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Interview: OIT- B'nai Brith, The Civil War and Freemasonry

To say I found this interview extremely interesting would be an understatement.

As the talk, embedded below,  progresses the "Montreal connections" to the civil war and the assassination of Lincoln are mentioned. 
 I had become aware of this connection, a few years ago, when David McGowan (RIP) wrote his series on the Lincoln assassination. Entitled: Why Everything You Think You Know About the Lincoln Assassination is Wrong. Dave's work on that subject began in 2014.

The  aspect of the Montreal Connections to the civil war, the Lincoln Assasination etc., have filled more then one book. I would love to have the book shown immediately below this paragraph but it seems  to be out of print and not available by any means that I've looked into. Checked local library Tried the local second hand book dealer. Searched both Chapters and Amazon for :Montreal and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: John Wilkes Booth Visits Montreal by Phil Taylor
No luck. Couldn't find a pdf copy on line either.

What can be found is this compilation of information which contains extracts from various books on the topic.

Canada in the American Civil War
 Canada played a vastly larger role in the American civil war then most Canadians realize. This  unusual role is certainly not mentioned in our history classes- Wonder why that might be?
Claire Hoy, in his book Canadians in the Civil War, observes that during the American Civil War many Canadian cities, especially Toronto and Montreal, welcomed a well-financed network of Confederate spies and adventurers who launched cross-border raids. Montreal's St. Lawrence Hall Hotel had so many Confederates living there it offered mint juleps on its menu.
John Wilkes Booth made several trips to Montreal and to Toronto as part of an organized plot  (that would be a conspiracy folks) leading up to the 1865 assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Southern sympathies were so prominent in Halifax, where blockade-running created several family fortunes, that some businesses openly flew Confederate flags and traded in Confederate currency.
Canadian-born Edward P. Doherty was a Union army officer who formed and led the detachment of Union soldiers that captured and killed John Wilkes Booth in a Virginia barn on April 26, 1865, 12 days after Lincoln was fatally shot. 

When John Wilkes Booth was shot twelve days after killing Abraham Lincoln in April 1865, a money order for $184,000 drawn from a Montreal Branch of the Ontario Bank was found in his coat pocket. Six months before the assassination in October 1864, Wilkes Booth made a heretofore-unexplained visit to Montreal. He checked into a room in Montreal's plush St. Lawrence Hall Hotel, 13 Great Saint James Street on October 18,1864. The Confederate Secret Service operation in the officially neutral British Province of Canada had set up its headquarters in the St. Lawrence Hall Hotel. The day after Wilkes arrived, Confederate soldiers launched the infamous raid on St, Albans, Vermont. The raiders, like the Wilkes booth conspirators, were financed by the Ontario Bank of Montreal. 

Wait just a minute! - Bankers financing the civil war in the US through Canada.  Most certainly. Because I've got more still.

Montreal, City of Secrets 

Montreal hosted the Confederacy’s largest foreign secret service base during the Civil War. Montreal banks and other Canadian financial institutions held a million dollars or more in hard currency or gold to fund clandestine activities.
When Jefferson Davis fled the U.S. in 1865, Montreal welcomed him and his family. Overrun with refugees, soldiers of fortune, spies, assassins, bankers and smugglers, Montreal was a pro “Secesh” town.
From the city’s grand hotels, plots of all sorts were hatched, including the infamous St. Albans raid and the Lincoln kidnapping, which mutated into an assassination. Influential British-Canadian bankers joined Confederates as they launched a successful assault on the new “Greenback.” When John Wilkes Booth was shot, a bank draft signed by Montreal banker and future mayor Henry Starnes was found in his coat pocket.
  Banks and bankers funding clandestine activities and assassins. Fomenting wars to advance agendas?!  Wow, where have I heard this before?
 Clearly nothing has changed.  Sadly, too many don't realize the fact, preferring the fiction commonly presented by the media.

One last thing before we get to the interview! Read through this Internet Archive link
I've included one article below:
OTTAWA, May 2 (A. P.L-A 
claim that John Wilkes Booth was 
hired by "international bankers" 
to assassinate Abraham Lincoln has 
been advanced by a Canadian law- 
yer history student. 

