Definitely the mass arrests didn't win MBS any loyalty- agreed 100 percent on that!

      "Saudi Arabia and Russia are discussing raising OPEC and non-OPEC oil output by around 1 million barrels per day (bpd), easing 17 months of strict supply curbs amid concerns that a price rally has gone too far, sources familiar with the matter said.

      I don't think the US would have liked this too much.

  4. Nat guard = Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah + Nayef Sr. (2012) + Nayef Jr (2017) =
    Prince Miteb, who is 65, served as minister of the National Guard, a military force drawn from tribes loyal to the House of Saud whose main role is to protect the royal family, from 2013 until his arrest on 4 November.

    Prince Miteb has a background in the military and was considered among the possible contenders to inherit his father's throne prior to the appointment of the current King Salman as crown prince in 2012.

    Revenge best served cold

    nayef and erdogan meeting 2016 WHo was Nayef talking about?

    “Turkey is a brotherly country for us. We always consider seriously that there should be strong and joint work between us because we actually need each other,” the Crown Prince said. “We are being targeted… and we cannot ask them not to target us. However, what is important is to fortify ourselves as much as possible.”

    1. 2016 cleanup

    2. Mohammed bin Nayef had strong personal support from the security forces and intelligence apparatus, said Jane Kinninmont, a Middle East expert at Chatham House. "The interior ministry thus stays with the descendants of Prince Nayef, but with less experience at the helm," she wrote on Twitter.


    4. that bin salman- he's a charmer-not
      He is however an Israel firster!

      There are news reports he had a phone call with May (UK) today... still looking for news of a live appearance. somewhere.

    5. anonymous: with all these links you've left it leads one to think this is an internal struggle on going?
      that's the impression I get.