Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fake News regarding alleged Khashoggi Death Squad Retracted

Of course, I’d seen the story about the death squad allegedly taking out the “journalist” Khashoggi !!! Read it and knew immediately the whole claim was a giant disinfo smokescreen pile of sensationalized rubbish. Wouldn’t touch it with a 100 ft pole. Took time to check multiple stories from other places- Particularly Turkish accounts and nothing of that sort was reported. Nothing.

Zero Hedge ran with it. Of course. When it comes to spreading disinfo as well as the mainstream Zero Hedge is right up there with the best of them. And then to exacerbate there non credibility, in my opinion, Tyler Durden followed up with more non credible excrement

5 eyes main stream and 5 eyes alternative all ran with this unsubstantiated. Unsourced. No context news.  As a result of that..... What am I reading today? Comments about the same nonsensical, unsubstantiated and quite frankly absurd story.
Clearly most people didn’t miss the spin.

But surely they missed the retraction.

Al-Jazeera distances itself from Khashoggi death claims, blames Reuters

Qatari broadcaster Al-Jazeera has distanced itself from a news item speculating that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered while visiting the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

Al-Jazeera Arabic, which had repeated the Reuters story extensively, has acknowledged the claims to be unverified and instead blamed newswire Reuters for the information.

The Reuters story cited only Turkish sources without naming them or providing any substantial evidence to support Khashoggi’s death claims.

“No Turkish media mentioned the Reuters news regarding Khashoggi. The story regarding dismembering and killing Khashoggi was only featured on Reuters and AFP.

Fake news. 

Related- not fake, but, well sourced information regarding Khasshogi

Missing "journalist" Jamal Khassoggi? Or Arms Trader Like Namesake Adnan Khashoggi?


  1. Not only Penny, but also Moon Of Alabama is sceptical: http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/10/mainstream-journos-are-pissed-that-their-beloved-saudi-clown-prince-nabs-one-of-their-class.html#comments

    Moon Of Alabama about Khashoggi:
    "…who comes from a very rich family, has long served the Saudi regime in editorial positions and was the media adviser to Prince Turki al-Faisal during his tenure as ambassador in London and Washington. He left Saudi Arabia last year out of fear of being targeted in the ongoing crackdown by clown prince Mohammad bin Salman. He ended up writing mildly critical columns for the Washington Post. Khashoggi is no liberal but a staunch supporter of Saudi system and its brutality. He had praised the beheading of Syrian soldiers by ISIS as an "effective psychological military tactic" and supported the abhorrent Saudi war on Yemen."


    1. Hi J

      Yah, I'm not big on the idea he's opposed to MBS.
      But it's a nice sell..
      I'n the post from a couple of days ago I spelled out more aspects about Jamal Khashoggi- not the least of which is his connection to one of the biggest arms dealers of his day- Adnan- which is how the Khashoggi's acquired their wealth

      And his connection to OBL- Osama Bin Laden

    2. Hi Penny1
      This all reminds me a bit of that "disappearing" of that politician from Lebanon some months ago, when he visited Riyadh. But then he showed up again as if nothing had happened.

      The regime in Washington (this is more than Trump) always favoured another fraction of the house of Saud - not MBS.
      Also MBS seems to act more independently than the regime in Washington would like.

      But my main speculation would be this: The brutal power gab of MBS some months ago could never have left a stable situation in Saudi-Arabia. See this article from mid July: "MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN'S REIGN OF TERROR WILL NOT MAKE SAUDI ARABIA STABLE" - https://www.middleeasteye.net/columns/mohammed-bin-salmans-silencing-dissent-bound-be-suicide-strategy-long-term-1946408243

      What I guess is, that the CIA (and others) know more than us. And that they know that there is some hitting back coming against MBS by those he incarcerated and humiliated and dispossessed (by billions(!) of dollars). And the regime in Washington wants to be on the winning side.
      Also Jamal Khashoggi is opposed to MBS (while not at all opposed to this disgusting Saudi dictatorship per se). So he may very well have been ready to play in this game (against MBS).

      What sticks into my eye is this whole totally overdone story of Jamal Khashoggi just wanting to get papers from the embassy for his marriage - while his future wife waits outside until midnight 'crying in the wind`! This story is definitely composed!


    3. "What sticks into my eye is this whole totally overdone story of Jamal Khashoggi just wanting to get papers from the embassy for his marriage - while his future wife waits outside until midnight 'crying in the wind`! This story is definitely composed! "

      I said as much myself J.
      It's a heart string puller and I don't believe it..
      and stated that in the previous post-

      "The fiance places him in the consulate. The story goes something like he went to get a marriage licence and left his poor bride standing outside. That seems really silly."

      Created to draw in suckers.

      As for division in the Saudi elites
      It's present
      As for the division between Turkey and Saudi Arabia- it's real too
      covered in previous post and someone wants to make that worse

      That theme will be covered in my next post.

    4. Addition:
      Much more is unbelievable!
      What is also unbelievable is, that Khashoggi is supposed to have been murdered exactly in an Saudi embassy! Why would Saudi hit men - without any need! - draw suspicion to the Saudi government or MBS?
      Also: His fiancée Hatice Cengiz waited for Khashoggi outside the consulate. A WITNESS who can give evidence that Khashoggi went in there and didn't come out again? What hit man would do a stupid job like this??!! This story is even more unbelievable than this Skripal fairy-tale of the lying Brits!

      Also: Why would you need 15(!) men being flown in from Saudi-Arabia to kill ONE man?

