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Rebrand Alert: Syrian Kurds/SDF to Rojova Kurds/Selling Annexation

How many times has the concept of rebranding been discussed here? More times then I can even recall. If you are at all unfamiliar with the concept of rebranding..
"Rebranding is the creation of a new look and feel for an established product or company"
The fact that those labelled "Syrian kurds" are known to not be actual Syrian kurds (though some, but not most, may be Syrian) is a problem.. for Usrael's remake team. 
What to do? What to do? 
Rebrand, of course.

Rebrand. Same product. Well established. New name to obfuscate

There are three aspects to the rebrand agenda:
  • 1st: Disassociate the ties between PKK and YPG  
  • 2nd: Disassociate Syria, the nation, from the US backed Kurdish destabilizers by rebranding them as Rojova Kurds. This is also known as moving the goal posts. an informal logical fallacy in which previously agreed upon standards for deciding an argument are arbitrarily changed once they have been met. This is usually done by the "losing" side of an argument in a desperate bid to save face.
  • 3rd: Offers up a possibility to obfuscate Turkish displeasure with US balkanization plans by associating the "Rojova Kurds" with a new nation, wanting freedom and all that rhetoric while Turkey is presented as 'bad'. In the usual simplistic media presenation methodology.
The US backed Kurds, outed as PKK, are still called Syrian Kurds. But that needs to change in order to separate Rojova from Syria. Though this is unacceptable to Damascus. 

Meeting professors and students from Damascus University on Sunday, al-Moallem said the visit of President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir to Damascus on Saturday is another step towards breaking the siege imposed on Syria.
About the situation in the northeastern part of Syria, the Minister said that no-one in Syria accepts any talk of independent or federal entities, and that the state’s decision is to restore sovereignty over every inch of Syria.

This is the agenda. The YPG/PKK have been one and the same all along.  Though the media, 5 eyes alt and msm, calls them Syrian Kurds. The US has acknowledged the PKK angle on several occasions. Turkey makes it plain. For myself, it was obvious long ago and this has been written about several times here.

Since Turkey is going to be non compliant with the remake agenda what better way to obfuscate the remake plan and demonize Turkey through a rebranding of the same fighters while associating them with Syria's stolen/annexed and occupied territory. Another issue rarely mentioned in the always murky media. Alt and mainstream. Rojova is Syria. The national government  of Syria does not recognize "Rojova" as anything but Syrian territory.
 It's pretty much the US/Israel/Germany/Canada/France  that persist in using this label. Oh and Australia too.

Keep in mind, because this fact is pertinent, that Peshmerga is the name given to fighters from the Iraqi Kurdish region- This does NOT preclude PKK. It's merely an association with Iraq's Kurdish region.

Of course Israeli media is all over the rebrand.
The  Jerusalem Post article below is the second piece I've seen this past week covering this likely rebrand. Inconsistencies will be highlighted.
JPost- Can these Kurdish fighters help the US out of a Crisis in Syria?

"The Rojava Peshmerga stand against ISIS as Turkey and US tussle over the Kurdish future"
That's a farce. Rojova Peshmerga 'stands against ISIS'
"The long, lonely road from Dohuk in the Kurdistan region to Sinjar, the site of the ISIS genocide of Yazidis, is symbolic of Iraq’s recent tragedies. It passes villages and towns destroyed in the fighting with ISIS. A patchwork of different armed groups have also struggled for control over the road in the last years, and from 2015 to 2017 a group of Kurdish fighters known as the Rojava Peshmerga controlled part of it.
Today, some in the US and Kurds in northern Iraq think this group may help forestall a crises with Turkey"
Dohuk in the Kurdish region of Iraq- Sound familiar to any readers here? It should.
Dohuk to Sinjar should sound familiar as well?
Dohuk is PKK land.. in Iraq's "Kurdish region"
Dohuk and Sinjar have been mentioned in several previous posts.

JP continued: "US envoy to Syria James Jeffrey spoke at the Atlantic Council on December 17, saying that there is a “deployment of the Rojava Peshmerga across the border, that was done with our understanding and the understanding of the SDF, that is one of the various steps being taken.” Currently this deployment consists of only dozens of these men. But who are they and why are they important?
I met the Rojava Peshmerga in December 2015 on the road to Sinjar. At the time these men were doing checkpoint duty along dozens of kilometers of the lonely road from Rabia to Snune. A Lt. Col. from the unit said his regiment controlled 30km of road.
We are from Rojava [eastern Syria’s Kurdish region] and have taken parts in battles near Mosul, Rabia and Sinjar,” he said.
As the men warmed themselves by a small heater and drank sweet tea, the officer described how his men numbered two brigades of fighters. He described them as refugees who had fled to northern Iraq in the early years of the Syrian civil war; they were Kurds, persecuted by the Syrian regime"
The Rojova Peshmerga fought ISIS in Iraq, but, now they want to return to Syria because they are at odds with the YPG? If they were from Syria, why didn't they just stay and fight ISIS in their supposed home nation? Why did they relocate to Iraq to fight ISIS in Iraq?

