Monday, July 16, 2018

Trump/Putin Press Conference: NO Deal!

Yup, I watched and took notes.
Trump was, surprisingly, diplomatic. Well spoken. Not verbose or brash.
Putin, via a translator, was his usual self. Which means he spoke much as he does, every time I’ve watched/listened to him speak previously-
Putin and Trump were both pragmatic.

Putin spoke of first steps. Fine tuning dialogue.
Apparently the START treaty was discussed. IMF. No weapons in space.
Putin favoured continued cooperation between Russia and US.
Treaty of ‘74 was mentioned wrt Golan 

Which suggests Putin is ok with Syria and Israel maintaining the status quo regarding Golan.
Resolution 338 was also mentioned by Putin 

Putin mentioned North Korea, as well as broaching the p5+1 or JCPOA. He stated Iran became the most controlled nation on the planet. Putin talked trajectory of growth- restoration of cooperation etc

Trump talked about Israel a bit too much.
His first concern when Syria was brought up was for Israel. 

Then for civilians.
His priorities are very clear!
Trump will continue pressuring Iran- No Iranian involvement in Syria
As for Ukraine? - Putin stated Trump made very clear his stance on Crimea. Which was Russia’s annexation illegal. 

Russia doesn’t see it that way. Elections. Referendum and mostly everyone is Russia there anyway.
Trump brought up pipelines transiting Ukraine- Putin said they could work that out that so long as the US genuinely works on the agreement made at Minsk. (Dispute to be settled through Minsk)

I’ve got about 8 small note pages of notes, so above is a brief synopsis of the press conference

Of special interest:  Putin spoke of Bill Browder - Browder being the impetus for the Magnistsky act and all those sanctions against Russia- Putin mentioned how much money he was able to extract from Russia inappropriately- Trump said nothing. 

There was NO agreement regarding Iran or the JCPOA. There was clearly no agreement regarding the Iran issue as it relates to Syria either. There was NO agreement with regard to Crimea. In other words there was NO Grand Deals made! Not that I expected anything like that to actually occur.

Conclusion? Russia and the US remain far apart on a number of very important issues.
HELSINKI, July 16. /TASS/. A meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump has been going on for two hours. The two leaders are meeting tete-a-tete behind closed doors, a TASS correspondent reported from the scene.

The Russian and US leaders began the talks with exchanging brief greetings. The Russian president said he would like to discuss relations between Russia and the US and global issues with the US counterpart. For his part, the US president noted the two countries have "a great opportunity together." "I think we will end up with an extraordinary relationship," he noted.

The one-on-one meeting is expected to continue with the participation of delegation members, and the two leaders will tell reporters about its results at a news conference.

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where it was suggested:

There will be no grand deal on Syria, Ukraine or Crimea. 
To my way of thinking all those claims presented by the always managing your perception media have been little more then unadulterated, Grade A, stinking piles of distractionary dung! 

UPDATE July 17/2018:

Transcript of the Putin/Trump press conference including Q & A afterwards
via NPR


  1. As expected Trump showed up as Israel rep.
    Never mind all the real problems in the world like ww3.
    What a disappointment Trump is.

  2. Hi anonymous;
    yes, he did show up as Israel's rep.
    I was a bit taken back by that because it was kind of obvious.
    While noticing the 'fall out' over the press conference, I can't help but notice not one msm outlet is frowning on that bias.

    If the US is an alleged honest broker in the Middle east, which it isn't, but that's always the claim, how to explain the obsession with Israel's security over every other nation?
    No mention of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey (not really in the ME), but, related directly to Syria- Speaking of Syria, Trump mentioned his concern, in passing.

    I wasn't too happy with that!

    WW3 is still very possible, actually after this press conference I would suggest the odds of it increased.

    Don't think I'm apologizing for Trump
    I'm not-but Trump isn't all that different then Obama wrt Israel.
    Though I realize he was perceived differently
    His policy is the same

  3. Hi Penny:

    I see from your notes that you took account of Putin's mention of Bill [Magnitsky Act] Browder"

    "...Of special interest: Putin spoke of Bill Browder - Browder being the impetus for the Magnistsky act and all those sanctions against Russia- Putin mentioned how much money he was able to extract from Russia inappropriately- Trump said nothing."

    IMO, this was a set piece agreed between the two [Trump and Putin] beforehand. Putin dropped the bombshell that Russia believes that US Intelligence facilitated a transfer of $400,000,000 from the Browder Russian-stolen loot to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

    1. I would agree that Trump knew Putin was going to mention this beforehand. Perhaps not the exact details, because I think Putin is wily and savvy enough to slip in some additional info that may not have been previously discussed.

  4. Also, IMO, as a result of the above disclosure...Trump's life is as much in danger as Seth Rich's was.

    1. I don't feel Trump is in any danger-
      He's very much is on the same page with the corporate elite interests of the globe and the military industrial complex-

      I do think it was ok with ego maniac Trump, to talk Browder, because Putin presented it as being about the democratic party.

  5. Well it's a start but the trumpster will not be able to deliver do to the war monger in dc of both but the same parties. V. Putin knows this but will true again but knowing the results will the same. 0 because the war parties love war. Fun read.


  6. I got to read the whole thing and Trump was still a 1 issue guy.
    And why not, with a battle hardened well equiped with US and Israel supplyed modern weapons taken from terrorists approching occupied Golan, Israel got their war and now its coming home to them.
    If syria crosses that line its going to take more than a ladyboy army to stop them. These western values may get put to the test.
    I wonder if im far enough off grid.

    1. You read the transcript, then?
      I've got to find it and add it to the post

      No disagreement from me on Trump being a one issue guy, no make it two issues, Israel and his giant ego.

      Off the grid far enough?
      With all the potential for big and bad if this goes full out?
      I don't know if there is a far enough?

