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Pt.2: Gilet Jaunes/Yellow Vests Are Visible to Jupiter

Continuing on with the Yellow Vests protests. Do read the first part- All this information needs to be taken in together for the simple reason it provides better understanding that way.

Pt. 1: Gilet Jaunes/Yellow Vests Vs the Yellow "Leaders" of France

Whaat? Jupiter? Why, Jupiter? Jupiter, indeed!  Macron is known alternatively, perhaps with derision, as Jupiter. For background go back to coverage of the Benalla affair- (there are additional references to Macron as Jupiter that can be found elsewhere) And Jupiter can see the Yellow Vests. They are very high visibility. Like stars in the night sky.....

Mars and Jupiter
 Mars & Jupiter Fall To Earth- Macron & the Benalla Affair
He saw the presidency as occupying a “Jupiterian” role above the partisan squabbling that had bedevilled France for so long
Gallier2 sent along the link to this article in French  he included his own footnotes for context

This article from Boulevard Voltaire (not to be confused with Voltaire Net from Thierry Messan in Syria) show how Laurent Nuñes, deputy interior minister has set up the looting at the arc de Triomphe and how he was shut by the Gilets Jaunes.

Here the yandex translation post-edited by me (I added some footnotes to give some context)

1 December 2018, 12: 14 pm: BFM cameras are placed in front of the flame of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe. Around the bow, vandals wearing yellow vests attacked small groups of CRS and tagged the monument. Laurent Nuñez, our Deputy Minister of the interior, is on the BFM(1) studio. Snap ! Close - up of the flame and appearance of a minister's insert. A suspicious mind might have thought that everything was in place for him to comment live on the desecration of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
We'll get to BFM in short order.. First I'll include some additional information, sent to me, regarding Nunez (mentioned in the linked article) Let's call it the inside track, okay?
"Oh, I forgot to mention that Nuñes while being only deputy minister is the real power at the interior ministry. He is the former director of the DCRI (inside spooks). Castaner, the official Interior minister is only a meat puppet. He's so stupid and limited that his nickname is Rantanplan (the stupid dog in the Lucky Luke cartoons). He is completely controlled because of his history of poker gambling and strange whereabouts with the Marseille mob. So, Nuñes is more important than his media exposition would suggest."
Back to the linked article as translated and footnooted
And here, patatras: the predictable scenario, not to say the expected scenario, is disturbed by a battalion of authentic yellow vests who kneel before the tomb and sing "La Marseillaise". In the studio, the minister remains silent. He seems taken by surprise. Then Laurent Nuñez, revived by the journalist on duty, starts to recite elements of language that fall completely flat in this new context : "Uh, yes... you see that they sing "La Marseillaise", but you see that's not what we see on the ground. "Translate what you see with your own eyes is less reliable than what the government and media tell you"
But the most striking thing is yet to come ; still under the blow of this impromptu "Marseillaise", the secretary of State subconsciously spits out the piece : twice, he repeats " the image that I want to retain, the image that I want to retain [you will have correctly translated the image that we want to give of this movement], these are people who are extremely violent, who have come to break and who are attacking the forces of law and order(2) ". This was in total contradiction to what was on the screen at the time, but it corresponds exactly to the images that the media served to the French throughout the rest of the day. A suspicious mind would say that Laurent Nuñez simply was in cahoots, which he admitted almost live, with the media and the police power to light, in Paris and if possible in the provinces, the fuses to ignite the powder keg.
Clearly whatever was planned or hoped for by the interior minister did not come to fruition and he was left with egg on his face- Trying to spin the scene. Don't believe what you see. Believe what I tell you to see.
Conspiracy, you say ? Well, it seems to me that we have the choice, in this case, between being conspirationists or being idiots, since our Deputy Minister of the interior also explained to us that there were 4,000 CRS and gendarmes deployed in Paris for 5,000 demonstrators, and 60,000 police deployed in the provinces for 70,000 demonstrators. If, under these conditions, the forces were overwhelmed, there are only three possible explanations : either those who direct our forces of order are null and void, or political power has crudely lied about numbers, or this power has deliberately organized chaos.
But why would our leaders have exploited the extreme left militias and the robbers ? A first explanation is necessary : it was obviously a question of separating the yellow vests by heart (3) from the yellow vests in the field (4) by discrediting the movement. Unfortunately, it's déjà vu all over again (5), seen dozens of times in the last 30 years. It has almost become the 1-01 of the management of social movements. Another explanation is possible, but it is also more worrisome. On Sunday morning, the police Alliance union called for the establishment of a state of emergency, to which Minister Castaner replied that the hypothesis was not taboo.
Nor was it necessary to ignite social networks, where many commentators fear that this dangerous climate could be used as a pretext for Emmanuel Macron to severely repress peaceful demonstrators or even to activate article 16 of the Constitution in order to temporarily arrogate to himself full powers. Come on, Come on ... let's not fall into conspirationism 
1) BFM TV is the private news channel owned by the Israeli Drahi. It is the worst propaganda outlet and it's so bad that its "journalist" get kicked out by the yellow vests wherever they appear.
2) The expression "forces of law and order" in english sounds strange, it's the direct translation of "forces de l'ordre" which is the usual name for the police, be they riot police or not.
3) He means people who do not wear the yellow vest but are sympathetic to the movement, like me and millions of others.
4) He means those that are really out in the streets.
5) Couldn't resist to add this Yogi Berra bon mot.

As for the yellow vest movement itself, it's still going on everywhere with not to much media coverage. There were 10 or 20 yellow west all the day at the entrance of the big commercial zone here in Thionville and people driving by (they didn't block the traffic) were honking in support. I was with son to the Renault garage because he will make an intership for the school there and in 15 minutes I was there I spoke with 4 person who were all very positive about the yellow vests. It is a deep, deep ground swell movement, much more profound than anything that I have seen yet.
While the media's attention is on the "hot spots", big city locales, where sadly it's easier to use provocateurs it's clear from the personal account told by Gallier2 that widely dispersed protestors are out speaking to the public. Everyday.  

Gallier 2 has also provided these additional links:


Funny article shared by Eva Bartlett

Videos of agents provocateurs

Too be continued....................

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