As the war in Syria escalated, the YPG came to control areas in what Kurds call Rojava. However, some Syrian Kurds in Iraq opposed the left-leaning YPG and wanted to join units more closely connected to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which leads the Kurdish region. “It’s worse now in Syria, the Kurds have nothing," Rojava Peshmerga members said in 2015. They complained that the YPG was too close to the Assad regime.
The Kurds of Syria now have 1/3 of Syrian territory fully fortified by the coalition. They control the oil and the best farmland. The US has aided them in forming their own regional government. The statement of 'Kurds having nothing" and it being "worse now in Syria" is ridiculous. If it's worse now, then under Assad, I'll ask again why did these so called "Rojova Peshmerga" leave to head to Iraq and fight ISIS?

Kurdish patriots who are ready to fight ISIS, the Rojava Peshmerga sought to prevent Islamic State sleeper cells from infiltrating back into northern Iraq. But they also clashed several times with PKK and YPG members in Yazidi villages near Sinjar. Four Rojava Peshmerga were wounded in March 2017 clashes. They were very critical of YPG policies as they patrolled that lonely road within eyesight of the Syrian border, but unable to cross.
In June 2016 another group of Rojava Peshmerga were posted near the Mosul Dam, including some women who had joined an all-women’s unit. Their job was to guard the road near the dam. One of the male commanders said he had lived in Iraq since the Syrian conflict began in 2012. The women told similar stories. They said they had fled Syria during the war in 2012. They preferred to join a Peshmerga unit as opposed to the YPG because they said the YPG-affiliated women’s units did not allow fighters to marry.
“It is our land [in Syria] and we want to return to Rojava after ISIS is defeated," they said.
Why did they leave?
The women were also harshly critical of the YPG, accusing them of taking their lands and keeping other political parties from eastern Syria.
“The international community is working with the YPG to solve the problem and let us go back,” they said. Brett McGurk, the US anti-ISIS envoy, had been involved in these discussions, they claimed. “We went three times to Faishkhabur [the border crossing with Syria] and the YGP said we couldn’t come,” One of the women, her AK-47 by her side, said. “We don’t want to end up as housewives back in Syria, we want to protect and live on our land.”
The same propaganda regarding women fighters as was applied thickly on behalf of the PKK/YPG
The Rojava Peshmerga are now caught in the middle of a complex political balancing act between Washington and Ankara. For years, they were prevented from returning to eastern Syria because they are linked to the Syria’s Kurdish National Council, a group of Kurdish political parties that are close to the KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). The YPG has periodically raided eastern Syria, according to their members who relocated to Iraq.

The YPG has "periodically raided eastern Syria"???
The YPG’s political branch, the PYD, has been criticized for stifling other political opposition groups in eastern Syria. Turkey also views the YPG as terrorists, and Ankara has historically had more amicable relations with the KDP. This means that some think the presence of the Rojava Peshmerga would be more palatable to Turkey.

But a handful of Rojava Peshmerga deployed near posts of YPG or SDF members is not going to change Ankara’s view. Turkey launched airstrikes against the YPG in Iraq’s Sinjar in April 2017, killing five Peshmerga by mistake. It is also not clear how a few Peshmerga will change Turkey’s calculations, since the government structure of eastern Syria will remain in the hands of groups that Turkey views as terrorists. Moreover, Ankara’s main concern is not just a few posts along the border, but accusations that the US is investing in a “stabilization” force in eastern Syria made up of SDF members.
A handful of Rojova Peshmerga were deployed with the YPG/SDF in Iraq's Sinjar, 2017, and were  killed by mistake? There is no mistake. Rojova Peshmerga/YPG deployed together in Sinjar Iraq = PKK

The Rojava Peshmerga have sought for three years to return home. Now it remains to be seen whether they will be pawns in a complex game between Washington and Ankara, or if they will be able to fulfill their dreams of serving in their native Syria.
The last paragraph of an entire Jerusalem Post news article that makes little sense at all.
Again, I repeat these questions:
- Why did the Rojova Kurds leave to begin with?
- Why didn't they fight ISIS in Syria- If that was there true calling?
- Why were they stationed alongside YPG in Iraq?
Doubtful Turkey/Iran/Syria will be fooled by the rebrand- though the gullible masses might be.

In closing we have to be aware that the deployment of the Rojova Peshmerga has been done with the blessing of the US- who, as coincidence would have it trained this new batch of fighters in Iraq.

 Bendi made no mention of remarks by James Jeffrey, U.S. envoy to Syria, who said on Monday that there is a deployment of the "Peshmerga across the border, that was done with our understanding and the understanding of the SDF, that is one of the various steps being taken.”
Muslim Mohammad, a Syrian member of the KDP, told Anadolu Agency on Monday that under the cover of the U.S., some Roj Peshmerga commanders held a secret meeting with the terrorist PYD in northern Syria and discussed the return of the Syrian Peshmergas.

In time we'll be able to observe how well this rebrand goes.. It might be successful? Or not?

Meanwhile- Usrael backed Kurds continue to dig trenches along the Syrian/Turkish border.


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