Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Syrian Air Defenses Intercept an Agressive Israeli Attack from Beirut


Damascus, SANA-A military source said on Tuesday that the army air defenses intercepted an Israeli aggression with warplanes that infiltrated on a low altitude from west of Beirut into the north targeting a number of military sites in Tartous and Hama.
The source added that the army air defenses downed a number of the hostile missiles and forced the attacking warplanes to flee.
Meanwhile, Director of Misyaf National hospital told SANA that the hospital received the body of one martyr and four wounded persons due to the Israeli aggression.
Likewise, Director of Banyas national hospital said that hospital received 8 wounded citizens due to the aggression.

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  1. Constantinople hierarch denies reports on attempt to poison Patriarch Bartholomew during meeting with Patriarch Kirill


    1. Not a shocker. Trying to think who it was that had written about the ties between the CIA and the Greek Orthodox church---- someone, can't recall right now

      Thinking of the ties between CIA and the Catholic church, as well as other christian denominations- so the idea that the intelligence agencies would infiltrate an orthodox church is not outrageous. Not in the least.

  2. PART 1
    Hi, Penny!
    Yes, permanent deadly attacks on Syria (and its people) by Israel. See: "ISRAEL ADMITS 200+ STRIKES AGAINST ‘IRANIAN TARGETS’ IN SYRIA OVER 18 MONTHS" - https://www.rt.com/news/437647-israel-strikes-syria-iran/ .

    The problem that this is not criticised by western MSM lies basically, I think, in the USA. It is the primitive religious comprehension of many of their citizens.
    Just e few weeks ago I saw a video (sadly I don't have the link anymore) of a free lance journalist, who interviewed poor 'white' and 'black' US citizens on their believes. And he found out that - especially 'black' citizens in the southern stares! - are extremely proud 'nationalists'. And they definitely consider the USA to be - next to Israel - "God's country". And they despise Europe and other places of the world for not being that.
    Let's add now that those American pastors (Lutherans, Calvinists - preaching every Sunday), who often call themselves "Christian-Judaic-Evangelists" take the Bible word by word (fundamentalist). By this they differ definitely from nowadays Lutherans and Calvinists in western Europe!
    And they consider the ancient Hebrews and their nowadays descendants as "God's people".
    And with "descendants" they mean descendants by 'blood' (or genetics - as we would say nowadays). So the Israelis - never mind what religion they have, or if they are atheists and don't believe in God at all - for them are the people God himself had given Israel to.
    So everything Israel does is what "God's people" do.

    Now You and I. Penny, would never care if somebody was a "descendant" of what ever. But instead of discussing this with these "Christian-Judaic-Evangelists" we should point out that the PALESTINIANS are the REAL DESCENDANTS of the old Hebrews. Yes, their forefathers changed the religion (voluntarily or by force). But still they are the natural descendants of those people, who have always been there: Hebrews.

  3. PART 2
    And the nowadays "Israelis" are NOT DESCANDANTS of the old Hebrews:
    Those who are called or call themselves - by race! - "Jews" are alone descendants of the Khazars - a historical Turkic people living east and north of the black Sea. So they are not "Semites" (Wikipedia's article to "Khasars" repeatedly blurred and changed this information, because Zionists fight it).

    In particular, around 100 AD, many Hebrews left Palestine (this is not the "Diaspora," because as such one can only call the procrastination of the old Hebrews to Babylon). And these former emigrants are the only ones who are - beside the Palestinians - "Hebrews".
    These Hebrew emigrants from Palestine emigrated to Iran, North Africa, Greece, East Rome/Byzantium, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Quite a few also to Gaul/France and a very few (but I think much later than 100 AD) emigrated into a region of today's southern Germany. Nobody - really nobody! - emigrated to today's Eastern Europe - to the Scythians (migratory herdsmen!). What would Hebrew emigrants have wanted there and how could they have existed and nourished themselves there?
    And the Khazar empire did not exist yet (about 100 AD), but only about half a millennium later! But if you hear today from a well-known US citizen (e.g. a politician, artist, etc.) and look at Wikipedia, one often finds a reference to a so-called "Jewish" origin. And almost always a more exact term such as "parents/grandparents emigrated from "Russia", "Poland", "Romania", "Baltic States" "Germany". One example would be Bob Dylan (ancestors from Russia). Never did I ever find on Wikipedia, when there was a reference to so-called "Jewish" parents/grandparents, that they immigrated from "Tunisia", "Iran", "India", "Spain", "Portugal", "Italy" - the only countries where the old Hebrews in fact really(!) emigrated to.

