Friday, June 8, 2018

"Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscientist/Charlatan": James Corbett

From Corbett Report
"Renowned scientist Paul Ehrlich has been in the public spotlight for half a century now. But there’s a question at the heart of the story of Ehrlich’s unlikely rise to prominence. A question that must be answered. Why is it that this entomologist has become such a superstar of science, received so many accolades and awards, and wielded such influence over the public conversation on population despite being so remarkably, consistently, staggeringly wrong about the issues he presumes to lecture the public on?"
Paul Erlich is an entimologist-  "Entomology is the study of insects"
"Most entomologists specialize in a particular type of insect."
 Erlich - a young American entomology professor at Stanford University, California

Writes the "Population bomb" kicking off the toxic ''green' agenda

For Ehrlich, though, the critical scalding he received for The Population Bomb and the problematic timeline of its central prediction forces him frequently to revisit and defend his ideas. Except for some developing countries, the globe was not racked by food shortages through the 1970s because advances in farming and technology were able to sustain larger populations.

Does anyone, anyone at all, find it extremely odd that this entomologist puts forth the idea of the human population bomb?

  Should we humans take a clue from that field of study?  Should we accept Erlich's insect authority as one that applies to us? An entomologist, concerned with insects, writing about human population? Is  he actually equating humanity to insects and implying we need to be stamped out like so many ants needing to be flattened?
Is it an ideology, like the one espoused by Erlich,  when spread like wildfire that has turned humanity into a bunch of self loathing fools? Who believe they are worthless and contemptible?
I think so.

I want to redirect you all to the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity series, neglected, but not forgotten.


  1. First let me say a hearty "thank you" for your support of my new blog! Second: I am so pleased to have found your blog. This old world can't have enough sources of truth and you are providing a much needed light into the darkness! Keep it up!

    1. Hi RP- Your right we can't have enough sources of truth and opinions other then those presented by the overlords- we need much more light!

  2. Hi Penny: Ehrlich is a close associate of John Holdren who was science advisor to both Bill Clinton and Obama, so has had plenty of clout in the last several decades. They co-authored a book called "Ecoscience", which was taught from in Canadian universities, in fact the university my daughter attended. So their message has been well-planted in the minds of today's scientists. My daughter was very angry about it, but she may have well have been an exception.

    You can get a pdf version that's been uploaded to Scribd, if you like. It's only 1649 pages. ;-]

    They pretty much adhere to Thomas R. Malthus' prediction of exponential population growth inevitably needing to be dealt with.

    You've made a good point about increasing infertility. That's either Monsanto or vaccines or both, most likely.

    1. There are also some selected excerpts from the book at We Are They include weather modification as well.

    2. Malthus' books are available for free download at Online Books. I'm downloading them for myself. Thanks for raising the issue!

  3. You do not have to like the man but the mathematics is well understood. China has the right idea with 1 child per family until they have a stable and manageable population.
    But I fear we are headed for an apocalyptic scale of disease and hunger.

    1. the one child policy in China has for the most part ended- because it was a dead end.

      And the mathematics has been shown to be incorrect- the simplistic ideology of overpopulation is just more simplistic ideology pushed by the bureaucrats on behalf of the masters. With a sinister agenda behind it.

      Same as this idea of lacking in energy while using vast, unimaginable quantities of it to wage war

      it's absurd

      then there is the carbon as global warmer which, again, doesn't impede the war machine

      then there is the we can't feed the population..

      If we couldn't feed the population present day, we wouldn't have the present day population- without food (energy/calories) those alive presently wouldn't be here

      Then there is food as a weapon
      food for control
      we can each grow some of our own food instead of having a centralized controlled growing system

      again.. Ehrlich is a fraud and their are an unimaginable number of solutions for each problem-
      - so to push population reduction on a mass scale reeks of someone else's control agenda.

      YaYaC has left a link for the works of Malthus.
      I'm going to check them out. How about you?

  4. one last thought..

    -people need to understand food does not come from the grocery story

    -water doesn't come from the tap (faucet)

    A look around the earth informs us there is abundance and renewal- Everywhere.

    There is not just scarcity.

    To focus only on scarcity is to push that specific agenda while ignoring the abundance and renewal that is obvious all around.

    1. It doesn't bother me if people decide not to have kids. Few of us make ideal parents. But it should be for worthier reasons than fear of over-population. In nature -- for instance in the world of bacteria -- life flourishes because there is plenty on which to survive. When the food supply is gone, the population dies off on its own. We don't need a cabal of impatient "white" supremacists in scientific costume artificially controlling the means and quality of supply.

      Who Owns The World
      There are 75.9 acres per person in Canada.

      This is how empty Canada Really Is

      And here is the anti-immigration point of view.

  5. Penny, I put a link to Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball's videos on my site today, and just now realized that one of them might be of particular interest to you:

    He talks quite a bit about population control, Erlich, Holdren, etc., as well as climate change theory. He's been sued several times by American "experts", especially the guy who created Al Gore's global warming "hockey stick" reference.

    If you haven't seen this video I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it immensely.