Monday, January 7, 2019

Creating Kurdistan & Peace in Syria/Regional Peace? Peter Koenig Kicks Off The Hard Sell

It's not lost on me that Mr Koenig is a banker. Formerly with the World Bank. I don't believe he's a "whistle blower" outing the anglo zionist attempts at reshaping the globe. In my opinion, he just obfuscates reality. He is selling the remake agenda under the guise of happenstance and necessary for peaceI ask you, how beneficial is that for the anglo zionist empire? To cover for their plans? To present them as not a plan? Looks to be a win/win for the powers that shouldn't be.
 The idea that the creation of Kurdistan and a real lasting peace belong together is false. These two concepts, peace in Syria, including regional surroundings and the creation of Kurdistan do not walk hand in hand. They are not the same.  To hold these ideas in your head and somehow accept them is to worsen your cognitive dissonance. Remember cognitive dissonance? “ the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values”
 To believe that peace will come to the region if Kurdistan is created is the same as believing Israel was created peacefully and justly and has been nothing but good for the region...

From Israel to Kurdistan:

“ Israel shines as a beacon of freedom and hope in the Middle East. Its diverse culture, open society and guaranteed civil and political liberties for all citizens, regardless of race, religion, gender or creed, follows closely to Western democratic tradition”

Kurdistan:  Rojova

Rojava’s constitution enshrines gender equality and religious freedom
Rojava “ not only is it relatively peaceful but it is a secular, multicultural community genuinely open to the myriad ethnicities present there: Arabs, Turkmen, Yazidis, Arameans, Armenians and more.
You’ll notice it’s the same rhetoric? And the rhetoric has not matched the reality.
Israeli flags at Kurdish rallies. Jews and Kurds have a long history of mutual support.
  Israel is nothing like that fluffy beacon of freedom nonsense. And the YPG/PKK are neither peaceful, secular or genuinely community oriented. However those ideas have been the thrust of the soft sell: an indirect sale promotion of a product/service or remake

 Sadly, this out of touch with reality idea is one you are required to hold. A necessary illusion. One that has been created for us all, in order that we 'believe' unquestionably that what is being done is right, just and good. Despite the horrific bloodshed, displacement, exploitation, environmental degradation that is required  to sever a new nation, violently, from 4 existing nations. This new nation is and has been desired all along by the global oligarchical power structure. The birth pangs of a ‘new middle east’ ala Condoleeza Rice.

How knowable was this remake agenda?

The fact that it was discernible and I was able to write about it for years suggests the plan was knowable. Able to be followed. With an end goal always in sight.  I first wrote about this in 2012. Yes, 2012. Seven years ago.



  And continuing on with coverage of these development to this very day. Kurdistan/Israel 2.0 has always been the goal. It has always been the plan. Which is why, that which is occurring presently can not be considered happenstance? The creation has been taking place in plain site for years and years now. All you had to have was eyes to see it. Awareness to recognize it. And good filters to block out the soft sell that was/is being pushed by the alt and msm.

We’ve now moved into the hard sell ( direct push) aspect of this regional remake:

Global banker (ex World Bank?) Peter Koenig kicked off the hard sell. Expect it to pick up pace.

His article which featured two different titles at two different sites is hard selling the idea of the long planned and desired Kurdistan having the potential to bring peace and stability to the region. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Peace for Syria or a New Kurdistan as a Regional Stabilizing Factor

Then ‘Dissident Voice” How dissident (opposing official policy especially that which is authoritarian)  is any place that promotes the agenda of the elites. The power structure. The global authority. Perhaps “dissident voice’ should be The Conformist Voice? - It’s certainly more appropriate. Peace for Syria and a New Kurdistan as Regional Stabilizing Factor?
Notice the title has changed from an ‘or’ to an ‘and’? Interesting?

All that necessary background out of the way let’s get to some of points made in the article:

Peter K: The US will not let go of such a strategic country with access to Four Seas, as promoted by President Bashar al-Assad, linking the Mediterranean, the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea and the Persian Gulf into an energy network. Washington had the full dominion of Syria in mind as the pivotal country in the Middle East, already when Washington first attempted to “negotiate” with Bashar’s dad, Háfez al-Ásad, in the late 1990s”
Long time readers here should recall the 4 Seas Strategy, it was covered in a report done nearly 8 years ago. Read or reread:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 :Assad's "Four Seas Strategy" Damascus converges with China

“While China is moving west towards the Caspian Sea, Damascus is concurrently moving eastward. Since 2009, Bashar al-Assad has been promoting a "Four Seas Strategy" to turn Damascus into a trade hub among the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea and the Caspian Sea.”

Assad peddled this idea in May 2009 with Turkey, stating that “Once the economic space between Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran become integrated, we would link the Mediterranean, Caspian, Black Sea, and the [Persian] Gulf … we aren’t just important in the Middle East…Once we link these four seas, we become the compulsory intersection of the whole world in investment, transport and more.”

