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5 Indicators the US Will Escalate Soon in Syria. And Beyond.

 I alluded to this fact in a post from a couple of days ago. This is something I’ve wanted to write about for nearly two weeks now, but, haven’t been able to get to.  Well today is the day.
There have been recent indicators that the US is prepping an escalation in Syria which will spread into the wider region. As intended.

First: The announcement of US outposts along the Syrian/Turkish border. 

This US move was a direct amping up of the war. to increase the power or force of (something)
Despite the US claims of assisting Turkey and securing them from terrorism. They are not.
The US is protecting their proxy forces and prepping for future moves against Turkey.  And Iran. The US is NOT protecting Turkey.
Mad Dog Mattis

 DOD   Nov. 21, 2018 WASHINGTON
The U.S. military is setting up several observation posts in Syria beside the border with Turkey, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said.

The purpose of the OPs is to provide Turkey with military intelligence of any terrorist elements moving into Turkey from Syria, said Mattis, speaking at a Pentagon press briefing today.

The move comes following close consultation and collaboration with Turkey, both at the military and State Department levels, he added.

“Turkey, a NATO ally, has legitimate concerns about terrorist threats and from where they’re emanating,” Mattis said. “We don’t dismiss any of their concerns.”

The OPs will be manned by troops who are already operating in the area in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, he said. There will not be an increase in troop levels to accomplish this mission.
What "troops" are already operating in the area? Oh yes, coalition troops allied with PKK/YPG proxies. So the observation posts will be manned by Turkey's enemies...

The observation points are designed to prevent clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), comprised mostly of the Kurdish YPG, and Turkey, Mattis said, noting that Ankara has "legitimate" concerns about terror threats in Syria and the U.S. does not dismiss any of its concerns, while addressing reporters at the Pentagon.
US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, told observation points will be installed in several regions of Turkey will be built to warn against potential threats.

Mattis, the observation point is designed to avoid possible conflict between Turkey and the DSG said.

Turkey, USA and Syria in the north of Syria ypg'n Democratic Forces (DSG) to carry out joint patrols against. The US uses the DSG as an effective force in the fight against ISIS.
 Could US observatory posts in northern Syria spell trouble for Turkey?
The Pentagon says the planned posts in northern Syria are meant to ease Turkey's border concerns, but it also describes Ankara's recent military operations in the region as "instability"

2: The derision of Astana in 5 eyes media vs all other media coverage. 
Non 5 eyes aligned media treated the meetings as if they had credibility. 5 eyes aligned media did not. The last Astana meeting, the 11th, was heavily ridiculed in the media. Including in an official state department announcement.

Syria divided.
Syria: Astana 11 affirms preservation of Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity
The guarantor states of the Astana process (Iran, Russia and Turkey) reiterated their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria and the continuation of the fight against terrorism.

In Astana 11 final statement, the guarantor states reaffirmed their determination to fight terrorism in Syria in order to ultimately eliminate Daesh (ISIS), Jabhat al-Nusra and all other entities associated with them.

The statement rejected all attempts to create new facts on the ground under the pretext of combating terrorism in Syria and rejected the separatist agendas aimed at undermining the sovereignty and unity of Syrian territory.
Turkish coverage:
Ahead of the meeting, Alexander Lavrentiev, the Russian president's special envoy for Syria, told reporters that the establishment of a constitutional committee for a new constitution, the ceasefire in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, the problems of refugees and the fight against terrorism will be discussed in the meeting.

A meeting of the Astana Working Group established for the release of prisoners is also expected to be held.
Iranian coverage:
An Iranian delegation headed by Senior assistant to Iran's foreign minister Hossein Jaberi-Ansari, Russian Presidential Envoy for Astana talks Alexander Lavrentiev, and Turkey's Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal represent the peace guarantor countries, he added.

The UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura and a Jordanian representative attend the talks as well. US does not take part in the current round of the meeting.
Onto the 5 eyes/NATO coverage - Daily Mail: Washington says Astana process produced Syria 'stalemate'
The Astana process by Russia, Iran and Turkey to end the Syrian conflict has only led to a "stalemate" in efforts to establish a constitutional committee crucial to a political settlement, the US said on Thursday.
"Russia and Iran continue to use the process to mask the Assad regime's refusal to engage in the political process" under UN auspices, Nauert said.
The State Department statement

We all should work to achieve the goals as laid out in UNSCR 2254 to include de-escalation and a reinvigorated political process, but strongly believe success is not possible without the international community holding Damascus fully accountable for the lack of progress in resolving the conflict

The Astana 3 take their meetings seriously. The 5 eyes media presents the Astana meetings as a giant waste of time, impeding political settlement and not holding Damascus to account. Very divergent points of view. One could say two opposing presentations. Telling us that the USrael led coalition is still looking to regime change Damascus ie: hold accountable. Fully.

3rd: News that the US will pivot towards Iran

Covered a while ago in this post:  Is The US Pivoting the Fight In Syria Toward A War With Iran? YES!
A similar incident could give Bolton and the others a pretext to convince Trump to launch a bombing campaign on Iranian military infrastructure. If Trump strikes Iran, the American forces would be engaged in a Middle East war zone that would span four contiguous countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan

Getting into WW3 type territory when we consider that vast war 'theatre'

4th: In a classic sort of misrepresentation of intentions- It's Russia that will soon escalate in Syria. 

Not the US, of course....Which will of course require that, desired and planned for all along, escalation by the US. I came across these news article today and they served to solidify the concept that the US will escalate in Syria. And beyond.

