Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Whitehouse Makes A Movie Trailer for Trump Kim Jong Un Meeting?

Just the other day, while talking with GC at her blog, I left this comment:
In reference to the global trade war being fomented, but, applicable for this Trump/Un movie trailer.
 Blogger Penny said...Hey GC: Trump is an actor and he has directors.- Think about it that way.
Is he making a fool of himself? Or does the media want the masses to perceive him in that manner- so when the shit hits the fan we are all caught unaware. Traumatized.
And will believe Trump was so incompetent and it's no one's fault- bull biscuits!
Because, really, the Whitehouse has long been a Hollywood production. Everything geared towards the audience.  Every speech and move calculated for maximum impact.

See the movie trailer created by the White House for this alleged 'historical' summit, embedded below.

Call it theatre of the absurd? I call it perception management. Always.
Personally speaking, this meeting, wasn't of any great importance. Despite the hype.
GC's report Pie in the Sky By and By - Results of Kim/Trump Meeting
makes it clear that nothing came out of this 'summit' except this awesome video and in our bizarre, inverted world, this was as good as it was going to get! 

Keep an eye on the crimes against humanity the US and company are looking to create in Yemen. Who knows, maybe that's why we had this non historical meeting foisted on the world at this time?

U.S. Continues to Dominate the Yemen Situation- Airstrike Targetting Assistance Guaranteeing Mass Casualties


  1. My hubby alterted me to this video: PURE PROPAGANDA!! Designed entirely to distract people from what REALLY matters. It made me want to puke the way they portray Trump as some kind of angelic saint! Blech!

    1. Hey Canadian Wildflower!

      Isn't this video really something else? Who could ever imagine that something like this could be/would be created to be used in such a manner?

      I shake my head at just how bizarre and unrealistic everything has become!

      btw Canadian wildflower- I'm going to link your blog in my sidebar and leave you a test comment- I've no luck leaving comments at wordpress blogs- don't know why.