Sunday, September 23, 2018

Russian MOD: IL-20 Shootdown Fault Belongs to Israel

 UPDATE #1: Russia outed the presence of IDF soldiers in Syria- As they (Russia) retrieved remains of IDF soldiers--- not one person who reads here will be shocked or surprised that Israeli military fully participated alongside their Kurdish and coalition allies in destroying Syria..This acknowledgement is in the video below as well as reported on here

Russia’s defense ministry claimed on Sunday that its forces had conducted a search in cooperation with the Israeli military to locate the bodies of fallen IDF soldiers in Syria’s Islamic State-held territory.
Neither the timing or location of the operation was provided in the ministry statement.
UPDATE # 2: It seems entirely plausible that Russia is exacting a bit of retribution against Israel by disclosing publicly Israeli involvement directly in the Syrian state.
Israel is in damage control... 

Times of Israel- 

The remains were from 1982 and not from any present day operations...
Tzvi Feldman, Yehuda Katz and Zachary Baumel have been missing in action since the 1982 first Lebanon War. As a rule, the Israeli military continues searching for the remains of all IDF soldiers even decades after they go missing.
The graves were said to be located in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, over which Syrian troops regained control earlier this year from the IS terror group after a month-long battle.
I flat out don't believe Israel's spin in this regard- It seems quite obvious to me, since they had their terror thugs in Yarmouk they could have easily, long ago, retrieved these remains.. 
Their cover story falls flat.

The 15 minute presentation is below:

  Quotes from Sputnik:

 "During the negotiations via the deconfliction channel, the representative of the Israeli Air Force Command reported that the targets assigned to the Israeli aircraft are located in Northern Syria … As you can see on the map, the Israeli jets delivered strikes in Latakia which is a western province of the country — and not in the north of the Syrian Arab Republic. The city of Latakia is located on the western coast. The misleading information provided by the Israeli officer about the area of strikes did not allow the Russian Il-20 airplane to move timely to a safe area," Konashenkov said."
"Israel did not inform the Russian force about its operation in advance — but rather they issued a warning simultaneously with the beginning of the strikes, which constitutes a breach of the agreements. These actions constitute a clear violation of the 2015 Russian-Israeli agreements, which are aimed at preventing clashes between our armed forces, in and over Syria, that were reached by the joint working group," Konashenkov said."
"The presented objective data testifies that the actions of the Israeli fighter pilots, which led to the loss of life of 15 Russian servicemen, either lacked professionalism or were an act of criminal negligence to say the least. Therefore, we believe that the blame for the tragedy with the Russian Ilyushin Il-20 aircraft lies entirely with the Israeli air forces and those who made the decision to carry out such actions," Konashenkov stressed."
"Thus, the Israeli jets created a direct threat to any passenger or transport aircraft that could have been there at that time and could have become victims of the adventurism of the Israeli military," Konashenkov added.

Retaliation? No more 'Mr Nice Guy"

 "Russia's retaliatory measures with regard to the Il-20 downing will be directed primarily at stepping up the security of Russian military officers in Syria and our military facilities in the Syrian Arab Republic. These will be the steps everyone will notice," he stressed.
 Should we take that statement as Israel being put on notice? If our military officers are threatened ... it will be dealt with?


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