Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Danforth Shooting & Gun Control/Police State Push in Canada: Updated!

I’m not a gun grabber. If that bothers you stop reading now.

Canada already has very stringent gun laws. They’ve been in force for many years.

Until recently Canada has NOT had a “gun problem”. But suddenly it does. Or so we're told?
The media has been spinning on gun deaths for a while now. This skews perceptions. 

Would you be surprised to know that Canada was working on tighter gun laws before this shooting took place?

Tighter Gun Laws Considered before Toronto Shooting
 Ralph Goodale: That being said, he noted that “a number of groups and organizations made presentations to that effect earlier this year, and I said that we would be prepared to consider their arguments and we will do that.”
Canada is Introducing New Gun Control Laws

Although Canada has much stricter firearms restrictions than the United States, Ottawa says crimes involving guns rose 30 percent from 2013 to 2016. Gun homicides jumped 66 percent in the same period.

Changes to gun laws were much more then merely being considered before this shooting. Legislation was already put forward! Obviously, Ottawa was going to say crimes involving guns increased and the media is going to hyper focus on them to justify pushing through this legislation.
 "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Reality Check Gun Law Changes
"The Canadian government unveiled new legislation on Tuesday that will tighten controls over the sale and licensing of firearms, including provisions that would reclassify two controversial families of rifles as prohibited weapons.

The new bill will also boost background checks, require owners to apply for authorizations to transport weapons and require gun vendors to keep a record of sales for at least 20 years"
Reading through the entire article
“Officials said they expect that measure will see the number of such firearms owned in Canada decrease over time.”

Directly above is an incorrect statement from the linked article. What do officials really mean when they make statements of this type? Misleading statements.  What the state expects/knows will be the outcome is that the number of LEGALLY, in full compliance with the law, owned firearms will decrease in Canada. ( While smuggled weapons continue to flow unchecked across the border- As they have for years already.)

In other words the Canadian government intends to make it so difficult for an ordinary law abiding citizen to get a gun that they simply won’t bother.

Plainly speaking: this new legislation will do nothing to address the ILLEGAL guns that are flooding into Canada because not one criminal is going to bothered by or with these restrictions.

Conservative public safety spokesman Pierre Paul-Hus said the measures "treat law-abiding firearms owners as criminals."

Isn’t that the point of the legislation? To criminalize/ disenfranchise law abiding citizens?
It sure is!
Without ever addressing that always obscured problem with criminals and crime? 
Criminals aren’t law abiding.
Just stating the obvious. Or what should be obvious?

From 2016: Canadians crack down on guns, alarmed by flow from U.S.

"Canada bans most guns and has a minuscule number of gun-
related homicides a year. But, worried about smuggled firearms from the United States, its government is preparing to stiffen its already tough gun laws....

 “Canada overhauled its gun-control laws after the country's worst mass shooting in 1989, when gunman Marc Lepine killed 14 women and himself at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique college. It is now illegal to possess an unregistered handgun or any kind of rapid-fire weapon. Canada also requires training, a personal risk assessment, two references, spousal notification and criminal record checks”
Apparently Canada's not alarmed enough to impede the guns coming through the borders.
Though they've known for years it's a problem. 
Or would they rather use this gun trafficking as an excuse to crack down on the Canadian populace of law abiding citizens to dis arm and dis empower them?
While not bothering to address the real issues?


Already tough gun laws- Set to get tougher still before a gun man for no particular reason, with no motivation, no known training and no idea how a gun came to be in his possession walked the Danforth shooting people.

Cui Bono? Really.

Recall my discussing the ‘strategy of tension’ tactic?  If you didn't you'll find that topic in this post:  Toronto Shooting Distracts from Canada's "Legal Obligation" to Resettle White Helmets? Governments love that type of tactic. 
It makes the populace literally beg for the changes a government, any government, wants to enact anyway. Who’s going to say no at this time to new legal gun ownership restrictions?
 If you said no one you're right! No one.

 In fact the begging for protection by the state has already begun.
Here’s why: Trauma induces dependency and learned helplessness

Feelings of fear, anxiety and powerlessness are a normal response to such violence, said Dr. Katy Kamkar, a clinical psychologist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
The populace feels powerless and they look to big brother/big government for protection. Big, big mistake. You see why/how the strategy of tension can be an effective tool of control?
 Coincidentally, but not likely, Toronto’s government had been criticized for cutting the budget of Toronto Police- Which is really a lot more like a localized military force then a protect and serve kind of operation.

"There was also ongoing criticism directed at them from some front-line officers and their union that spending cuts to the $1-billion police budget and other attempts to modernize the force have contributed to the crime rate."
Have the cutbacks to Toronto police really contributed to an increased crime rate?
No socio economic factors involved in the increasing violence?
No degradation of societal bonds factoring into an increasingly fractured society
Not quite sound bit material, right? But more then likely the cause of most of these violence issues.  Just give more money to the police and all problems will be solved? 

Yah, that’s deluded thinking!

So far we’ve got two identified beneficiaries of the Danforth Shooter.

1-The Trudeau government.- Super Nanny State
2-The Toronto Police Force - Local militarized enforcers of nanny state edicts

The Danforth Shooter ? 'Like 2 different people'

"It's like two different people, it doesn't make sense," Sukhera told CBC
Hussain's family emailed a statement to CBC Toronto saying they are devastated by what happened and that their son was struggling with "severe mental health challenges," including psychosis and depression.
Hussain’s family emailed a statement to CBC? Was that even verified by CBC? 
I'd like to know that!

Image of alleged shooter
I've yet to see any recent images of Hussain not connected to the Danforth incident. Has anyone else?

