Thursday, July 12, 2018

Trump U.S. Ties to NATO ‘Very Strong’- Condemns Russia

Choosing to intentionally ignore all the white noise (meaningless or distracting commotion, hubbub, or chatter) about the NATO summit and opting instead to cut to the chase ( focus on what is important)  immediately below...

Trump claims victory on NATO Military Spending  & Trump signs a NATO declaration at odds with his own statements- Strongly condemning Russia

Trump at NATO Summit
Despite his attacks on allied countries and his insistence that they should pay much more, Mr. Trump joined 28 other national leaders on Wednesday in signing a NATO declaration that reaffirmed existing commitments, including the 2 percent military spending target.

The 23-page, 79-point NATO declaration, which reflects months of negotiation, censured Russia’s actions in Ukraine in the bluntest terms: “We strongly condemn Russia’s illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea, which we do not and will not recognize.”
Just over a week ago, the president told reporters on Air Force One that he was considering supporting Russia’s claim to Crimea, which it seized in 2014.
The allies agreed to a NATO Readiness Initiative, which would allow the group to assemble a fighting force of 30 land battalions, 30 aircraft squadrons and 30 warships within 30 days. The initiative reflects a “30-30-30-30” plan pushed by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and meant to deter Russian aggression in Europe.
Signing onto a declaration that contrasted sharply with some of his own statements, Mr. Trump left allies and analysts alike a bit off balance.
“I think he feels it’s playing well with his base, fueling this sense of grievance against allies and trading partners, which is how he got elected,” Alexander Vershbow, a former NATO deputy secretary general, said of Mr. Trump in an interview.
Yes, Trump is certainly playing to his base. Fueling their sense of grievance.

Defensenews-Trump departs NATO summit: ‘We are very happy’
WE? Military Industrial Complex?
“The United States commitment to NATO is very strong,” Trump told reporters, checking off one of the key boxes that the allied delegations came here for. On spending, he said, “We are doing numbers like they've never done before.”
After exiting the summit, Trump is set to travel to Scotland today, where he said he would spend time on his golf course while awaiting meetings with U.K. leaders. After that, he is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.
Looking at all the photos taken at the NATO summit..
There was one national leader, in my opinion, who did look out of place. Who did appear uncomfortable. And ignored. Who appeared an outsider though not one media outlet mentioned it.  It wasn’t Trump. Take a good look at the photo.

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  1. Are you referring to Trump's pretend pal Erdogan? Did you see the video of the 2017 summit where Trump literally shoved Montenegro's Markovic out of the way to get himself front and centre? The evil look on Trump's face makes me shudder.

    1. Yup.Erdogan looked on the outs to me,

      Of course he's been working with Russia for while now- Plus he's double bad because he didn't go along with the US sanctions against Iran- trading oil for gold with Iran- that's a banker no no isn't it?

      And wow to that video! Holy arrogant face on Trump.

  2. The last picture reminds me of the performers coming out on stage after the performance is over for a curtain call and a final bow. After all, it is all theater isn't it?

    1. Hi RP

      saying it's all theatre in reference to that image is kind of a broad stroke judgement that isn't necessarily right or wrong..

      That said if we take it as theatre then it sure looks to me as if all the other performers are ignoring one specific performer- perhaps they're less then pleased with his 'performance' on the world stage?