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Toronto Shooting Distracts from Canada's "Legal Obligation" to Resettle White Helmets?

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The Toronto Shooting sure takes the heat off of the Trudeau government's support for terrorists and terrorism. Oops I mean the "white helmets" 

Take notice that as the  Toronto shooting is getting global coverage it helps take the heat off of the Israeli/UK/US governments as well. 

Before really digging in I need to extend my sincerest sympathies to all those harmed by this shooting.

First covered this information on Friday:

Yesterday, Sunday, one couldn’t help but notice the news regarding the White Helmet terrorists and their dramatic rescue was top of the news heap. There were dozens and dozens of reports.
When I’d covered the news on Friday there was a mere handful of news articles most of them NOT North American. But, by Sunday, the spin had gone into full speed. 

What was different in the reporting from Friday to Sunday?

There were 3 specific differences that I'd noticed in Sunday's reporting, as follows:

1st of all Friday, the reporting regarding the terrorist relocation  to Canada was more speculative, Sunday we had confirmation.

2ndly, Israel's involvement which was obvious on Friday anyway, was kept quiet. Sunday it too was confirmed. Israel's involvement shouldn't have been speculative because Israel's been involved with destabilizing Syria from day #1.

3rd: The general tone of the news coverage regarding this terrorist extraction was presented in a morally justified tone- These guys are heroes and deserve to be saved. Israel was just an awesome humanitarian state for assisting in this move.

Was chatting last evening with a family member, one who only gets tv program-ing, she informed me of the spin aspect- 'these were good guys' 

Yesterday the CBC (hattip YaYa) reported that our own Chrystia Freeland had made an impassioned plea to save the thugs
  “Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland made "an impassioned plea" to her colleagues, according to several sources.”
She should take them into her home. Or at the very least her riding. Every last one of those cut throat killers should be placed in her jurisdiction.

White Helmets are Controversial to Say the Least!

All that said it’s very widely known the White Helmets are controversial. And that’s an understatement. Millions and millions of people are aware, globally, that this group is little more then a pack of western backed terrorists providing an emotional narrative for the gullible masses.

Bringing them to Canada may have stirred up a whole bunch of controversy for the ‘lovable’ Trudeau government- Yah, I’m being facetious. The Trudeau government is not lovable- They are destructive, by design.

As if on cue a mass shooting occurs

Cue the mass shooting in Toronto- This incident knocked the White Helmets news right off the front pages (metaphorically speaking). Giving Canadians no time to think about what our government was or had been actually participating in, while conniving to bring thugs and killers here to Canada.

 No time to question the myriad of issues with this entire operation- from what the heck is Canada doing aiding in the freeing of war criminals through to how deeply has Canada been involved with the terrorists all along in Syria? And then by extension,  anywhere else?

Distracting the masses with tragedy allows for complete unaccountability. No questioning. 

No thinking about what the Trudeau government is up to?

So we’re going to talk a bit about the shooting- 

The shooter looks calm. Doesn't appear frantic or overly hurried.
 See video footage below:

He’s obscured his identity well. Dressed all in black- Hat partially obscuring his face
There are reports that he exchanged fire with Toronto Police but managed to escape, being found dead later in an alley, unclear if it’s suicide or due to the alleged exchange with police?
I’ve take issue with this narrative. Is the man fired on by police the same man as was found in the alley. I don’t know. Do you? 

According to the SIU, the gunman was located by officers on Bowden Street and an exchange of gunfire took place.

The suspect, the SIU said, fled the area and was later found dead on Danforth Avenue.

That means we have a break in the chain of evidence.

Bowden and Danforth are intersecting streets- But where on Bowden was this individual shot and where on Danforth was the alleged perpetrator found? - I don’t know. These details are lacking.

And this gap makes me wonder about the shooter. The real identity of the shooter.
Link to google maps detailing the vicinity. We can see that Bowden runs for 4 blocks off of the Danforth.

Before anyone leaves a comment something like this.. “oh you conspiracy theorists! Governments wouldn’t do anything like that? Use a shooter to terrorize their own population to keep them quiet or complacent”

To which I will respond- Oh really? And here’s our government importing terrorists into our ‘home and native land’ obfuscating the reality of the entire situation surrounding these individuals and I'm supposed to assume our government wouldn't engage in a strategy of tension type operation? When they were supporting this strategy in Syria? 
We can no longer afford to be this naive.

