Sunday, June 17, 2018

Aleppo Citadel Reopens It's Doors- Triumph Over Adversity

 Let's hope this is a good sign for Syria as a whole.

The citadel of Aleppo, the most important archaeological monument in the city and one of the most amazing places of Islamic architecture, has re-opened its doors for visitors and tourists after being rehabilitated and cleaned of the dust of terrorism.
The citadel is one of the oldest and largest castles in the world and has preserved its beauty throughout history as it walls and fortresses have stood in the face of invaders.
The citadel, which dates back to Ayyubid period, has been closed since mid-2012 to protect its unique designs from the inside. Today, it reopens its doors as the Eid (feast)’s gift to its visitors, renewing its glory and stories of heroism in defending its well-fortified walls against invaders and terrorism.
Entering the citadel for the first time after his last visit eight years ago, Mohammed Ahmed Maarouf talked about his feelings and desire to regain his memories inside the place, which has stood in the face of terrorism and looting.

The citadel has a great rank in the hearts of Aleppo people; Alaa-Eddin Hammami considers that reopening it to visitors enhances the feeling of safety which Aleppo missed during the years of crisis.

Meanwhile, Laila Kiali saw that the citadel embodies the history of the city’s people and reopening it brings back joy to the souls.
I was happy to read this news. Considering all that has occurred in Syria generally and in Aleppo specifically this opening is, in my opinion, pretty miraculous. 


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  1. Hi Penny:

    What a difference between the cities that Russia has liberated versus the cities that the US has "liberated". Did you see the article in PressTV about Mosul, Iraq? Angelina Jolie went there and said it still stinks of dead bodies. And I heard that Manbji is the same in Syria

  2. You've waited a long time for this, Penny, and never gave up watching and waiting and reporting! It's so wonderful that there is now some visible light at the end of the tunnel!