Expect Russia to escalate soon in Syria

Russia's particular gripe is the ongoing presence of U.S. forces in north and eastern Syria. While those forces are primarily deployed to fight the Islamic State, they also help deter Turkish attacks on Kurdish settlements, and Syrian-Russian-Iranian attacks on Sunni fighters/residents east of the Euphrates river valley. Vladimir Putin knows that until the U.S. removes its forces from Syria, he'll be unable to ensure that Bashar Assad's government dominates all other Syrian actors. In addition, Putin won't be able to use his leverage over Iran in order to win concessions from the Saudis and Israel. 

The Russian military has repeatedly threatened attacks on U.S. forces and against civilians in areas like Idlib governate. But Putin has also promoted an absurd diplomatic process known as the Astana track. This track is outside of the U.S. and Syrian rebel-supported Geneva framework, and exists simply to give Assad cover to end the Syrian civil war on his terms. Unsurprisingly, the U.S. has rejected Astana for the lie that it is

Russian military repeatedly threatens the US? Oh really?
And there's more of that ridiculing Astana-  A series of meetings that have been largely ignored by the 5 eyes msm and alt. A now, simply dismissed as ridiculous.
But now the Kremlin is freaking out again. Last Friday, the Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman decried that "the U.S., which had observer status at the Astana format, abstained from sending its representative to the 11th international meeting of high-level representatives on Syria. It appears that our U.S. partners have their own plans for Syria, and they show little concern for efforts to achieve a political peace settlement in that country." 
Although utterly absurd, this Russian agitation reflects a disappointment that the U.S. has been unwilling to recognize Russian hegemony in Syria.
Russia is presented as irrational. Is it irrational to point out the US is unwillingly to work diplomatically? I don't think so.  Of course, it is to the Usrael agenda of expansionism and remaking the region.
Russia's 'hegemony' in Syria? Oh, really?

5th: The US is going to be forced into a war in Syria

U.S. Could Be Set for Another Iraq War in Syria

The U.S. may be headed down a similar path in Syria as it was in the lead-up to the Iraq War in 2003, a conflict that vastly changed the dynamics of the region and entrenched the Pentagon in the country to this day.

 Isn't this exactly what the US and Israel have wanted all along? Of course it is.
image reappeared here in 2017 from an earlier still post

As was the case in Iraq, the U.S. has also been accused by Russia of playing a "dangerous game" in Syria by allegedly attempting to divide the country through its backing of Kurdish groups, some of which hold separatist aspirations and have struggled to negotiate with Damascus.

How long have I written here about the agenda to remake the region? How many years now? 
While the 5 eyes msm and alt obfuscate, I've been telling it as it appears to me for years now.

Kurdistan: Impeding the New Silk Road/Rimland Vs Heartland

 Here's one from more then 4 years ago.... followed by dozens and dozens documenting this plan..

Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis - The Impending Destruction of Turkey.

 Israel, Kurds and that special relationship....
Notice how the Kurds rely on the Israeli creation myth to justify  their own nation?
Though historically.... same as Israel. Their claim to the land is questionable.

America Must Recognize Kurdistan Just as they recognized Israel?
“Thus, just as Israel was re-established as a Jewish state in 1948, the Kurds have yearned for self-rule”
Israel was re-established? I had no idea there ever was a nation of Israel prior to it’s creation in 1948.
I thought Israel was a man, originally named Jacob? How is it Israel was "re-established"

“Perhaps a parallel history explains the longstanding friendship between Kurds and Jews, for the Kurdish experience (citing Sèvres) recapitulates Israel"s (citing Balfour)”
 And finally, one last observation:

This Friday December 7/2018 - has potential for some type of incident. I could be wrong, but, let's say my spidey senses are tingling...


  1. Along comes another article about US justification for occupying Syria..
    false flag potential is enormous...
    (Iraq and Saddam using chems against Kurds- misrepresentation and false flag I've long conclued Saddam didn't 'gas the kurds' that was the usual kurd vs kurd violence giving credence to US intervention- which the US wanted all along)

    To Stay in Syria, Trump Will Need to Make the Case

    "The legality of any prolonged U.S. deployment rationalized by the threat of Iran is tenuous at best. When President Barack Obama ordered intervention against ISIS in 2014, he was able to justify it through the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), the salient portion of which runs just 60 words long and which was signed days after the 9/11 attacks, but which has since become the backstop of U.S. counterterror operations for 17 years."

    9/11 cui bono?

    Department of Defense officials say U.S. boots on the ground will help staunch Iran’s ambitions and further protect Israel.

    Israel and the US. of course. alongside the military industrial terror complex

    The dems won't prevent a thing...

  2. and more:
    god, i've got to get away from this blog!!
    these two comments will either be included in the above post or perhaps a new one- not sure?
    no matter though- escalation/false flag is coming

    US to discredit Assad and Russia over alleged chemical weapons attack


    Ten days after the Syrian regime and Russia accused the Syrian opposition of carrying out an alleged chemical weapons attack in Aleppo, the Trump administration is set to release a statement on Tuesday discrediting those allegations.

    Instead, Washington will describe a tear gas attack that Syrian regime forces themselves carried out in the area.

    Bloomberg first reported on Tuesday that the White House will release a statement concluding that the November 24 incident was essentially a false-flag operation by the regime and Russia.

    One diplomatic source and a Syrian opposition source in contact with the administration confirmed to The National plans for such a statement.

    The US will say that the material used in the attack was not chlorine but tear gas, Bloomberg said.

    Seeds being sown