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Russian/Turkish deal for Tell Rifaat. The Micro & Macro along the Silk Road: Pepe Escobar

Going a little long- This post covers the micro and the macro

Earlier this week Southfront had delivered one of their usual vague news reports. With no link back to original source. They followed up with another one just the other day. I'm not a huge fan of Southfront. It's no different then any other source, in my opinion, information from Southfront needs verification, same as info from anywhere else.

Both  Southfront reports linked below:

From June 14/2018- Southfront
“Russia and Turkey have reached an agreement on the future of the city of Tell Rifaat in the northern Syrian province “

”The agreement is allegedly aimed at allowing the civilians to return to their houses in the northern city.”

While the agreement will facilitate the return of civilians to Tell Rifaat, Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups and fighters will not be allowed to enter the city at all, according to al-Araby al-Jadeed.

From June 15/2018- Southfront, again

“Under the agreement, units of the Turkish military will allegedly be deployed in Tell Rifaat side by side with the Russian Military Police, which was deployed there a few months ago”
I've been searching for additional information as to what may have transpired between Turkey and Russia at Tell Rifaat and why whatever occurred may have taken place?
  • - Besides Russia and Turkey cooperating on stabilizing this area of Syria while pushing terrorists out.
  • - Having to do with more then just the return of Syrians to their own country (which is a good thing in my book!)
  • - Agreeing to keep FSA out
Turkey definitely has an interest in getting Syrians back into Syria. They’ve been hosting millions of refugees for years. With an upcoming election being able to resolve that issue effectively through cooperative means would be a real vote getter.
  •  -It would also help to stabilize the situation in Turkey, internally.
  • - It also serves to impede the Usrael/Kurdish annexation agenda.

  • How exactly is this cooperative measure then being presented as a negative? 
  • Or should my question be WHY is this cooperation between Russia and Turkey being presented as something bad?
  •  Who/which parties would have a vested interesting in presenting this cooperation as a negative?
  • Clearly Usrael/Kurds would not want Syrians to return to Syria.
  • Clearly Usrael/Kurds do not want  his impediment to their remake the region agenda
Still there could be more going on in this area? And I think the more is what’s mentioned below! Just a tidbit from SOHR that caught my eye- And yah, I know it's SOHR, however, there have been previous reports regarding the securing of this highway for trade etc., at the blog before- I'm going to get to that- First up, SOHR

“The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights obtained information from reliable sources confirming that members and officers of the Iranian Forces; and of the forces loyal them have withdrawn from Tall Rifaat area and its surroundings in the northern countryside of Aleppo, after Russian – Iranian disagreements about Russian – Turkish consultations to deliver Tall Rifaat to the Turkish Forces and the Syrian military opposition, in return for the withdrawal of the Syrian opposition factions from the triangle of west Jesr al-Shughur – Sahl al-Ghab – the northeastern countryside of Latakia. 
The withdrawal of the Iranian officers and members loyal to them coincided with the arrival of the Russian military vehicles, accompanied by regime’s vehicles to Tal Rifaat area, where it is suggested that they came to switch regime’s military units in the area, also the sources added that the consultations are underway about completing the opening of Gaziantep road, which connects Turkey to the southern border of Syria with Jordan, and ending the presence of the Kurdish Forces in the northern countryside of Aleppo after their withdrawal from Afrin.

Requoting some of the above excerpt:

arrival of the Russian military vehicles, accompanied by regime’s vehicles to Tal Rifaat.....the consultations are underway about completing the opening of Gaziantep road, which connects Turkey to the southern border of Syria with Jordan, and ending the presence of the Kurdish Forces in the northern countryside of Aleppo after their withdrawal from Afrin”
Russian military vehicles arrive  accompanied by Syrian government vehicles in Tal Rifaat?!
Completing the opening of the Gaziantep road?!
And all the economic benefits for Syria that this would include?!

This has been discussed previously:

May 25/2018-Damascus- Gaziantep: Restoring Relations/Economic Interests or Both & More
Previous post : "The reopening of major roads in Syria will not only be good for relations with other countries, but will also come with major economic benefits.

Leaks from the Astana talks, between guarantor nations in Syria (Russia, Turkey and Iran), show that questions surround how the roads would be secured and the extent of economic interest for the conflicting parties
 It is completely sensible that Russia and Turkey would be the two guarantor nations for Gaziantep and it’s surrounding territory and the highway which joins Syria to Turkey. 
 SOHR is reporting that Syrian government vehicles were present alongside the Russians. Which indicates to me that Damascus is totally and completely aware of the situation.  
What seems sensible to me, based on all the information at hand, is that the Russian presence is guaranteeing Syrian interests. Because Syria can't guarantee the safety or security of this area. From terrorists. Nor can they keep safe the Syrians that could potentially return from being refugees in Turkey.  So Russia has to be present for this reason. While the Turks are guarantors of their own interests regarding this highway. Perfectly understandable.
From previous post: The highway is a major strategic route that connects the political capital, Damascus, and the country’s southern region to the north and the economic capital, Aleppo. Its restoration would have economic benefits for the Syrian regime, in addition to the major benefits that it would have for citizens in that it would reduce the price of foodstuffs and goods because of the ease of transporting them between Damascus and Aleppo.
 I’m also wondering if this major highway, a major strategic route that passes through all of Syria, from Turkey,  into Jordan is a part of the larger Silk Road project. Looking at a map it appears this is the M5 highway from Aleppo that connects Jordan and Turkey. The M5 also connects into the M4 which goes straight into Iraq. Which not coincidentally is all held by Usrael Kurds at this time.  I believe this highway would be extremely significant in the macro.
The macro being the Four Seas Strategy and the Silk Road Initiative 


