Friday, July 13, 2018

Germany is "totally controlled by Russia" Trump Says Regarding Northstream

Ahead of a NATO meeting, the president blasted the German government on Wednesday for backing the new natural gas pipeline link from Russia to Germany.
Cause you German folk are supposed to freeze in the dark! I'm being sarcastic 
In launching the fresh attack against Germany, Trump waded into a long-running debate about energy security that has split the European Union
Germany is 'totally controlled' by Russia, Trump says from CNBC.

Nord Stream 2 is a pipeline project slated to transport natural gas from eastern Russia to northern Germany, where it would link up with infrastructure that carries fuel to Western Europe. It would run 1,200 kilometers, mostly under the Baltic Sea along the existing Nord Stream pipeline: hence the name Nord Stream 2.
Russian gas giant Gazprom is building Nord Stream 2. Five European companies, including Royal Dutch Shell and Wintershall, are shouldering half the cost of financing the project.

Why is Nord Stream 2 controversial?

Some European countries oppose Nord Stream 2, arguing that it increases Europe’s dependence on Russia and poses threats to their national security. The opposition comes primarily from the Baltic states and former Soviet satellite nations, including Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Nord Stream is controversial because the US makes it that way!
There is not one person saying "I don't want heat for my home"

Where does the United States stand?

President Barack Obama opposed Nord Stream 2 and President George W. Bush came out against the original Nord Stream prior to its completion in 2011
That policy has carried over into the Trump administration. 
Hence the controversy


  1. Hey Penny, just in case you missed this. RT has a video of Larry King interviewing Lavrov. Priceless, as usual.

    1. Dam! Forgot the URL:

  2. Listening to Trump is torture. He just keeps repeating himself, and then he interrupts the reply. Great for people's lunch digestion! All he knows is money. He doesn't understand there can be differences plus some common ground. Russia understands this perfectly, and constantly looks for the common ground. Pretty much anybody at that table could do was say Umhmm. And that probably didn't shut him up either.