Testifying before a parliamentary 
banking committee here, Gerald G. 
McGeer of Vancouver went back to 
1865 and said that Booth was the 
tool of a banke»e' plot hatched in 
Canada to assassinate the American 
President because of his policy of 
greenback currency. 

"They (the bankers) were the 
Inen interested in the establishment 
of the gold standard money system 
and the right of the bankers to 
manage the currency and credit of 
every nation in the world," McGeer 

"With Lincoln out of the way they 
nrere able to proceed with that plan 
and did proceed with It in the 
United States. Within eight years 
after Lincoln's assassination silver 
was demonetized and the gold 
standard money system set up in 
the United States." 
Something else that is discussed in the interview is the connection of Jewish organizations to the KKK and the Nazi Party Relink: Orthodox Jewish KKK Grand Dragon/ American Nazi Party Secretary Exposed Which takes you back to a 2013 post:McClandish Phillips, exposer of the NYS Judaic Grand Dragon Klansman dies

Of course there is a slew of other information touched upon- All very interesting. Much of it resonating with situations I was already aware of.

 Now, let's get to the interview provided to us all, freely, by Our Interesting Times: Tim Kelly
The interview requires a time commitment, being 2.5 hours long. It's become pretty clear to me, over time,  that organizations like the ADL/B'nai Brith & Freemasonry are connected  to other persons who together participate in clandestine ways to advance specific political military agendas.
 "Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron return to Our Interesting Times to discuss their recent show on the ugly history of the ADL/B'nai Brith, the Civil War, and Freemasonry."


  1. When Booth fled DC, the Army closed off all roads leading out, except the one he escaped on.

    Until nations take back the power of printing money--by any means necessary--nothing will change, and actually get worse.

    While us peons fight and squabble over nonsense, the banksters and their henchmen--and women--will continue to live like Royalty.

    1. Yah, almost as if they were directing Booth for his Jack Rubenstein moment?

      I'm torn between Booth getting away or Booth as the Oswald character getting killed by the Ruby character mentioned above in a cleaning up of all loose ends- When Booth was found by the Canadian born leader of regiment..

      "Almost simultaneous with my taking Herold out, the hay in the rear was ignited. Sergt. Corbett shot the assassin Booth, wounding him in the neck

  2. And yet you have those who say Lincoln himself was a tool of the illuminati or whatever you want to call them.

    1. I have to wonder if that's accurate since Lincoln was killed.

  3. Another lightening strike
    Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Goes After the Bin Ladens


    Bin Laden crane collapses, kills 107 on 9/11 anniversary

    1. Interesting the Bin Laden son has allegedly been threatening bin Salman- I've no idea if the man making the threats is really Bin Laden's son, but, the threats against bin Salman are curiously times

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      I will look into these options

  5. https://youtu.be/eyQVTJG9Xo8

    1. thanks- when I have time- I will listen to that

  6. lol
    Hey Penny for your thoughts,
    I recall, vividly, David McGowan discussing the strange Booth family shenanigans. Two coinky dinks stick in my mind to this day. The Booth family, from England, has interesting links. Not sure if David hammered these factoids down but my gut tells me he was right. One, Tony Blair's wife was a Booth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherie_Blair. Look up her biographic stuff.
    Sure enough. Two, Claire Booth Luce another Booth. Well, you know her right? Anyway, Montreal also had James Earl Carter oh wait I mean James Earl Ray, as his escape route too. And of course, the JFK assassination Permindex http://canadianpatriot.org/montreal-permindex-ties-revealed-to-jfk-murder-1001-club/ etc., etc.,etc. Oh well. carry on.

    1. Hi Peter:
      I believe that Dave McGowan had mentioned that Cherie Blair was a Booth and I remember Claire Booth Luce as well- funny how that works out isn't it?

      Was unaware that James Earl Ray had any connection what so ever to Montreal- Am going to read the link you left

      Ya know Peter, one conclusion, drawn long ago..
      History? We don't really know any!

  7. Yes Penny. All I know is that I do not know. Jig saw puzzles in the dark.

  8. I like it Peter "jigsaw puzzles in the dark"
    very accurate!