Saturday, June 2, 2018

US Deploys Troops to Sinjar (Shingal) Iraq- Intending to Create a Military Base

With an eye to joining and creating the latest Israel. The one I call Israel 2.0 or greater Israel? It will, however, be implanted in the mind of the masses as Kurdistan- Connecting "Rojova" with the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq. As has always been the plan- The plan has not been deviated from.

US deployment to Shingal, correctly SINJAR, 'brings hope' to Ezidis, blocks Iran’s 'corridor' to Syria: Mayor

The R2P stuff is just nonsense- this isn't about bringing hope to anyone except for the 5 eyes imperialists and their plotting 

– An Ezidi official said on Saturday that the presence of US troops on Mount Sinjar (Shingal) "brings hope of stability" to the thousands of displaced members of the religious minority that will allow them to return to their homes and also prevent the area from becoming "an Iranian corridor to Syria." 
About 15 US military vehicles arrived on Friday at the top of Mount Shingal with the apparent intention of establishing a military base.

 US troops arrive on Mount Shingal to set up military base: Deputy Mayor

US forces have reached the top of Mount Sinjar (Shingal) to establish a new a military base, a Kurdish Ezidi official said on Friday.
“Today, 15 military vehicles of US troops arrived on top of Mount Shingal and stationed themselves near Mira peak on the mountain,” Jalal Khalo, deputy mayor in Shingal, told Kurdistan 24.
The US forces are preparing to build a military base on the mountain, Khalo added.
US military vehicles seen near Mount Shingal (Sinjar), west of Mosul, June 1, 2018.

Khalil also mentioned that their presence ( US forces) in  SINJAR /Shingal is meant to prevent IS fighters from crossing the border between Iraq and Syria, and also to “prevent Hashd al-Shaabi militias from controlling the mountain or blocking the area so it becomes an Iranian corridor to Syria, which could eventually lead to a regional war.”

Khalil hoped that the stability in Shingal would later allow Kurdish Peshmerga forces to return to the area and from a joint administration of the region with Iraqi forces, since it is one of the territories disputed by the federal government and the Kurdistan Region.
Sinjar and it's importance to remaking the region has been discussed on many occasions here at the blog- The official narrative regarding Sinjar struck me as odd back further then 2015. In fact as early as 2014 this blogger was NOT A Believer.

Friday, November 13, 2015- Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

This is about redrawing the borders of the middle east- Weakening certain states. Strengthening others. This is about ethnic cleansing. Displacing persons. 
You want simple narratives? The war mongering  media and plenty of other so called alt media sites will spoon feed you all the drivel you can stomache.

I am way past believing there is any real fight between the alphabet Kurds and ISIS.

Both brands are getting their support, munitions, arms and everything else from NATO/US/Israel. Knowing that to be true, I cannot believe the bogus narrative, from the war mongering, perception managing media, regarding any real fight between Kurds and ISIS.

 Couldn't help but notice back in 2015 I'd suggested that perhaps Saudi Arabia was going to get their remake as well

Hell maybe even Saudi Arabia. One never knows how far war mongers can go!

Clearly what is going on in Sinjar has zip to do with fighting ISIS. The US is aiding the Kurds in their annexation of Iraqi territory-  Same as in Syria. Same as will be done in Turkey. The US is redrawing the borders of the ME, using ISIS as the pretext, as has been suggested here for a very long time! As the US aids the Kurds in their land thievery and nation destruction they are also ensuring a supply route to continue this redraw. Complete with ethnic cleansing and massive displacement that will see yet more movement towards Europe- As intended!

