Monday, October 29, 2018

Record Payout to "Big Wind" for Producing Nothing. Nothing at all

Wind Turbines... Detestable. 
Over payed to produce electricity then paid to not produce electricity
Mass murdering birds, always.
Unsightly monstrosities

At least while these turbines were down they weren't killing our feathered friends!

 The Times UK
A record £4.8m was paid to wind farm operators in the space of one day, for switching off turbines when it became too windy.
More than 60 farms — most in Scotland — were compensated after electricity supply outstripped demand on October 8. The bonanza far exceeded the previous reported record of £3.1m, sparking fresh criticism of the Scottish government’s headlong rush towards green energy.

In exceptionally windy conditions, the National Grid cannot cope with the extra energy turbines produce, so firms receive “constraint payments” to shut down.

This type of energy production cannot be considered "green" unless one is referencing the green implied by the excessive profiteering?


Wind Energy Takes a Toll On Bird Population- Now There’s Help? 

 As mentioned I love birds... and ask again why when the carbon cult pushes the meme of "human forced" global warming reducing bird populations do they never, ever, ever mention their huge bird slaughtering turbines as an issue....

It's a subject that's never broached. Swept under the rug. Same way as Toronto sweeps up all the dead birds that fly into their sky scrapers.

As an actual environmentally friendly person- this cover up bothers me. Quite a lot!

From earlier today: 

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  1. Hi Penny: When I was in Shanghai, China and environs...even out in the rural parts, I noticed there were almost NO birds! It was a culture shock for me...coming from an area where I am woken up each morning by birds chirping [and cawing]. This is the future of our planet unless we wake up. Endless "Silent Springs".

    1. Now that it's been so unseasonably cold- I've missed the birds early morning singing- windows closed/furnace already heating the house. Plus the birds sing to the sun and it hasn't been sunny for a while now.

      The whole turbine thing really gets me angry- Don't know how many are around your parts but around here.. they are massive (lake erie shore and up towards Hamilton)

      You can see how many are around where I live that can be seen for miles and miles..

      there are more then 200 in Haldimand-
      60 plus in Niagara where I live, but, we can see the Haldimand ones... as far away as they are from us we can see them when out an about
      Imagine all the birds those have killed just around where I live
      never mind all the other turbines everywhere else!!!!

      Sadly bald eagles have made a come back round these parts just in time for them to be slaughtered by the turbines

    2. I too have noticed the dearth of birds in this part of central Canada... But that can be linked to the lack of insect activity as well....

      It is sad to see our avian population's demise.

    3. Hey North!

      What a sweet deal for the wind turbine slaughter operators

      7.9 million pounds for two days of NOT producing electricity..

      wonder how many other days and how much money was paid for not producing electricity..?

      The article suggests the high electricity rates are hurting consumers- just like here in Ontario...

      and yes the birds... which seems to bother very few, if any, of the green groups out there