Friday, September 28, 2018

US Ambassador James Jeffrey: Assad "Sitting on A Cadaver State"

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 On Thursday, Amb. James Jeffrey, US Special Representative for Syria Engagement, described the Trump administration’s thinking about the future of Syria, including Syrian Kurdistan.

 Because of rapid recent developments in the Syrian conflict, the United States is pressuring the United Nations to implement its resolution that calls for the convening of a constitutional council which should include all countrymen, including Kurds in the northeast.
Jeffrey, speaking to reporters in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, laid out three well-known US objectives: 1) “enduring defeat” of the Islamic State (IS); 2) “reinvigoration of the political process;” and 3) “removal of all Iranian-commanded forces from the entirety of Syria.”

Questioned as to whether President Donald Trump had formally approved the idea that “a condition for US withdrawal from Syria will be the removal of Iranian forces and their proxies”—a big and difficult task—Jeffrey replied, The President wants us in Syria until that, and the other conditions are met.”

And of course, what is one of the other conditions? Iraq redux.

“Us [remaining] in Syria is not necessarily American boots on the ground,” he explained. “Boots on the ground have the current mission of the enduring defeat of [IS.]”

But “there are many ways we can be on the ground,” Jeffrey continued, giving several examples, including, “for many years” the US “had local allies on the ground in northern Iraq, and we provided air support.”

Iraq redux

“But I want to be clear here,Jeffrey continued, as he revealed a new dimension to US thinking, particularly relevant to the Kurdish position in Syria.

Jeffrey was referring to Operation Provide Comfortwhich helped deter Baghdad from attacking the Kurdistan Region from 1991 through 2003, when the US-led coalition overthrew Saddam Hussein and his regime.
That's right readers.. the US occupied northern Iraq building bases and enforcing a no fly zone until the finally overthrew the leader and destroyed the nation of Iraq. Leaving it in the pitiful state it is today.

Those twelve years of self-rule laid the basis for governance in the Kurdistan Region today—widely considered far more successful than governance in Iraq proper.

Indeed, speaking late last year, former National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, said, “It’s a miracle, almost, what happened in Northern Iraq,” referring to the Kurdistan Region.

It’s not a miracle- It was nurtured and supported. And, bull biscuits on the new dimension, I'm  so sick of this type of spin- Iraq's balkanziation was the plan all along.  Syria's balkanzation has been the plan all along. It’s been obvious and in your face. This is the same presentation 5 eyes alt media will begin to engage in, in very short order- Limited hang out disinfo to have you believe this was just happenstance.
So, as Jeffrey proposed, one possible outcome of the current situation is a prolonged stand-off between a US-led coalition, with a minimal presence on the ground, and a hostile Baathist regime. That would offer an opportunity to Kurds in Syria, similar to what Kurds in Iraq enjoyed

There's the plan. 
As I’ve written about it for years- Scott at nomadiceveryman has written about it for years..While others obfuscated for the empire.
PKK  in Raqqa
Jeffrey also affirmed that Syria’s Kurds “should participate” in the UN-led political process to determine Syria’s future.

Asked whether Kurds would be part of the talks led by Staffan de Mistura, the Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Syria, Jeffrey replied, “The SDF [Syrian Democratic Forces], which involves both Kurdish and Arab forces, are our allies in the fight against [IS.]”

“There is a position that we take, and that everyone else takes,” Jeffrey continued, “that all of the people in Syria, including the people in the northeast, should participate in the political process.”
Jeffrey’s press conference was part of a reinvigorated US effort that began with his appointment in late August to shape the outcome of the Syrian conflict.

Also, on Thursday, six countries—Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain—joined with the US to issue a statement calling on de Mistura “to convene, as quickly as possible, a credible, inclusive constitutional committee” to start “drafting a new Syrian constitution” to lay “the groundwork for free and fair UN-supervised elections.”
That is resisted by Syria and its Russian and Iranian allies. Jeffrey explained their perspective of just a few months ago—which has now been upended by the tough, new US policy on Syria, in which he is a central player.
Jeffrey pointed to Russian, Iranian, Syrian, Turkish, Israeli and US forces "bumping into each other" in or around the country.
I'm going to repeat that :Jeffrey pointed to Russian, Iranian, Syrian, Turkish, Israeli and US forces "bumping into each other" in or around the country.

Recall Russia outing the Israeli soldiers presence in Syria? In ISIS held territory?

Russian MOD: IL-20 Shootdown Fault Belongs to Israel

Russia outed the presence of IDF soldiers in Syria- As they (Russia) retrieved remains of IDF soldiers--- not one person who reads here will be shocked or surprised that Israeli military fully participated alongside their Kurdish and coalition allies in destroying Syria..

Jeffrey confirms Israeli's are present in Syria

Damascus and its allies believed the US was pulling its troops out of Syria, Jeffrey explained, as they prepared for their final military offensives.

