Wednesday, June 27, 2018

US Researchers Record Earth's Coldest Ever Temperature: -98C

That is the coldest temperature ever recorded. Certainly not the coldest temperature ever!
 Still it's interesting, in an alleged warming world, to have hit such a low temp record.

Scientists announced Tuesday they have recorded the coldest temperatures ever on Earth.
Using satellite data, researchers discovered that a series of valleys on an ice sheet in eastern Antarctica reached temperatures of minus 98 degrees Celsius.
The scientists, who published their findings in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, say that this temperature is probably as cold as it can get on earth.
"In this area, we see periods of incredibly dry air, and this allows the heat from the snow surface to radiate into space more easily," said lead author Ted Scambos of the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado Boulder in a statement.
Since it is impossible to install a weather station in the area, Scambos and his team looked at satellite data from 2003 to 2016 to see just how cold it got in the area.
Another group of scientists announced that they have discovered an active volcano beneath a glacier on Antarctica.
The volcano is not visible and scientists only realized that it existed because they measured high levels of volcanic gases in the nearby seawater.
The international team of researchers said the volcano appears to be assisting in melting the Pine Island Glacier in the western part of the Antarctic continent.
It had been announced back in 2013 the earths lowest temperature ever recorded was documented  in several spots on the East Antarctic Plateau,  " This temperature—a staggering minus 93 degrees Celsius (minus 135 degrees Fahrenheit)"
Now, after re-examining weather data for this region, the same researchers have found that temperatures at several sites had actually dipped lower than previously thought, to a record-setting minus 98 degrees Celsius (minus 144 degrees Fahrenheit) on several occasions between 2004 and 2016.
So minus 98 degrees Celsius, record setting lows, in numerous sites, on several occasions between 2004 and 2016 ??
The results, which are published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, could transform scientists’ understanding of how low temperatures can go on the Earth’s surface.
I hate to think about how low temps can go on Earth!
Considering where I live was under miles of ice way back when.... 
And the landscape all around me is shaped by that ice and it's retreat
From the Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, The Escarpment and more 

Meanwhile in New Zealand: Auckland faces coldest day in three years as temperatures plunge

And in Australia:  Gold Coast suburb wakes up to coldest June morning ever recorded

Alaska City Hits Coldest Temperature Record in 60 years
 Where the sun is shining nearly 24/7 at this time of year?
Not only that, it was the coldest temperature recorded in Fairbanks on any day in the month of June in 12 years, the National Weather Service (NWS) noted. Tuesday's 36-degree low also tied the daily record for June 12 which was last set on that date 1931.
For perspective, the average low temperature in Fairbanks this time of year is 49 degrees and the average high is 71 degrees. Fairbanks has been as hot as 96 degrees and as cold as 28 degrees in the month of June dating to 1905.
And not to forget my homeland- Canada. Where, Newfoundland had snow yesterday, heading to July in just a few days Summer snow falls in parts of Newfoundland: 'Never seen it this late in June'

I wouldn't be loving that on my garden!

— It may be summer, but snow was falling in parts of Newfoundland Tuesday.
John Jack Lushman said there were roughly five centimetres of snow Tuesday morning on the deck of his cabin near Burgeo, N.L.
"I never seen it this late in June. I seen it in June but can't remember it being this late and this much," said Lushman, who shared a photo of a flowers he had planted on Sunday that were now buried in snow.
Boudreau said the temperature was hovering around the freezing mark in Gander Tuesday morning, and was only forecast to reach 3 C, which would break another record. The previous coldest June 26 was 4.4 C. The average normal temperature is around 19 C, and the highest was 32 C.

Yesterday morning when we awoke it was a chillin 9 C or 48 F. I was surprised! 
But it warmed up later in the day- My garden, which has been in since the beginning of this month, appeared unfazed by the overnight chill though I know peppers and eggplant do not like those lows. 

Posted lots of info yesterday so if you missed any of it....



  1. Hi Penny: I didn't miss yesterday's post. In fact I put up a link to it because it was such heartening news! I love also the way you continue to keep in front of people the sad, sorry story of global "warming" ;-)

    1. Hi YayaC!
      I didn't realize you had linked over to it!
      thanks so much- I had so much information to post yesterday I didn't check elsewhere at all-

      Yah, I was so pleased with the news out of Syria until today :(
      I'm just about to post some disheartening news regarding the OPCW
      oh yah, 'global warming'

      Hubby called from work and I told them about those temps- unimaginable!

      As for warming??? it's now about 22C or 74F
      not too hot at all
      We're supposed to have a hot day this coming Saturday?
      We'll see

    2. Here in South-Eastern Ontario it's 20C (just now I had to put on a long-sleeved shirt because I felt chilly), but predicting "an extreme heat event" for Canada Day (32C)and into next week. I will be watching the sky for signs of "weather modification".

  2. Hello Penny, concerning the global warming. I think that has been a misnomer. What they should refer to it as climate change. I am not a scientist but the world is ever changing. The one thing that does remain a constant is evil and greedy men continuing to prey upon the innocent. Good post. Well written as always....

    1. Hi RP: yes "global warming" aka man made global warming is an intentional misnomer- a perception managing spin job.

      Climate change occurs constantly- that's why I mentioned the part of Canada I live in, as one that was covered in two miles of ice- the climate definitely changed here, but, cars and "fossil fuel" had nothing to do with it
      thanks for stopping by RP

    2. The thermometer doesn't really care whether it is man-made or natural! The effect is more important that the cause in this instance! :-)

  3. What's curious to me is show a few hundred miles to the North, places in Michigan can be having highs of 59 degrees and overnight lows of 45 F when here in Missouri, we've been getting hit with a hellacious Spring and now Summer, breaking many highs set in the past, while it's so chilly a little further North, they probably turn on the furnace on night.

    1. I tell ya Greg if it had been any cooler the other night my furnace may just have kicked on-!