Assad was working towards turning Syria into a central trade hub. In partnership with Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Not having to destroy them, but, cooperatively partnering with them. 
 Remember the ridiculing of the “Arab pipeline” by the western powers? That was just one small part of the 4 Seas Strategy.  If you are unaware of all this ..... you’ve got lots of catching up to do.
 This plan would have knocked Israel on it’s proverbial ass, with little to no chance to control the economics of the region. Which would have also, effectively, displaced the US from the picture. Peter Koening is not referencing Syria of today in when he writes about the strategic country controlling the 4 SeasHe is talking about the long term goal to create Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0. That would be the 'real estate' that controls the 4 Seas.  The real estate the US will not let go of. That very point that's been repeatedly made here at the blog. Last year there were at least three posts discussing the creation of Greater Kurdistan- Pulling the 4 Seas Strategy rug right out from under Syria and blocking/controlling the Silk Road plans

Controlling the 4 Seas- That is Israel and the US in control
As stated: "Let's say this is the best case scenario map? Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 controlled by Usrael and allies. Stretching from the Mediterranean- (we know the Kurds, aided by Usrael, are trying to get to the Mediterranean sea) Through to the Black Sea. The shores of the Caspian. And, to the Persian Gulf.  The pot stirring in Iran will take them to the Caspian. Destabilizing Turkey will take the Usrael/ Kurds to the Black Sea. Breaking up Iraq to the Persian Gulf.)"
 As stated: "The great game as been at hand for years and years now. This is why I speak always of the remake the region agenda– the moves and counter moves- As they extend into North Africa. Which is why Tell Rifaat was one stop on the silk road. it’s a battle between the big powers. Who is going to reshape the region?
Who will succeed? Who will control resources?
Etc., What is going on in Syria has larger ramifications for the entire
region- reverberating in Europe, China, Russia. It will affect how trade is conducted. How and where money is spent- Winners/Losers. Sadly much of this reality has been obfuscated by the media- fake alternatives and troll patrols that talk about rubbish when none of that is raising awareness of the geopolitics at play"

No thanks to the misinforming alternative media- All of whom ignored the obvious. Along with the troll armies on line this important information was clouded. Obscured from sight.  Now, as stated, we’ve arrived at the hard sell. - It had to come to this point.  At this juncture we should witness the hard sell blossom. It will grow exponentially until you believe that the creation of Kurdistan is just a happenstance occurrence. The so called alternatives as well as main stream media will sell this idea. That it will need to happen because of the situation on the ground. If you believe that presentation, YOU will be made the fool.
PK continues: “On these grounds Syria might want to initiate negotiations with Turkey, Iraq and Iran to finally establish within the borders of Syria and Iraq (and Iran, as it were), some kind of a Kurdish territory which might over time become a fully autonomous Kurdish Homeland, what today is already called, Kurdistan.(who call’s this territory Kurdistan? Beside the globalists and the Kurds themselves? )  Much like Israel was carved out of Palestine, except that Israel was an artificial creation, commanded by outside forces, with the specific purpose already 70 years ago to destabilize the region. Whereas Kurdistan would be a stabilizing factor, a natural process facilitated by the countries within the region”

What a load of manure.  Initiate negotiations?  The territory stolen by the Usreael Kurds is some of the most oil rich, fertile, strategic land in the area. Never mind all the available water! (The water aspect has been previously covered here as well) Why would any nation mentioned, Syria, Turkey, Iraq or Iran negotiate to give away all their wealth to a nation that never existed. Kurdistan will be as much an artificial creation as Israel. Carved out of 4 others nations, commanded by outside forces, with a specific purpose. And just like Israel,  much spilled blood. Peter Koening is misrepresenting reality to sell the globalist idea.

PK continues on and do take note that he is talking about Kurdistan as something that already exists within the borders of 4 diverse nations- Except that it doesn’t.  PK is pushing cognitively challenging ideas on you the readers

Peter K" “The current semi-official Kurdistan is one of the oil richest territories of the region. At present these oil resources are divided more or less along the border divisions of Kurdistan; i.e., Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. For these countries hydrocarbon is a key factor in their economy. Therefore, the creation of an autonomous region within Syria, Iraq and Iran, called Kurdistan, might require not only an honest process and equitable division of the Black Gold, but also a withdrawal of Turkey from Kurdistan; i.e., through a land swap. The development towards a sovereign Kurdistan – no time frame might at this point be suggested – would require Kurdish concessions. In other words, peace and homeland have a price. However, this price will never even come close to the benefits of independence and peace.”
A withdrawal of Turkey from Kurdistan? There is no Kurdistan how can Turkey or Syria or Iran withdraw from it? How do you like your mind being screwed with?

