Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Iran Claims US Ship that Removed Syrian Chemical Weapons is Deploying Them in the Gulf

This article is written with ridicule as it's primary concept- Oh this is so ridiculous. Absurd. Etc.,

But is the accusation really as preposterous as presented? Or is ridicule being employed as a propaganda technique to have the reader believe what is being claimed is not happening due to this being so absurd, it just couldn't possibly be true.

"Iran is now claiming that the Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Force's roll-on, roll-off cargo ship that removed Syria's declared chemical weapons stock is now deploying chemical weapons to the Persian Gulf. 
 Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi, a spokesman for the General Staff of the Iranian military, said that MV Cape Ray was escorted into the Persian Gulf by a U.S. destroyer and that it is now anchored in the region and carrying chemical agents. The general claims that the ship was present in Syria and Iraq when American forces retaliated in response chemical weapons use and that the Iranian government will disclose information about the ship's manifest and its mission in the near future, stating:

"Records of the US Cape Ray ship show that it has been in areas like Iraq and Syria where the Americans have launched war under the pretext of fight against chemical weapons use... After sustaining repeated failures in different fronts against the resistance, the Americans have now resorted to dangerous methods to continue presence in Iraq and Syria to justify their illegitimate presence in the region."
 I've no problem with the contention that the US has been using false flag chemical attacks as a justification for remaining in the region. It makes perfect sense. It's not the least bit absurd.

Over a five-month period back in 2014, Cape Ray was outfitted to handle the removal and destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles. It was the first time such an operation was executed aboard a vessel and its crew garnered high praise for quickly accomplishing the complex and dangerous mission.

Some 600 tons of chemical agents were destroyed by the ship and its complement over a matter of weeks, far faster than originally predicted.
600 Tons of Chemical Agents destroyed, so we are told, far faster then originally predicted. 
Sort of makes one wonder if they were all destroyed aboard this cargo ship.
A cargo ship being a ship that carries cargo.... Of all sorts, undoubtedly. 

And the Cape Ray is, indeed, a cargo ship.  A massive cargo ship! 
The question is what types of cargo has it been carrying?
 In recent days the vessel has been in the Persian Gulf and just last week it took part in a logistics exercise in Kuwait. We don't know for absolute certain if the ship is sailing with a chemical weapons destruction outfit like it had in 2014 or not, but the idea that it is carrying an illicit stockpile of WMDs to use for false flag operations is ridiculous.
Is it "ridiculous"?
The whole narrative Iran is pushing here is opportunistic and seemingly completely unfounded. Yes, the ship worked to destroy Syria's chemical weapons stockpile four years ago, and yes it travels between the Mediterranean and the Missile East like so many American naval vessels do. Yet going from there to claiming it's a conveyor of clandestine chemical weapons to be used for covert operations in order to start military conflicts is bonkers, even for Iran.
"Seemingly completely unfounded"??? I beg to differ. 

Let's recount- 
  1. This is a cargo ship.  
  2. Some part of it was alleged to have been fitted with the means to destroy chemical weapons.  It may or may not have that capacity still.
  3. This ship also has a massive capacity for storage- Hence cargo ship. 
  4. We don't know for certain that all claimed chemical components were destroyed
  5. We are informed the task of destroying chemical weapon components was completed in very short order. Far shorter then had been anticipated.
  6. The ship has been located where alleged chemical weapons have been used.
  7. Opening up the possibility that yes, some of these components could have been stored, aboard a cargo ship- for possible future use?
Does any of this prove Iran's claim? Of course not. However, when one ignores the appeal to ridicule it leaves one wondering if there might really be something to the Iranian claim.


  1. Hey Penny... I touched on this shipment of chemical weapons to the Persian Gulf in yesterday's rant... I suspect we are indeed seeing the beginnings of brand new false flags using those chemicals, and of course the psychos in Israel and the criminals in the US will scream that Iran was the perpetrator!

    1. Hey North

      based on the articles heavy handed use of ridicule, I'd say there might be more to the iranian claim then is suggested. Getting a head start on a narrative?
      Entirely possible.