    The incomparably greater number of (by race - I only call follower of the Hebrew religion "Jews") "Jews" in Eastern Europe (at least in the last 300-200 years) compared to any other region of the world proves the correctness of this 'Khazar story'.
    What the Nazis (and the European racists who preceded them) did not know is that those whom they called (by race) "Jews" were actually never "Semitic", but virtually without exception descended from the "Khazars". And the Khazars took over the religion of the Hebrews - but were a Turkic people (with an Iranian portion) and definitely not "Semites"!
    The fact that in nowadays southern Russia and east Ukraine were much more Jews (follower of the faith) than anywhere else in the world explains also the several pogroms in Russia more than a 100 or 200 years ago. And pogroms in western Europe which turned against immigrated "Jews", who always came from eastern Europe - never from Palestine. while there were never pogroms in "Tunisia", "Iran", "India", "Spain", "Portugal", "Italy" (where a lot of the old Hebrews really emigrated to).

    And if You look at where the Khazar empire was situated ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazars ), then it becomes clear why the Nazis could murder so many "Jews" exactly in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States: Because there lived the descendants of the Khazars, the followers of the Hebrew faith - outnumbering the real descendant of the old Hebrews by far!

    1. Sorry, Penny, I forgot the "J"


    2. Hi J

      I'm familiar with what you have written..
      Much of it is contained in this book:

      The Thirteenth Tribe- Arthur Koestler
      (which can be found on line in pdf format)
      that's how I found and read my copy

      Which I read about 5 or 6 years ago

      I believe Shlomo Sand's book- The invention of the jewish people might also broach this subject- not 100 percent sure- haven't read the book- but heard him interviewed regarding the book.

      IMO the Germans killed many Khazars because they were advancing through the areas of their residency- heading for their real target which was Russia- in my opinion.

      And in a nutshell

    3. Penny, re Shlomo Sand's book - you are right, of course. The title says it all, really, but at the bottom of Pg.189 he states bluntly, and in a wry tone: "Forgetting the forced Judaization and the great voluntary proselytization was essential for the preservation of a linear timeline, along which back and forth from past to present and back again, moved a unique nation - wandering, isolated, and, of course, quite imaginary."

    4. Oh my God, Penny! I am really shocked by Your answer! Please be reasonable !
      1) IMO the Germans killed many Khazars because they were advancing through the areas of their residency.
      No, Penny! There was no Khasars or a "Khasar residency" at the time of WW2. The Khasar Empire was defeated and finished by the Kiev rulers Oleg und Swjatoslaw I in 960 A.D. THAT WAS EVEN A 100 YEARS BEFORE WILLIAM THE CONQUERER CONQUERED BRITANNIA! Since then the Khasars are only of historical interest - like "Sparta" or the "Ming-Empire" (much younger then the Khasar Empire)!
      Since 960 A.D. the Khasar empire didn't exist! What's going on in Your head, Penny?
      2) the Germans - heading for their real target which was Russia
      a) Your, Penny, "real target" insinuates that the Nazi-Germans announced they wanted to attack some Khasar Empire - only to unveil later that they wanted to attack "Russia". But the Nazis and even the then historians - had never heard of "Khasars"!
      b) Also they didn't attack "Russia" - but the "Soviet Union". That's not the same!
      c) "the Germans" - they exist only since 1871 A.D. Only about 1800 this 'German Identity' craze started, with the faked identity-assumption of being of "Germanic" offspring (IMO the early Ancestors of those days were much more the Celtic than the Germanic tribes).

    5. Hey J:

      I'm not sure if you're being serious or tongue in cheek so let me clarify..

      I should have used the term descendants of Khazar's who were resident in the geographical area heading towards Russia.

      Because yes I know the Khazar empire was defeated and no longer existed- so it would be their descendants I'm referring to

      "the Germans - heading for their real target which was Russia"

      I think that the real target for Germany was Russia.
      The statistics in casualties bear out that the eastern front was the harder fought for area..

      Russia then as now is a massive land mass with lots of resources... it's a prize to many now as then.

      Thinking of McKinders doctrine or the Heartland theory. And entertaining the idea that Germany wanted to hold Russia lest the anglos get acess

      Just some ideas I toy around with
      Is that clearer?

    6. J- did you read Shlomo's book?
      Was it good?

    7. Hi Penny,
      no I never heard of Shlomo Sand before. Now I just read a bit about him on de.wikipedia (yes, Wikipedia is manipulated - but its so easy to just click it for the first run). And that little what I read now of Shlomo makes absolutely sense to me.
      Also that comparison with a child born because of a rape (= nowadays Israelis), that has a right to live anyway makes sense. In all my life I never met anybody who really demanded that all Israelis had to leave Palestine/Israel. Of cause that would be another crime.