Again, I’ve written on how much wealth and strategic geography the Usrael Kurds will control-
 PK is suggesting the Kurds who have the upper hand in Syria, present time, will negotiate nicely with Damascus to share the wealth? It won't be that kind of deal making. It'll be capitalist extraction.  He’s promoting rubbish and perception management to again obfuscate the reality. And he’s tying this all to the illusory withdrawal of US troops, who in fact, will never leave. This is what they’ve planned and worked to accomplish for decades.
Think permanent occupation- long term. Iraq. Germany. Italy. Japan. Nothing we haven't seen before.

Over these long years my eyes have certainly opened to how it is disinformation/perception management shapes our reality- when we don’t make an effort to enlighten ourselves.


  1. It's a big subject and I've covered it, hopefully, as concisely as possible (short and sweet)
    Read through, check all the links and share some thoughts?

    1. It is a tour de force, Penny, that brings all the narrative threads together. And yes, I too expect the pace to quicken along the road to Israel 2.0. I suspect many other crypto-Nations will be revealed along the way, i.e. anyone, anyone who pushes this autonomous *cough*newzionistentity*cough* Kurdistan will reveal themselves to be Zionist lackeys. We might be surprised at the revelations.

    2. Hey anonymous(flopot?) Not sure
      It's a subject that is very complex and is hard to weave those threads together-- without writing a book
      Which I should really do.

      I wouldn't, myself, say that who ever goes along with the autonomous zone or whatever is accomplished is crypto- it seems more plausible that the reality on the ground has really and truly tied the hands of Syria, for example.
      Turkey and Iran still have a chance to save their nation states- but for Turkey- it will come down to how infested they still are with NATO's atlantacists and gulenists..

  2. Penny, I had to stop at this (before I could read anymore):

    ["Rojava’s constitution enshrines gender equality and religious freedom
    Rojava “ not only is it relatively peaceful but it is a secular, multicultural community genuinely open to the myriad ethnicities present there: Arabs, Turkmen, Yazidis, Arameans, Armenians and more."]

    UH UM: So what is all the war against Bashar al-Assad? Syria is ALREADY THAT WAY AND HAS BEEN FOR MILLENNIA!!!

    God the dumbass people who swallow this crap makes me like a volcano ready to spew.

    Thank you for pointing out the if it is helping the pea brains or the f*&king murders in that shithole Israel. I wish I could lump them all together and throw them in a pile and as Mel Gibson said..."BURN IT"

    now, to finish reading...

    1. Just had another thought...

    2. Rojova is one big identity politics project- same as Israel was... I'm sure there has already been a ton of spin about including lgbt's, but, Kurds are for the most part devout if not Sunni Muslims- they aren't tolerant.
      Which is why they've killed/displaced so many Christians already

  3. You know Penny when the blatant truth is being said:
    ["Peter K" “The current semi-official Kurdistan is one of the oil richest territories of the region. At present these oil resources are divided more or less along the border divisions of Kurdistan; i.e., Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. For these countries hydrocarbon is a key factor in their economy. Therefore, the creation of an autonomous region within Syria, Iraq and Iran, called Kurdistan, might require not only an honest process and equitable division of the Black Gold, but also a withdrawal of Turkey from Kurdistan; i.e., through a land swap. The development towards a sovereign Kurdistan – no time frame might at this point be suggested – would require Kurdish concessions. In other words, peace and homeland have a price. However, this price will never even come close to the benefits of independence and peace.”]... can CLEARLY SEE that the INVASION OF SYRIA all along was for 'BLACK GOLD' via one million proxy headchoppers bought and paid for by US/IS/SA...the very AXIS OF EVIL. This alone by the US Constitution and its Laws would stand up in a true ICC with the million bullets ready for EXECUTION FIRING SQUADS OF JUSTICE. MAY IT BE SO!

    1. Wallflower: thank you :)

      The invasion of Syria/Iraq to create Kurdistan with an eye to Greater Kurdistan was not just for the oil, though that's part of it.
      -the oil
      -It was for the water
      -the farmland
      -smuggling routes (which the Usreal Kurds have aplenty)
      think drugs, body parts, blood and people (with their Isreali pals)
      Impede the silk road
      -access to the 4 seas to control trade on the water (impeding silk road again)
      - weakening 4 sovereign and existing nation states to the point they cannot survive without having their pockets picked clean by the Usreal Kurdish monopoly

      The whole plan is geo strategically significant and will alter the whole dynamic of that area.

  4. I just found this to confirm the 'obvious'.

    ["Netanyahu personally visited Oman to promote an INTERNATIONAL (emp. mine) railway project. In November 2018, the president of Chad visited Israel, for the first time in 46 years, after diplomatic ties were reestablished."]

  5. Here's a little thought experiment. If the goal was always the partitioning of Syria, and the major players involved are ZOG, then that can be used to explain the main events of the Syrian conflict.