Where or how Hussain could have obtained a gun remains a mystery to the family friends and neighbours who spoke with CBC News.

"Video taken at the scene shows Hussain demonstrating a level of familiarity with his weapon, as he was able to aim and reload the gun quickly and efficiently"

 The 29-year-old man who gunned down 15 people on the Danforth Sunday night had previously been investigated by Toronto police under the Mental Health Act, CP24 has learned.

A police source told CP24 that in 2010, Faisal Hussain made comments to school officials at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute that led them to contact police.

According to the source, Hussain spoke about being “The Joker” from the Batman movie and talked about “liking death” and “explosions.”

Interesting that this man had been ‘investigated’ by Toronto Police 8 years ago for random comments he had made.  At least according to some unnamed source.

UPDATED 3:25 pm est 

Thinking more about this random news story, directly above, about some unnamed person claiming 8 years ago the alleged shooter had been investigated by the police under the mental health act.  What's the point? Then, I had an aha moment! 
This unsubstantiated bit of gossip connects Canada's new planned gun legislation directly to this most recent incident- Directly. I can draw a straight line to this 'news' aka spin and the new legislation

From this link which is already embedded above

How will licensing requirements change?

When a person in Canada currently applies for a gun permit, authorities do a background check that goes five years into the individual’s past to look for criminal convictions, mental illness associated with violence or a history of behaviour that includes violence or threats to commit such acts. 
Under the new legislation, authorities assessing applications for a gun permit will now consider all of those factors going back for the applicant’s entire life.
Strategy of tension in action! This hearsay spread through the media provides the necessary background rhetoric for the impending spin to justify the passing of the new gun legislation- 
I can already hear the media delivering there serious sermons from their pulpy pulpits 
Cui bono? 
Not me and you! 
But at least now I understand why this 'news' was planted in the media.

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  1. Hi Penny:

    Another excellent post on this topic. As you've mentioned earlier, we need to focus on that period of time between the shootings and when Hussain was found some distance away. Are any CCTV cameras operating along that pathway?

    Was a gun found on his body? Did the bullets/calibre match the bullets used in the shooting? Again, WHERE did he get that gun? Was he known to have guns--according to his family that he LIVED with?

    So many unanswered questions. Will this incident just fade into the woodwork like the LAST ONE that was so seriously flawed (witness description at time of arrest not matching image of shooter in courtroom drawings).

    1. Hey GC:
      yah there is still that question of what occurred between the alleged gun fire with multiple police officers (reported to have been 2) to finding the alleged perp elsewhere, deceased, possibly by his own hand.

  2. Another set of life memories marred by tragedy. I lived for many years on Hampton right at the Danforth and loved the area. Back then full animal carcasses hung in windows and the best fresh produce in town was available 24/7. And that food, the immigrants back then were primarily from European cultures and Greek food was considered exotic. Lovely area but now the site of what I believed from the start to be an artificial but all too real situation.

    I am fully aware of the gun legislation situation wondering why it is necessary. Many Canadians need their weapons for protection; the wilderness is a very real thing for millions; both inner city and out in the middle of nowhere. My family cannot understand at all why I think guns are a good thing; they are fully Canadianized.

    This guy; they paint him as mentally tortured. Well, WHAT tortured him? What were his personal affiliations? Being challenged is not enough. You can be challenged and find Jesus (or whatever) or challenged and find radical Islam complete with djinn whispering constantly inside your mind. Mental issues is far too safe and frequent excuse given the Canadian public. This ain't the first time.

    Also. The Turd is dealing with so many issues highlighting his utter failure as a PM. Gropergate is not going away, no matter what anyone says. My very first thought was.... "AH! A diversion! Get them thinking about something else. Now they won't think about Hussen and his horrific gaffes!"

    Uhm. Turdy, immigration policies. ISIS. White Helmets. No responsibility on you and yours, mmmm?

    I figured I am terribly jaded but that was my first thought.

    They always try to fade these issues once they have served their primary purpose of emotional impact into the woodwork ASAP.

    1. Noor- we're all jaded here :))
      no worries- Sad that people have died.
      But, the benefit to the state is quite obvious.

      Sadly most of my family does not grasp the myriad of wider issues surrounding the "gun"

      Regarding the white helmets- clearly the Danforth shooting knocked our governments collusion with terrorists right off the front pages.

      Isn't it interesting that ou4 government had no problem with these HEAVILY armed thugs being in Syria?
      No calls for gun control in the case of white helmet terrorists- and now the gov is importing them to Canada at the same time they are working to grab guns.

      Like I said, we don't benefit!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I've added additional information to the post regarding the last "news report" regarding the alleged shooter having a mental health check in 2010- So 8 years ago.

      This is the spin to make the new legislation fit with the danforth shooting and justify the changed legislation.

      The spin should start soon- cause I've already seen the push to raise the 'mental health' issue in my local papers.

      (deleted previous comment which is essentially same as above albeit with a corrected date and a bit more clarification)

  4. Penny, excellent point about the family emailing their regrets about this!! Who sent the email, indeed.

    1. Yah, I wondered about that. Really cause who can or did verify- it's like bots on social media.
      I'll bet the CBC didn't check.

  5. I was thinking anti-immigration incitement might be behind fake "terror" attacks, but your theory that it's about gun control seems dead on the mark!

    Ottawa looking at stricter handgun controls to stem violence, Goodale says

  6. Hi, Penny! Very good article.

    What I find very interesting, is how "they" seem to include the "mental health" angle in everything, these days. It's like "they" are conditioning us for something big... It's creepy, really.

    1. Hey Canadian Wildflower
      yes, I agree about the conditioning.
      Like they are readying us all for this idea that each one of us is 'mentally ill' and needs to be medicated
      For our own good of course