Not wanting to be a distractor from the issue of Canada’s legal obligation to resettling terrorists....Nor Israel's involvement in delivering them safely to Canada via Jordan

Hattip jo6pac: Israel Aids Evacuation From Syria of Hundreds of ‘White Helmets’ and Families

 NYT's “Israel has facilitated the evacuation of hundreds of rescue workers, known as the White Helmets, and their families “

CBC: "The Israeli military said Sunday it was responsible for rescuing members of the Syrian volunteer organization from the volatile frontier area and evacuated them to a third country — the first such Israeli intervention in Syria's lengthy civil war."”

This is not Israel’s “first such” intervention in the Syrian destabilization. Israel has been involved in this planned destabilization from the very moment in began. The locale from which this long planned balkanization originated, informs us all from whence it was encouraged. 
Daraa is located all snug and cozy to Israel! And the first “rebels” wanted Israel to come and save them. Israel was obviously going to be heavily involved in the extraction of these high value terrorists from Syria. Because..... Location, location, location.

The White Helmets are not a “volunteer organization”- that would suggest non payment for services. White Helmets are well paid for their services.

I'm going to include some indepth information on the White Helmets- Background information explaining whose "White Helmets" these really are. Keep reading. You won't miss it.

Canada’s Legally Binding Obligations to Terrorists

“A Foreign Ministry spokesman in Jordan, Mohammad al-Kayed, said that his country had authorized the United Nations to facilitate the entry of hundreds of Syrians to Jordan after Britain, Germany and Canada had made a “legally binding undertaking to resettle them within a specified period of time due to a risk to their lives.”
Canada made a legally binding undertaking to resettle them. So was that part of their employment as killers contracts? They do the dirty work and take the risk for good pay and a cushy retirement. 

White Helmets Bio- 
Good Read

How the White Helmets Became International Heroes While Pushing U.S. Military Intervention and Regime Change in Syria

Brief Video

Best taken together


  1. "...the issue of Canada’s legal obligation to resettling terrorists..."

    Hi Penny:

    My thoughts on reading this newz item last night is that the "legal obligation" might have stemmed from the fact that the White Helmets involved were recruited/trained in Canada? Perhaps they're Canadian citizens...or Syrian immigrants to Canada who were promised citizenship in return for "volunteering" to join the White Helmets.

    Whatever the case, you're right about Chrystia Freeland and Trudeau soiling their diapers re the political fallout of this venture [bringing the White Helmets to Canada] and wanting to distract from same. I see Soros's hand in all of this. Would like to know if there's any gonnection between him and the White Helmets...after all, "white" is a "colour" (as in colour revolution) isn't it? Chrystia and Justin are Soros' bots.


    1. White Helmets are connected to enough NGO's and mercenary outfits that it's entirely plausible Soro's money is somewhere in the mix

  2. Well done, Penny!!! I linked to your article before reading it because I was still writing my own, and am happy to see that you and I managed not to directly overlap.

    Weird that the the guy left the scene and then was killed by person(s) unknown. Very suspicious!

    1. thanks for the link too Yaya :)

      Yah-odd that he is able to evade the police after an unknown number of shots were fired by an unknown number of police offers to be found deceased elsewhere- possibly at his own hand- or not.

      we have a space of time and place that can't be accounted for..

  3. Just an update to note that the perpetrator has still not been identified- Approximately 15 hours has passed. Possibly more then 15 hours.

    They are not searching for any perp- He is reportedly dead.
    I'm waiting for details.

  4. Perpetrator still not identified? Call Casting Central!

    Hi Penny, I linked your post above to a bit I did on this topic in my post today:


    Faisal Hussein from Toronto. A couple of obvious [but never to be asked questions] are:

    1. Did Faisal have any interractions with security agencies of any kind?

    2. Did his family have any connections with military or police?

    3. Where did he acquire the firearm(s) and training re same?


    1. my biggest question is was Faisal the shooter?
      because you have this missing time and place where the shooter is unaccounted for

  6. Almost hate to bring this up, Penny, but the numbers thing ... it happened on the 22nd = Kabbalah prime number 11. The shooter was 29 years old = 11.

    1. I should have said - the man they SAY was the shooter.

    2. I noticed the shooting took place on the 22-
      and yes the man who police are claiming as the shooter
      no pictures of him- nothing.
      I've looked this morning and looked and looked
      statement from the family and friends presenting narratives- but no image of the alleged shooter

    3. CBC: "His parents made daily hospital visits to see [Faisal's] brother, who has been in a coma for nearly a year and a half following an accident. It was the latest in a series of tragedies for the family, who, several years ago, also lost their daughter in an accident."

      Good grief! Without wishing to appear unsympathetic, what do you suppose the odds are that this family has a collective death wish or is somehow jinxed - or targeted? Too bad the CBC didn't elaborate on these "accidents". It leaves far too much to the imagination.