To understand where I'm going with all this we need to return to a post from nearly 7 years ago! Flashback to 2011: Assad's "Four Seas Strategy" Damascus converges with China

Quoting from the post linked above:

“While China is moving west towards the Caspian Sea, Damascus is concurrently moving eastward. Since 2009, Bashar al-Assad has been promoting a "Four Seas Strategy" to turn Damascus into a trade hub among the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Aligning Syria with countries that lie on these shores—Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan (The Weekly Middle East Reporter, August 1, 2009)—Assad peddled this idea in May 2009 with Turkey, stating that “Once the economic space between Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran become integrated, we would link the Mediterranean, Caspian, Black Sea, and the [Persian] Gulf … we aren’t just important in the Middle East…Once we link these four seas, we become the compulsory intersection of the whole world in investment, transport and more.”

Image from 2011- note the pipeline from Syria to Iraq (Kirkuk) heavily disputed by the Usrael/kurds, again
We should understand that it’s entirely realistic that this most recent move by Russia and Turkey to guard this specific area in Syria, with an eye to opening this major highway is part and parcel of:
  • (1) Rebuilding Syria.
  • (2) Implementing the Four Seas Strategy peddled so long ago by Bashar Assad as part of 
  • (3) Expanding the silk road/belt initiative 
It seems sensible that when Bashar Assad was selling the 4 Seas Strategy he was selling it as part of the Silk Road initiative.  Which was why Damascus was converging with China, as mentioned in my 2011 post. When we look at the bigger picture, the macro, we understand why the US is attempting to reshape the region in order to impede the progress made on the Silk Road initiative.  It’s the total control of everything Eurasian and the competition for that control. Massive power grab- Taken from multiple nations and put under the control of one nation state. 

As mentioned in a post from January of this year: Kurdistan the Big Block on the Silk Road

The map directly below, which was included with the January post - The Usrael planned remake of the region with a “Kurdistan” that spans the four seas. The same 4 Seas Assad was hoping to connect in  his strategy. All 4 seas  controlled by the US & Israel.  Kurdistan is the clear block, as I’ve stated previously,  to both Assad’s 4 Seas strategy and the broader silk road project.

Not a coincidence that Usrael sees "Kurdistan" controlling the 4 Seas

Quoting from the January post:

Let's say this is the best case scenario map? Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 controlled by Usrael and allies. Stretching from the Mediterranean- (we know the Kurds, aided by Usrael, are trying to get to the Mediterranean sea) Through to the Black Sea. The shores of the Caspian. And, to the Persian Gulf.  The pot stirring in Iran will take them to the Caspian. Destabilizing Turkey will take the Usrael/ Kurds to the Black Sea. Breaking up Iraq to the Persian Gulf.
Because really it can't be a coincidence that Usrael is attempting to block/control the very area that Assad was selling as an economic partnership/initiative that would connect directly into the Silk road/belt that Russia and China have been working cooperatively towards. 
Not a coincidence in my book- that's a plan folks! That's a plan!
Before I get to Pepe's talk- Keep in mind that the push for Kurdistan is not a humanitarian one. It's not about righting a wrong. That's all rubbish for the masses.
 It's simple power/control/domination. China and Russia were willing to cooperate with nations as they existed. The US? Not so much.

Now I’m going to include the Pepe Escobar video via Saker


  1. I will hear of wars and rumors of wars.

  2. Correction if I may:
    ["Both Southfront reports linked below:
    From June 14/2016- Southfront"]
    ["From June 15/2016- Southfront, again"]
    ...the year should be 2018
    Also IMO, concerning the Silk Road and Four Seas Strategy...Never let the enemy know your plans!

    1. thanks, I did correct the dates :)

      As for not letting the enemy know
      It would be pretty difficult to hide the 4 seas and/or the silk road plans- they're pretty big plans- as in massive change on a near global scale-
      hard to keep that quiet

    2. Warmed up

    3. Jordan was always going to be a target in all this.
      Same as Saudi Arabia will eventually be-
      I wrote years old posts on how this will occur
      Pepe mentioned Saudi Arabia as a prize as well, control, control, control.

    4. Lest other readers think I'm just letting off hot air regarding Jordan. Here's a post from 2014- pretty close to 4 years ago to the day

      As written, by yours truly, 4 years ago:

      "Occupied Palestine would be free of it's indigenous people. And, full of people who had no claim to a land that somehow they had a right of return to? Jordan would be forced to take in all Palestinians that remain alive after what would undoubtedly be a bloody war to force Palestinians to flee once and for all. It wouldn't be difficult to convince a Jordan full of Palestinian citizens with Jordanian citizenship that taking in their long suffering bretheren would be a good thing to do.
      If the US can ‘convince’ Jordan to absorb all the Palestinians already resident in Jordan, the US & Israel can relocate (forcibly, no doubt) the remaining Palestinians, in occupied Palestine, into Jordan. Israel wins.
      The US wins. Jordan and the Palestinians lose. The King could line his pockets and relocate if necessary"

      Of course the King could be killed as well?!