Long term readers here may recall I questioned the entire Sinjar narrative as presented via the war mongering media, with very good reason 

Monday, August 11, 2014: The Yazidi genocide narrative strains credulity- No fly zone by stealth

 I do however believe that Islamist rebels are ensconced in refugee camps built by Turkey in that area and that the US and France and UK are dropping supplies to them. Supplies in the form of weapons, lots of weapons. Food. Water. Communications devices. Based on the information at hand, I suspect these ISIS troops are prepping for a push into Syria. And they will have air cover thanks to the USA
A no fly zone, by stealth. Hope I am wrong. I certainly want to be. I hate to think of the situation in Syria worsening.
I want Syria to remain the independent nation it has shown itself to be.

All these years later? I wasn't wrong.  

This was exactly as I'd suggested one route that PKK or KurdIShIS used to enter into Syria! - Stealthily done. Under cover of 'humanitarian' concern. 

So called ISIS also entered Syria in a more open, attention grabbing way, through the desert with that Georgian fellow- name escapes me, but, his story is also here!


  1. I don't think you're wrong about any of this, Penny. Don't mean to use your site to pump my own blog (okay, maybe a bit) but in late May there were all sorts of non-MSM reports that the US has a DAESH contingent ensconced in Northern Afghanistan, preparing to get at Russia through the stans.
    Apparently, while Armenia has been more or less forced to switch allegiance to the do-gooder NATO, Azerbaijan may be having second thoughts, although both those countries are part of a wider plan to keep Russia surrounded and busy while Iran is attacked.

    1. Sorry, should have added: if you Google "Daesh in Northern Afghanistan" you will see all sorts of alternative news sites reporting on it, and almost nothing from MSM.

    2. Hey YaYaC:

      don't mind you promoting your blog :)
      And this post, which, for whatever reason I seemed to have missed, is talking about encircling and destabilizing Russia. By creating havoc in it's former territories- I've talked on this topic as well and it's something everyone should be aware of as we come to the realization that war is not going away... and this is all be design.

      In the course of making all this war our freedoms will be come every constrained, but, that really doesn't seem to matter to far too many people. Sadly. Thinking of the willingness with which many have paid to have spy devices in their own homes..

    3. Hi YaYa- again :))

      There is a more recent post here regarding the move of Daesh into Afghanistan..

      French ISIS Fighters Relocate to Afghanistan from
      Syria - December 2017

      Specifically in Jawzan Province-

      The northern Jawzjan province has immense gas reserves but stringent measures are needed to exploit the natural resources of the province in larger national interests, locals said.
      Bordering Turkmenistan, the province has five known areas rich in gas reservoirs.

      Fuel, fuels war.
      So it's not a coincidence that ISIS relocated so conveniently to an area in Afghanistan that is energy abundant and can provide them with the necessary fuel and funds to expand war

      war for oil = oil for war

      it's symbiotic

    4. "Symbiotic". Exactly the right word for it. And Daesh/ISIS has employment. Win, win all round, eh?
      That's a very useful article; I've got it bookmarked now.

      Re Alexa and people with nothing to hide. "Ordinary" people don't realize that might be the most useful thing about them. You and your readers aren't ordinary people, so would be of no use whatsoever to the state ;-}

    5. Pretty sure there are previous post here on TAPI

      "It is the natural gas pipeline project that many have long said could never happen. But the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline, or TAPI for short, is taking another important step forward this month with construction of its most precarious section"

      Which looks to be the Afghan component

      "If it is ever completed, the bulk of the Afghan component of TAPI will run abreast of the 557-kilometer (346-mile) Kandahar-Herat highway before turning off right along the road to the Pakistani city of Quetta."

  2. "...regarding the move of Daesh into Afghanistan..."

    Gotta keep those proxies busy...move them around like checkers on a checkerboard. Otherwise...they might get into maybe go over to the other return for amnesty.

  3. To greencrow: Agreed absolutely. They will work for anybody. I suspect some of them are from the IRA, FARC and other disbanded fighting groups. Having no other job skills, they are hooked on the adrenalin, and are provided with a steady supply of work, drugs, weapons and vehicles. Easy Street, if you like that kind of thing.

    If you Google "terror groups ira, farc etc." you'll see some pretty questionable stuff.