Tuesday, June 19, 2018

IDF Reconnaisance Drone Crashes In Syria- Confirmed

An Israeli drone crashed in the area of Khader in Syria late Tuesday afternoon.

However, there was no fear of leakage of information, according to the IDF.

Arutz Sheva
An unmanned aerial vehicle of the "Sky Rider" model fell Tuesday evening in the Al-Khader area of ​​Syria.
According to the IDF, there is no fear of leakage of information, and the UAV apparently fell due to a technical malfunction.
IDF claims it was a malfunction- If it was shot down, wouldn't they make that exact claim?
Of course they would! Notice the drone went down while rebels and government forces exchanged fire? Making it entirely probable that it was shot down.
A picture of the drone was distributed on social media and it was claimed that a Syrian aircraft had been shot down.
"Sky Rider" is powered by an electric motor and can fly autonomously and transmit to its operator in real time the images it obtains. At the end of the mission, the UAV flies toward a predetermined landing point, inserts itself into a deep stall, and blows an airbag under its belly, which softens its landing.
The aircraft was used by the IDF ground forces and operated by the Sky Rider unit, which was also used by the Australian Army and is expected to be used in Canada as well.
Press TV with a purported image of the crashed drone

The IDF acknowledges the drone crash- they're probably obfuscating how it was that it crashed.
An Israeli spy drone has crashed in southwestern Syria as the Tel Aviv regime defies calls to end its violations of the airspace of the Arab country.
The Israeli military confirmed reports in Syrian media that the drone had been recovered from the Syrian town of Hader in Quneitra province.
Israel has launched attacks against various targets inside Syria from time to time. Damascus believes the attacks are aimed at boosting terrorist groups in the face of major gains by the Syrian army. 
Tel Aviv has also been providing weapons to anti-Damascus militants as well as medical treatment to Takfiri elements wounded in Syria.

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