Friday, October 19, 2018

Go Away "Sir" Bob Geldof

And take Bono with you!

"Sir"Bob Geldof is one of those people who should not be revered.  He is a false idol.  
He deserves no idealization. No special status. And is certainly in no position to judge anyone.. since he cannot live up to the standards he measures others by!

"Putin and Erdogan, Trump and Xi Jinping – all these people are not leaders, they are gang bosses," said Mr Geldof. "Their authority comes through force and fear."
"As individuals, they may survive as the gang boss, but ultimately, their system will fail because it can never give to the people that which all individual people need and crave – which is freedom," he said.

Where does Sir Bob's authority come from? It comes from perception management applied on a massive scale. He's a packaged product to push a specific agenda. Period.

Bob Geldoff- Venture Capitalist/Global Profiteer/ Enterprising Investor

Bob Geldof has a sales pitch for Africa

Africa is a unique opportunity because it is a “blank slate.” A lack of investment left what Geldof terms “corkers,” firms poised to take off once they get capital.

Although the continent’s status as the “resource mother lode of the planet” is important, he stressed that the extractive industries only account for a quarter of the economy.

“Agriculture is the basis of all the total African economy across the board. Not resources. 

Agriculture. Agriculture is the growth area,” Geldof said.

He's not talkin' feeding the starving. He's talking making profits.

Let's recall Bob Geldoff the arms buyer? He had to have known, despite, his denials. There is NO WAY he did not!

Sorry Bob, Band Aid millions DID pay for guns: Charity's man in Ethiopia tells his disturbing story

Now the BBC has reported that substantial amounts of money  -  some of it raised by Band Aid  -  were siphoned away from relief efforts and went to fund guns for Ethiopian warlords during the Eighties.

Bob Geldof has responded with a vitriolic attack, dismissing the story as 'total b******s' and accusing the BBC of a 'total collapse of standards'. He has branded the BBC World Service a 'rotten old cherry'.
Name calling Sir Bob?
He said: 'Produce one shred of evidence, one iota of evidence, and I promise you I will professionally investigate it, and I will sue the Ethiopian government, who were the rebels at the time, if there is any money missing, for that money back now.'
He added: 'Let me be specific. There is not a single shred of evidence that Band-Aid money was diverted. It could not have been.' 
The CIA, in a 1985 report, also alleged aid money was being misused and 'diverted for military purposes'.

A successful government overthrow needs weapons..
Today, for the first time, the Band Aid man on the ground in Ethiopia speaks out exclusively to The Daily Mail, saying he believes it is possible that up to 20 per cent of donor's money went to fund the rebels.
Furthermore, he told me that he personally sympathised with the rebel cause he calls 'a liberating force', and travelled in convoys he suspected were transporting arms to them.
John James was Band Aid Field Director in Ethiopia from 1985-91 and was awarded an MBE for his charity work. He says: 'I would be surprised if it were any less than 10-20 per cent of funds were diverted to the rebels.
'Did I sympathise with the rebels? Yes. We would not have tolerated any direct assistance in the purchase of arms or condoned it, but just remember it was a highly complex situation.'
James, a farmer who is now 85 and living in Devon, adds: 'I think it is ridiculous for anybody to claim that not one penny of aid money was diverted.

Geldof Denies Live Aid Money Used For Arms 

BBC Report 

Forgotten history, sure, but the past affects the future. Bob Geldoff is just another geo-political player on a global scale. Manipulating you and I for profit. Profit at any cost.
But, a great humanitarian? He is not!


  1. Hi Penny:

    Another great post! I have come to think of Bob Geldof as just like John Perkins [author of "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"]....another asset to facilitate the banksters' agenda. Geldoff should write "Confessions of a pseudo Rock Star/Economic Change agent"

  2. Great expose on the JEW Bob Geldof and how he is nothing more than a con artist who was never in these "aid" organizations other than to line his own pocket..

    And I did several articles before exposing the reality that every single cent collected by that "band aid" bullshit in 1985 went directly to purchasing arms to kill more people in the Ethiopian-Eritrea-Somalian horn of Africa "civil war" that had been waged through American proxy forces well into the 1990's.....

  3. Take a look at many other 'Sirs' made by the Queen of Spades.

  4. I've never thought of Bob Geldorf at all, but his being honoured by the Queen would have wiped him off my books anyway. Besides, 'The Mamas and the Papas" did a much better "Monday" song in the mid-late '60's.

    Band Aid has two meanings and the second one brings to mind its utter uselessness on a gaping wound.

    Good on you, Penny, for exposing yet another fraud!