      Also: If Khashoggi was murdered within the embassy then of cause the killer now would have a problem with his dead body!! A real hit men (from Mafia, CIA, MI6, MI6) would have killed Khashoggi somewhere in Istanbul. No body-problem, no "dismembering the body"! No witness. Or kill Khashoggi in his own Appartment/Hotelroom - and make it even look like a suicide.

      As far as we know Khashoggi was not protected by only as much as one bodyguard. So why not put a killer on a moped and at the next red-light shoot Khashoggi through the window of his car/taxi? No 15(!) men needed! No need to get rid of a body! No witness (fiancée Hatice Cengiz) that could point at a Saudi embassy or rather the Saudi government/MBS.

      I don't want to spoil my karma, but I have also the idea of let's say put some poison in KhashoggiIs Turkish coffee while he sits in a Turkish cafeteria and doesn't watch (or goes to the bathroom). Or put a bomb in his car. Or let a fake taxi-driver suddenly turn around and shoot him in an empty street, then leave the stolen car with his body. Khashoggi must have been totally unaware of an attack. Because it makes no sense:
      1. there was no reason to kill him - he was not well known or important.
      2. there was no reason to kill him EXACTLY NOW! Why now??!!

      Now I am waiting for a permanent change of the story - like with the Skripal-story - because nothing really adds up.


    5. Hi J

      I haven't checked this morning for the latest news on this incident- but will soon enough...

      we'll say how this plays out. sooner rather then later

    6. "I haven't checked this morning for the latest news on this incident"
      Hi Penny, not to worry! Also I do believe we will not hear from any news or new developments on this case for some time.
      Remember the Lebanese prime minister Hariri? When invited/ordered to Riyadh by MbS he disappeared for several weeks, then reappeared and - looking very confused - declared, still in Riyadh, his abdication from his position as prime minister. Then he returned to Beirut and declared his abdication from his abdication.
      So we will probably also hear nothing of Khashoggi for several weeks.

      Also we have information that has not been evaluated yet.
      Fiancée Hatice Cengiz, for example, believes strongly that Khashoggi was kidnapped - and not at all killed (I'd also believe more in a kidnapping than in a hit job).
      But interesting is also that we are not told from our MSM why she believes that. You can bet, Penny, that Mrs. Cengiz was asked that from that one or several reporters ("what makes You think that, Mrs. Cengiz?"). But they don't tell us.

      Interesting also this waiting "way after midnight" (so the German MSM) by Mrs. Cengiz in front of the embassy. More we are not told.

      Let's take a closer look at that, Penny:
      1) First of all, why didn't she get inside the embassy with her love and future husband in the first place? I would have been very curious to know how a Saudi embassy looks like. Mrs. Cengiz is a Turk as her name "Cengiz" tells us. Also the couple didn't' expect any trouble. And if they had felt uncomfortably it would have been much better for Mrs. Cengiz to accompany her love into the embassy. If also Mrs. Cengiz - obviously a Turkish citizen - had also been kidnapped/killed, there would have been a riot in all of Turkey and the wind would blow much harder into MbS' face!
      The fact, that Mrs. Cengiz didn't accompany her love into the embassy again smells strange.

      2) The Saudi embassy in Istanbul closes at 3 pm (see: https://www.embassypages.com/missions/embassy25017/ ).
      Khashoggi certainly didn't come at the last minute. Let's say he entered the embassy at 2:30 pm. And now we are told Mrs. Cengiz waited outside until "way after midnight"? Let's assume Mrs. Cengiz waited until 0:30 h. So she waited for 10(!) hours outside the embassy! And this is all we hear from that.
      a) Didn't Mrs. Cengiz at least try to call Khashoggi with her cell phone? Fist time she should try a call - or at least now go into the embassy herself - when at 3 pm the people working in the embassy started to close it for the public.
      b) Second time she should have tried to call up Khashoggi when the people working at the embassy left and headed home for their families. But she didn't make a call to Khashoggi!
      c) She then should have called the embassy itself (tel.-number: See the link above of the embassy). And, yes, she probably didn't have the tel.-number of the embassy. But then she would have called a friend - or even a friend of her Khashoggi - and ask them to look up the number and call her back then.
      But she didn't' do anything of that (and it makes no sense that MSM would hide this information from us)!
      d) And, yes, she should have made a million calls to all of her friends, when all working in the embassy left, and when, around 6 pm it was already dark and all lights in the windows of the embassy were dark. And nearly everyone of her friends she could have called would insisted that she immediately calls the Istanbul Police.
      But we don't hear all that.
      e) And than it gets 7 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm, 11 pm, midnight - and Mrs. Cengiz does …. nothing! Her namesake Cengiz Khan would definitely have done something!
      I hope Mrs. Cengiz it least had her knitting with her while waiting more than 10 hours for her love - and doing nothing!


    7. Sorry, Penny, but one point more:
      f) These embassies are protected very tightly by the local police-station (opposite to the Turkish embassy in Hamburg there is even a little hut with a policeman inside -24 hours a day). If Mrs. Cengiz really had waited until "way after midnight" opposite to the embassy, every 10 minutes a car of the local police-station would have stopped their slow drive and stopped before her and asked her for her identity card. And they would have also asked her, what she was doing in front of the Saudi embassy!
      Also You, Penny, can bet, that the Police would have looked for a bomb and asked Mrs. Cengiz to at least open her bag, so the police could take a look inside.