Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Syria MUST Take Back Daraa

This battle is a game changer.  The outcome will decide Syria's future. Concisely.

SAA and allies are going to have a most heated battle to take this territory back.
Behind the rebels in this area are the US and Israel. The two biggest destabilizing forces in all of Syria. From the first day through to this very day.

That all said if Syria is to have a chance at remaining intact with an eye to rebuilding the state they have to take this section of Syria back. That's my opinion. Short, sweet and to the point.

What's ongoing in the north can be addressed afterwards- because if Syria can take the Daraa region back , the ball is in their court!  In case you are unaware Daraa is where the entire destabilization operation in Syria began.

Flashing back at PFYT's when my voice was the only one speaking out on the fact that Syria was being destabilized
March 24/2011: Western backed Social Media "revolution" coming to Syria
This latest "revolution" is based in Southern Syria, in one town called Daraa.
A statement posted Thursday on the Facebook page "The Syrian Revolution 2011" held Syrian authorities led by President Bashar Assad responsible for the violence and called on the Syrian people to hold protests in all Syrian provinces on Friday, which it dubbed "Dignity Friday."

Videos posted by activists on Youtube and Twitter showed dead and wounded people lying on a street in Daraa, as heavy gunfire crackled nearby and people shouted in panic.
So let's take a look at the geography of Daara-

Daara is a border town, located right next to Jordan. Conveniently, it is also located very near to the Golan Heights, which are presently occupied by Israel.
Not to mention that Daara is not far from Israel itself.
Deraa is a city that the Syrian government simply cannot afford to lose. It is the main city of the historic Hawran region, which includes the provinces of Deraa, Sweida and Kuneitra - the last of which is partly occupied by Israel.
  Sigh, I've covered so much information about Syria for so long now that I'm left sort of gobsmacked when looking back on it all.

   Syria has already secured a vital trade route in the north, with the assistance of Russia and Turkey. To completely guarantee the security of this passageway, with an eye to securing Syria as a whole, intact nation state, they have to take back Daraa and the  M5 highway artery- I explained the importance of the highway as part of the Silk Road planning that Russia and China appear to be coordinating and cooperating to create
  I’m also wondering if this major highway, a major strategic route that passes through all of Syria, from Turkey, into Jordan is a part of the larger Silk Road project. Looking at a map it appears this is the M5 highway from Aleppo that connects Jordan and Turkey. The M5 also connects into the M4 which goes straight into Iraq. Which not coincidentally is all held by Usrael Kurds at this time.  I believe this highway would be extremely significant in the macro.
The macro being the Four Seas Strategy and the Silk Road Initiative
 You can also refer back to this post for still more background that sheds some light on this present moment in Syrian history:

 Bringing this latest situation up to speed

 Some of the latest reporting regarding the ongoing operation as follows via 

4 hours ago - 32°55′N 36°18′E
5 killed and others injured in the bombing by the Syrian government in Daraa
4 hours ago
Syria: city of Hirak in eastern Daraa also being target by government bombardments

5 hours ago
S. Syria: town of Busra Harir and but also Nahetah (E. Daraa) violently bombarded by government as S. de-escalation zone gradually plunges into chaos.

From yesterday Via Inside Syria
 According to Inside Syria Media Center military sources in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), The ground began an offensive against jihadists in the area of the settlement Busra Harir in the province of Daraa. The SAA moves west to divide and take enemy forces into the pocket. It seems their actions are going to be succesful. A lot of reinforcements have been used in the operation. Also Tiger Forces are fighting on the front lines.


  1. Hi Penny:

    Thanks for this update. I posted a while back that ultimately, it would come down to one pivotal battle between Syria and the invaders from the USrael. Syria must fight this battle alone because the perception the world needs to get is....if you illegally invade another doesn't matter WHO you are or WHY you did must be kicked out. I called my post something like "The Landlord Must Kick Out the Squatter" but I'm not as good at retrieving archived posts so can't provide a link.

    Nevertheless, it was always going to come down to this. Hopefully Syria will beat the pants off the squatter! Global peace depends on the restoration of property rights.

    1. Hey GC: I've got more to update still
      stand by

  2. If right beat might then Syria might stand a chance but history is full of examples of the conquest of the weak by the strong. I fear the Elite will once again get what they want.

    1. Hi RP :)

      Perhaps right will beat might this time around?