Damascus was never that gullible.

“They would pretend to be participating in the political process,” placating the international community while creating new facts on the ground, which would make “the regime a reality.”

“Live with it,” would be the message, Jeffrey continued, and “let the reconstruction money flow.”

Indeed, the influx of refugees into Europe as a result of the upheavals in the Middle East, including in Syria, has had major political consequences in several European countries, and both Turkey and Russia use that as leverage: do what we ask—or there will be more refugees.
Turkey and Russia use that as leverage?? In point of fact didn’t the US kick of the whole refugee influx to Europe for the benefit of Israel, in order to keep the EU in line. Oh yes, they did!
It may appear that the regime has succeeded in re-establishing control over most of Syria, but Jeffrey highlighted the extent to which that was not so.

Bashar al-Assad holds only half of the Syrian territory, and “half the population is not under his control,” Jeffrey said.

Those people are “either in areas controlled by our allies and the partners in the northeast or by Turkish allies or Turks themselves in the northwest, a few even in our area around al-Tanf in the south.”

Including the refugees outside of Syria, “that’s over 10 million people,” he stated.
Assad is “sitting on a cadaver state with almost no economy, no access to his fuel and gas resources,” and “no hope” of reconstruction aid, because the US, “supported by a very strong majority in the European Union, is blocking that.”
That's one arrogant, ruthless individual promoting an agenda that fits his very evil essence.


  1. Russia knows that its very survival, as well as its allies...Iran, Syria ...and China...depend on a successful defense of the Syrian nation and its timely reconstruction. Having just returned from China I can submit that China has the world wide edge on reconstruction...having built 90% of its current infrastructure during THE LAST 20 YEARS!

    1. Hey GC:
      It's kind of odd to read allies of Russia as China and Iran... considering the history.

      But today the reality is Russia, Iran and Turkey have an allegiance through a common shared interest and China is... kind of hanging back. (IMO)

      Interesting about China and it's infrastructure construction- that's an amazing figure- 90 percent in the last 20 years- makes Canada a pathetic poor cousin :(

  2. Russia may supply Syria with Krasukha-S4 EW systems, Zhitel radar-jamming stations - developer


    1. interesting, but, doubtful Iraq will partake
      to fractured already- but then I could be mistaken

  4. Terrorists in Idlib must be eliminated - Lavrov
    Moscow regrets that U.S. failed to withdraw troops from Syria's al-Tanf - Lavrov

    1. I see there has been some movement between Idlib and Afghanistan- that's interesting..

  5. The US is not in a position to enforce what they did in Iraq in 1991 on Syria now. The situation is completely different. Syrian Army has not been defeated, they are receiving S-300, Turkey will receive S-400, is at the north border, and is opposed to US plans, in 1991 they gave crucial support to the US.
    Russia supports Syrias territorial integrity, and Iran has a presence and supports Syria as well.
    In 1991 Iraq was a defeat nation both from the Iran-Iraq war and gulf war. The US had support from the international community, Europe, Turkey, Syria and Iran.
    Israel is now being encircled, they will barely have control of their own airspace. Their ability to dominate their dominance neighbors is markedly reduced.
    So even if the US still plans this, it’s actually not possible.

    1. Hey Rescue:

      "The US is not in a position to enforce what they did in Iraq in 1991 on Syria now"

      They are doing their very best to get in this position.
      But I agree the deck is not stacked in their favour as before

      It looks to me, from what I've read there have been a whole lot of targeted assassinations and other goings on from Manbij eastward- Somebody or a couple of somebodies are weakening the opposition?

      "Syrian Army has not been defeated, they are receiving S-300, Turkey will receive S-400, is at the north border, and is opposed to US plans"

      Definitely going to make it much more difficult for the Usrael ally thug army!

      Agree on the cost of Iraq/Iran war for Iraq.. Left them very weakened!

  6. Its important to know that the west, NATO countries do now print or control their own money. The various FED reserve banks, foreign owned private banks control the money, therefor make policy.

    That explains the stupid statements Govt make, because they are not the real Govt. They do and say what they are told to do. They go to war when they are told to and it has nothing to do with right or wrong.

    1. anonymous:

      They are 'the government' in the eyes of the masses- the do govern, but, they are also governed. Or more likely manipulated, blackmailed and /or bought and paid for.

      Which is where we get into morality and right vs wrong.
      They all have a choice. Just as we do.

  7. Penny they do not Govern, we see the results of any that do not except a Fed Reserve printing their money.
    They personally live in comfort while selling out their country or the country is destroyed. That is their choice.

  8. ..."Assad "Sitting on A Cadaver State""...If the Syrians don't believe in this, it just won't happen. Same thing with the "Assad must go.."-line didnt happen.