Friday, September 14, 2018

Russia & Turkey Working Out Humanitarian Corridor for Idlib- Updated!

➨  No major offensive planned for Idlib: Lavrov
Russia-backed regime forces have massed around Idlib in recent weeks, sparking fears of an imminent air and ground attack to retake the last major opposition bastion.

“What is being presented at the moment as the beginning of a Russian-backed offensive by Syrian forces is not a faithful representation of the facts,” said Lavrov during a German-Russian forum in Berlin.

“Syrian forces and we ourselves are simply reacting to the attacks coming from the zone of Idlib,” he argued.

Curious? Where will the terror crowd be moving to in this scenario?
I'm expecting the Astana 3 will be cooperating on the Idlib plan. It sure seems they have been cooperating so far.

Russian foreign minister says talks are underway between Turkish and Russian officials on Syria’s Idlib
A humanitarian corridor will be created in Syria’s Idlib to prevent civilian casualties, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday.
Addressing a meeting of the German-Russian Forum in Berlin, Lavrov promised that they would take measures to prevent civilian casualties in the area.
"Whatever we do we will try to keep in mind the issues and the interests of civilians in that area… a humanitarian corridor will be created in Idlib, just as we did in Homs and East Ghouta," he said.
"We will not act in the way the U.S.-led coalition acted in Mosul or in Raqqa when there were no negotiations about local cease-fires with opposition groups," he added.
Lavrov said currently, talks were underway between Turkish and Russian officials on the situation in Idlib, the last opposition stronghold in Syria.
"And next week the two presidents will be looking at the situation," he said.
As mentioned earlier:

Erdogan & Putin To Discuss Syria in Sochi- Monday Sept.17/18

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