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Syrian Army attacks militants in Eastern Daraa & Other News

I'm opening this post with the most recent news regarding Syrian Army moving into Daraa:
June 01/2018- Inside Syria Media Center 

This morning the Syrian Army has struck the militants positions inside the Al-Lijat area in east Dara’a.
According to Inside Syria Media Center Sources, the government forces shelled the fortifications of the Free Syrian Army and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham in the Al-Lijat region.
Moreover, the Syrian troops initiated this attack to fracture the front-lines of the islamists rebels before they launch their long-awaited offensive in southern part of Syria.
The government forces have already mobilized thousands of soldiers to deploy them for the upcoming southern Syria offensive.

It seemed very probable to me, despite the whining of Israel, that Syria was going to move on Daraa. I'd saved 2 articles, a couple of days back, regarding Syrian plans to retake their territory.

1- Syria unconcerned about Israeli demands, plan to initiate offensive in Daara 

"The Syrian army is getting ready  intends to launch its large-scale offensive of the year, as the troops prepare to descend on the rebel-held areas in the southern provinces of Al-Quneitra and Dara’a.
However, it appears that the rebel forces are not the only ones opposing this Syrian military offensive, as the government finds themselves facing heavy criticism from the U.S. and their allies.
Among those nations concerned with the Syrian military’s upcoming offensive is Israel; they have repeatedly interfered in the government’s previous attacks in the Al-Quneitra Goveronate.
While some reports alleged on Monday that the Syrian government was given the green light to launch this offensive from Israel. According to a military source, today, that they are not concerned with nor seeking Israel’s approval on the matter.
The source continued that no Iranian-backed forces will participate in this offensive, adding that reports of a large Hezbollah and Iranian presence in southern Syria are false."

2- Syrian Observer- another article saved regarding the move into Daara

Preparations are underway to return Daraa and Quneitra to the control of the Syrian state writes Damascus Now 

 After military operations concluded in Damascus and its environs, Syrian army units have begun to move south toward Daraa and Quneitra. Elite military commanders in the Syrian army and reconnaissance units from allied forces have headed there to identify locations to launch operations against terrorist organizations in the area, starting from Quneitra, before moving onto Daraa, which is a strategic center. The Nasib Border Crossing with Jordan is located in Daraa and serves as the gateway that connects Jordan and countries in the Gulf with the Mediterranean.

The Syrian army has recently depended on fierce military operations that have forced terrorists out of occupied areas and into northern Syria and have then cleansed each area, one town after another. The Syrian army has been able to secure the international Homs-Damascus road in Harasta and Douma, and the relevant authorities opened it after declaring victory in eastern Ghouta. Authorities are also working to prepare the Hama-Homs highway in the al-Rastan area, in the northern Homs countryside and southern Hama countryside, which were recently declared free of terrorists. Several sources have also announced a Russian-Turkish-Iranian deal that is being struck to secure the Aleppo-Damascus international highway in Idleb, that will push terrorists back 10 km on either side of the road.

Syrian forces have been preparing themselves by taking part in various battles; from Palmyra, Aleppo and up to the countrysides of Hama and Homs and finally into eastern Ghouta. The Quneitra and Daraa provinces are also witnessing modern and sophisticated preparations. Syrian forces will have everything necessary to entirely defeat the terrorists south of Damascus and return these areas to the control of the Syrian state.

Before the Syrian army begins operations, American officials have repeatedly come out to warn the Syrian leadership against any attack on terrorist militias under their authority. These US threats began with Qusair and were followed with threat regarding western Qalamoun, Aleppo, Hama, and eastern Ghouta. There have been many other threats made, although these quickly dissipate into the air after the Syrian military’s decision to begin operations is made. The hand of America and its allies will be cut off from southern Syria just as it was eastern Ghouta, which will reactivate a lifeline to Syria in general. Victory will be declared no matter how much America and its allies scream.
Interesting that above highlighted part, right? There have been plenty of threats. And yet, generally, Syrian army and allies have moved pretty quickly and furiously (thinking of Ghouta most recently) that the USrael hasn't really been able to counter the moves, covertly, as quickly and efficiently as they would have liked. I use the term covertly because the USrael cannot act overtly, without giving away their role as terrorist protector- though that's obvious to anyone with eyes to see!

In a few weeks or perhaps days, military operations will be launched by the heroes of the Syrian army and its allies in order to raise the flag of victory from the Nasib Border Crossing, passing through all of Daraa and Quneitra, sending a message of the strength and steadfastness of the Syrian people, with their noble blood to the world. Syria will become strong once again with the efforts of reconciliation and forgiveness among its people, who will build up their country behind the leaders of their state and far from those who have betrayed the country and looted and robbed its riches.

It appears going by the news this morning that military operations have begun! 

 Likely most readers are aware that so called ISIS fighters targeted and killed Russian soldiers embedded with Syrian army. Curious how it is that "ISIS' is right there in the same neighbourhood with SDF/PKK/YPG and the American and French troops...?
Actually it's not curious. It's a cooperative. ISIS killing the Russians allows the Americans to distance themselves from the act. Ya know, the War Theatre?

Four Russian soldiers have been killed in a clash with Islamic State fighters in eastern Syria, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 27 May.

It said the soldiers were working as advisers with a Syrian artillery unit in Dayr al-Zawr province, which came under attack from several columns of militants that were eventually repulsed.

“Two Russian military advisers who controlled the fire of the Syrian battery died at the scene,” the MoD said in a statement quoted by the TASS news agency. “Five other Russian military were wounded and immediately taken to a Russian military hospital. The military doctors had been fighting for the life of two wounded servicemen, but they did not manage to save them.”

Finally... I 've seen some comments to the affect that Egypt can be an honest arbitrator in Syria.
That's  just wrong.

Kurdish officials from Rojova (unlawfully annexed and occupied Syria) met with Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

CAIRO (Kurdistan 24) – Officials of the Syrian Kurdish self-administration arrived in Egypt on Thursday and met Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials in preparation for a Syrian opposition conference.

During the visit, both sides discussed the latest developments in Syria and the role of Egypt in the region, the Syrian-based Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported.

Aldar Khalil, a top Kurdish politician who led the delegation, told ANHA that Egypt had a clear position toward the attacks launched by the Turkish military on Afrin.

“The Arab League also had a clear position on the violations of the Turkish occupation army, and their position was stronger and clearer than most countries in the world regarding occupying territories of a neighboring country,” he said.
Pay attention to the fact that the Arab League takes issue with the 'violations of the Turkish occupation army" but that same Arab League has zero problems with the occupation by American/Israeli forces or their proxies-

“Egypt has confirmed that it will support any project aimed at resolving the Syrian crisis, and if we agree with the moderate opposition, Egypt will provide support for holding the Cairo Conference 3,” Khalil explained.

Since the start of Syria’s multi-sided conflict, the opposition groups have been divided into several platforms.
Saudi Arabia backs a grouping of opposition figures called the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) led by Riyad Hijab, a former Syrian prime minister under Assad. The HNC has represented the Syrian opposition at Geneva talks.

Many other political opposition groups and figures backed by other countries including Russia and Egypt also exist.

Additionally, the Kurdish platform inside Syria is represented by the self-administration in the country’s north known as Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan).

Syrian opposition groups held several conferences in Switzerland (Geneva talks), Kazakhstan (Astana talks), Russia (Sochi talks), and Egypt (Cairo conference).

The Kurdish platform attended the previous Cairo talks in the past two years but was not invited to any of the Geneva, Astana, or Sochi talks.

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