Sunday, July 29, 2018

Ousted Pakistani PM Sharif “falls sick in jail” , "seriously ill" Hospitalized. Timing?

Another stroke of sheer luck for Imran Khan! 
What timing. How convenient. Who benefits from this? 
Imran Khan, of course.  Alongside Pakistan's powerful military and it's corrupted judiciary
Daily Mail & Japan Times 

*Update: DAWN

Sharif is in critical care
According to jail sources, the doctors today advised moving Sharif to the critical care unit as he has been suffering from acute pain in both his arms, likely due to lack of adequate blood circulation.
Meanwhile, security has been beefed up in and around the jail. Security personnel have been deployed around its premises and the media have been advised to steer clear of the premises

Curious. Security has been beefed up- Are they worried about an angry, questioning populace?
Why is the media being advised to stay away from the premises?
 Shouldn't questions be asked about how it was Sharif was able to travel to and from the UK, but, within two weeks of his return and incarceration he is suddenly in critical condition, being whisked away for 'treatment' to some medical facility under the cover of secrecy? Away from questioning?  

*Update ends

UPDATE # 2 Begins-

Keeping in mind that Sharif  had just returned from the UK when he was arrested. 

Thinking he had to have been in good health, because had he been in such deplorable health at that time, critically ill, undoubtedly he would have stayed put in the UK. 

It's also interesting to consider:
"A caretaker government source, however, told the English daily that Sharif was being medically examined on a regular basis in the jail, where his prognosis appeared to be normal"
And yet today he's critically ill? 
Sharif supporters chant in support of Sharif

UPDATE #2 ends

 As previously mentioned the real Prime Minister of Pakistan was ousted in a soft coup last year.

With the help of colour revolution ‘leader’ Imran Khan.
"For Mr. Khan, 64, the moment was sweet. He had been the main petitioner before the court and fomented widespread street protests against Mr. Sharif"
Just 2 weeks ahead of the anointment of Imran Khan, Sharif was jailed.

"Former Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif, jailed earlier this month,  has fallen sick inside prison and is being moved to hospital.
“Sharif and his daughter were jailed on July 13 after a graft court sentenced them to 10 and seven years respectively over properties in Britain which emerged in the wake of Panama Papers revelation"
The Panama paper angle is bogus. Sensational but bogus.  That’s been covered here.
"Mr. Sharif was not afforded a trial nor, strictly speaking, was he found guilty of corruption. Rather, the supreme court declared him ineligible for office."
What’s interesting is that Sharif was well enough to travel, but, has "suddenly" taken ill after two weeks in prison and has to be moved to hospital. 
"Caretaker Punjab province Home Minister Shaukat Javed said on state-run Pakistan Television that doctors had advised his transfer to hospital after an electrocardiogram had shown “variations.”
“How many days he stays in hospital depends on doctors,” Javed said, adding that the former prime minister will be transferred to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad
How many days he stays in hospital 'depends on doctors' Doctors, what? That's vague.
How many days he stays in hospital could also depend on how long he lives? If he recovers?
Other factors?  And isn't it interesting that he's having heart troubles...  this is a familiar sounding narrative  Perhaps he's being  poisoned?.  I'm not discounting that possibility.
With his daughter imprisoned who can intervene on his behalf?
“Sharif, who claims he is being targeted by the country's powerful security establishment”
He's claiming that because that's obviously true. In the past and possibly at this time

“His brother Shahbaz, who heads the party now, has rejected election results along with other parties who have demanded fresh elections and announced they would protest against alleged election rigging.”
"But it (the election) was marred by violence and allegations of military interference in the months leading up to the vote, with Khan seen as the beneficiary"


  1. It appears that Sharif is critically ill.
    And is being moved, under tightened security, to hospital.

  2. I've updated again.
    And am following developments. Or trying to.

  3. Dear Penny! I love the fact you always ask the question: "Who benefits?" I fear this is another convenient "mystery illness". Less fanfare than a firing squad with the same result.

    1. Hi RP
      Sadly, it's seems to be a question that doesn't get asked. Often enough? Or by enough people? Though the very concept of gaining a benefit provides a strong motivation for committing a crime.