  7. Yes, the Browder thingy is of 'special interest'. I would say that it is of the most special interest! It's worth quoting the Grand Master himself:

    "We can suggest that your relevant commission led by US Special Counsel – what is his name, Mr Mueller or Meller? – should send us, in compliance with this treaty [Treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters of 1999], an official request for interrogating the people that he believes to be guilty of committing a crime. Our Prosecutor-General’s Office and investigative agencies can interrogate these people and forward the relevant materials to the United States.

    Moreover, we can take another step to meet you halfway. We can allow US official representatives, including those from the Mueller-led commission, to be present at the interrogation. Certainly, in this case, we will be seeking reciprocal steps from the United States. We’ll expect the American party to interrogate the officials, including the US intelligence officers, who are suspected of committing illegal acts in Russia, in the presence of our investigation officers.

    I mean the high-profile case, involving [Bill] Browder’s Hermitage Capital company. According to our investigative officers, a group of people – Mr Browder’s business partners – who illegally made over $1.5 billion in Russia did not pay taxes either in Russia or the United States but transferred this money to the United States. They contributed $400 million to Ms Clinton’s election campaign. This is official information included in their reports – $400 million. Well, it was up to them, they might have done this legally, but the gains were ill-gotten.

    We have grounds to suspect that US intelligence officers supported these illegal transactions. This is only one step forward. We can talk about expanding our cooperation. You’re welcome, there might be options that are provided for in the appropriate intergovernmental treaty".

    Absolutely magisterial! Obviously Russians have solid data and there were many people (like me) wondering why they did not let the bomb earlier. But we were also thinking that the Grand Master would launch it at the right moment. The alarm is palpable in the reaction of the 'press'. That will expose all the Kosher Nostra which looted Russia since the demise of the USSR and one might see many heads rolling. Think of Browder offered a prolonged vacation in one of these camps that his Grandad Earl (General Secretary of the CPUSA during the 1930s and first half of the 1940s if one did not know) helped to build! And of Trump being true to his promise to Hillary: 'You would be in jail'. Lock her up!

    1. Putin's comment wrt Browder and all the money heading for the US could explain the hand wringing reaction of the perception managing media

      "Mr Browder’s business partners – who illegally made over $1.5 billion in Russia did not pay taxes either in Russia or the United States but transferred this money to the United States. They contributed $400 million to Ms Clinton’s election campaign."

      "We have grounds to suspect that US intelligence officers supported these illegal transactions."

      Certainly wouldn't want American to think about their nation involved in such dirty business

  8. Hi WizOz:

    Putin made a direct allegation of crime against Hilary [and Browder]. Let's see if the USA has any justice system to speak of.

    1. Just don't hold your breath waiting- We need you blogging.

    2. Trump referred to Putins' "interesting idea" (the use of the Treaty on Assistance in Criminal Matters) with approval. He might force Muller to proceed legally and collaborate with Russian investigators, but that would be tied with reciprocity - give us Browder. It is, of course hard to predict what Trump would do. My gut feeling is that he would jump on the opportunity. It is unlikely that Kosher Nostra would give up Browder. But then it is likely that they would let the whole rigmarole die out.

    3. I'd like to see the US give up Browder.
      Don't think it'll happen, but, one can always think about the possibility and smile

  9. Here's where Trump goes all Israel- Count the number of times he mentions Israel answering just one question

    question "REPORTER: Mr. President, would you please go into the details, if possible, any specific arrangements for the U.S. to work together with Russia in Syria, if any of these kind of arrangements were made today or discussed? "

    Trump's reply regarding the entirety of the Syrian situation

    TRUMP: "I guess I'll answer the first part of the question. We've worked with Israel long and hard for many years, many decades. I think we've never, never has anyone, any country been closer than we are.

    President Putin also is helping Israel and we both spoke with Bibi Netanyahu and they would like to do certain things with respect to Syria, having to do with the safety of Israel.

    So in that respect, we absolutely would like to work in order to help Israel and Israel would be working with us.

    So both countries would work jointly.

    And I think that when you look at all of the progress that's been made in certain sections with the eradication of ISIS, we're about 98 percent, 99 percent there, and other things that have taken place that we've done and that frankly Russia has helped us with in certain respects.

    But I think that they're working with Israel is a great thing and creating safety for Israel is something that both President Putin and I would like to see very much."

    and then one tiny afterthought..

    One little thing I might add to that is the helping of people. Helping of people. Because you have such horrible, if you see and I've seen reports and I've seen pictures, I've seen just about everything. And if we can do something to help the people of Syria get back into some form of shelter and on a humanitarian basis, and that's what the word was really a humanitarian basis. I think that both of us would be very interested in doing that and we are. We will do that. Thank you very much.

    After Israel, Israel, Israel, Trump adds one little thing to the mix-

    From the transcript I'm adding a link to in the post

  10. Well this should get interesting. Putin gave trump everything he needs to bring down the Clinton crime family.
    Syria is going to stop on the 1973 line, however both Russia and Syria did say all the terrorists are going to die. So Israel is going to need to turn on their proxies on the occupied side, or else.
    The Saker has full trasnscript of the news conference section. it is pretty good and Putin is not pulling punches.

    1. Yes, Putin did give Trump what he needs to take down Clinton- But will he?
      Don't think so.

      I've added a link to the transcript into the body of the post-
      I took away the idea that Putin was ok with the 73 line- sort of frozen conflict like

  11. America is now in a bad place, if the Clintons are above the law than why should any American pay taxes or live by the law.
    Israel is also in a bad way, the battle hardened Syrian army has the best of equipment taken from the terrorists. Given air defence they could roll right in.
    Israel has gone out of their way to make this all about them, that may now have been the best idea.

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