      Also Shlomos "Invention of the Jewish People" is practically the same what I think of the 'Invention of the German People' (and other nationalisms: e. g.: "Albanians" and so on). I also agree with Shlomo that not only an invented identity of nowadays but even more the fabrication of an identity over several thousand(!) years (Shlomo mentions "Arminius" - 17 B.C. to 21 A.D. - one of the 'heroes' of the German-identity-crazies) is totally absurd!
      This identity searching not only leads to nowhere (or is simply an "Invention") - but it always produces hate against and contempt for those who are considered not to belong to this 'identity'.

      I don't agree with Your "I think that the real target for Germany was Russia. The statistics in casualties bear out that the eastern front was the harder fought for area..".
      The casualties were from all over the Soviet Union (even of Siberian tribes from far east). And, yes, as Russians were the most populous ethnic, most casualties were Russians because of that fact.

      And also not the recourses of the Soviet union was the goal of the Nazis (although they tried to reach the oil fields at the coast of the Caspian Sea). Their Program was "Volk ohne Raum" ("People without (enough) space/territory"). A parole which, I think, Hitler copied from the Zionists. Thus they started settlements in Poland (Himmlerland", "Warthegau") and they would have definitely proceeded with their settlements to the Ukraine and its very fertile soil there.


    8. Thanks for the input J
      I think I'd come across this idea of the Germans needing more land "Volk ohne Raum" as you are calling it.
      Could be, but, often it seems that is the reason given to the people but their are other motivations...

    9. @Penny
      … what ever the Nazis wanted.
      But the point I wanted to make was something different anyway: My point was, that the American Joe Six.pack and other large parts of the US society (Trump to me is also a Joe Six.pack, only a rich one) think, that (nowadays) Israelis are "God's people".
      And it is exactly this what makes those disgusting, mass murderous, cruel, illegal (to international, but possibly also to Israeli law) attacks of Israel possible.
      See Your own headline, Penny: "…Aggressive Israeli Attack".

      And to change this we should take those false - and, yes, even devilish - "Judaic" pastors in the US to responsibility. Because for REAL Christians not even the old Hebrew were "God's people" - the less nowadays Israelis, having totally different roots.
      For REAL Christians even the old Hebrews were not "God's people" because with his resurrection Jesus said (Mark 16:15): “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation".
      So ALL humans are "God's people".
      But these false pastors ignore Jesus' words, because they follow the HEBREW religion - and not the CHRISTIAN faith.
      Also Israel's murderous and buzzard's acts and attitude trough all its relatively short existence is not Christian, but anti-Christian.
      Also insofar these false pastors ignore Jesus' words, because they follow the HEBREW religion (or Satan) - and not the CHRISTIAN faith.

      And we have to make clear to Joe Six.pack that he is still a heather. And that his United States of America is as little "God's land" as Saudi-Arabia is "Allah's land".
      And we have to tell Joe Six.pack that if he wants his country to be "God's land" he has TO MAKE IT "God's land"!
      And Joe Six.pack (with this I also mean 'black' Joe Six-packs!) has to request of his Pastor or Catholic priest to unmask and protest against Israel.

      And the point, Penny, is not, if I am a Christian myself! Also if I had lived in the Nazi empire and I had been able to speak freely (of cause that was impossible!), I would have pointed out, that there is no wrong with wanting to be a "master race". But than you have to be like a real 'master' and you have always to try to be 'noble'. Instead they ware slaves of their own hate, cruelty, haughtiness, lawlessness (Buddha said: "above a rightful ruler rules the law"). And, yes, there definitely is something "inferior", or of "low value". But it's not the body or the race - it’s the mind!

      It is these CONTRADICTIONS that bring so much suffering into this world. and it is those CONTRADICTIONS we have to attack.
      But nowadays you are supposed to have the 'right opinion' (911, Sandy Hook, CO2-earth warming, Trump, and so on). But that’s middle age thinking, that' s the wrong way!


    10. YaYa "Forgetting the forced Judaization and the great voluntary proselytization was essential for the preservation of a linear timeline, along which back and forth from past to present and back again, moved a unique nation - wandering, isolated, and, of course, quite imaginary."

      Forced Judaization- Interesting. Expecially when one considers the modern day tribe puts forth the idea that forcing their religion on others was never done.
      Of course one could make an argument that the Judaism is being forced down our collective throats daily...

      But that's a big, big discussion

    11. regarding my point about forced Judaism...
      for Yaya and J

      J- "But these false pastors ignore Jesus' words, because they follow the HEBREW religion - and not the CHRISTIAN faith.

      Based on some recent information I've come across I'll agree that much of what passes itself off as christianity- has nothing to do with Christ.
      And that Judeo-Christianity is an oxymoron, leading to mass cognitive dissonance in modern society

      Again, a big discussion. And this isn't the time or place for it

      Thanks for the comments, though!

    12. @Penny,
      thanks for Your comments (and patience) , too!