    1. Damascus is pushed to the edge of extinction, i.e. the Assad regime is about to be "changed" because of "ISIS" springing forth from the desert. Zionist forces takeover NE Syria and push into other parts.

    2. In comes Russia, the Good Cop, and pushes "ISIS" right back to...the Euphrates?!? Declares ISIS defeated and starts talks on Syria's Constitution? Say what?

    What were we left with but a partitioned Syria, managed by the major powers who, if this theory is correct, are all ZOGs. Just a theory and I don't hold to it. Not yet at any rate.

    If Russia pushes for an "autonomous" occupation of NE Syria by the SDF, then yes the theory will have been proven. I don't believe in the "frozen conflict" baloney we were sold during the Cold War and I will not start believing it now.

    So I'm playing the following waiting game - who is ZOG? And Syria is THE testing ground.


    1. Flopot:

      "If the goal was always the partitioning of Syria, and the major players involved are ZOG, then that can be used to explain the main events of the Syrian conflict."

      The goal was always balkanization/partition. However the events as they've occured do not support the idea of all nations being ZOG's

      I'll explain:

      The intended goal, from all I can discern, was to take the Kurds straight through to the Mediterranean- that's part of the 4 seas strategy.

      When Russia came into Syria they actually, allied with Turkey, IMO began to form the block.

      Then Turkey came into the area west of Manbij- Operation Euphrates Shield.

      Later they moved further west in Afrin.

      In between Russia and Syria moved all the jihadis into Idlib... while setting up outposts surrounding the entire province along with Iran.
      This is the reason you see the zio crowd get so excited and spin any bombing in Idlib - they want Idlib to go full hog wild and then the onslaught from the east will occur. You've had to have noticed Canthama and company along with Kevork (disinfo) promoting the idea that a little skirmish or bombing is a huge deal.
      That's because the zio crowd is waiting for that to move.

      These actions stopped the westward march needed to create a Kurdistan with water access. This is why the Iraqi Kurdish region has been a so so influence in the area- they had to rely on Turkey to get their oil out- It was an impediment for them. And one Turkey actively encouraged- Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

      Going back to east of the Euphrates... If the Kurds are forced east of the Euphrates, even if partnered with Iraq (they'll squabble internally because that's what they do always) But they will be a landlocked entity with little real ability to control trade in the way the anglo zionist crowd had wanted.

      If Russia okays, along with Turkey and Iran a "autonomous" region- we'd have to see what type of region it is? How much power it will have?
      What about the American/French bases?
      All that would have to be addressed..

      That said, if an autonomous region in Syria turns into a Chechnya like entity- Syria will be ok- and in control.
      Which would be the 2nd best case scenario for Syria- 1st best being tossing them all to the curb.

      - promotion to the dumbed down masses as a fair resolution
      -get rid of the terror thugs
      - Turkey will help clean house

      But, considering that we'd have to realize that the Usreal crowd would continue working their agenda..

      So long story short.. It seems to me that what has already occurred demonstrates not all nations are ZOG (Russia, Turkey and Iran have definitely shown their anti- zog credentials)

  6. Syria is now divided in perpetuity and the Syrian people have been utterly betrayed. That is my gut feeling. I will never trust any government again it these instincts are correct. The Zionist West vs the "free" East will have been proven to be yet another layer of lies on the great stack of misdirection we lovingly call the Matrix.

    These are my final thoughts on the matter -- if Syria is partitioned, and all parties agree to this, then the Zionists not only won but played all of us from the beginning. This would mean, for me, that all governments are Zoggish and I don't have to engage in politics anymore, because it will be dead. Like history.

  7. Penny.
    It takes careful thought and consideration to penetrate the hidden. You certainly have a discerning mind and God willing heart. They are like hand and glove really.

    Re: devout/sunni, like myself. The Kurds not party to the shenanigans are what I would say are devout. Those that are a part of the scheme are anything but devout. Most likely they appear this way but are essentially tribalistic, nationalistic, ethno-religious. Precepts which hinder true spiritual growth.

    Anyways, much admiration for your style of writing and discernment.

    1. Abdullah: I waivered over which word to use to describe them (the Usreal Kurds) Fanatical crossed my mind as well. Which I may change it to, because, devout was not my first choice. You've made clear that they are really more fanatics then devout.

      Thanks Abdullah for the kind words as well.

  8. And in the meanwhile a coup was averted in Gabon. I had heard the other day that US marines went to Gabon and was wondering what they were up to. The excuse that they are on the way to Congo seemed fishy. If they mean Congo-Brazzaville, they have ports, and if they mean Congo-Kinshasa, they do not border on Gabon.
    Trump also mentioned this morning that he wanted to send more marines to Gabon.

    Ali Bongo managed to quell the coup (2 deaths among the putchists) but his days are counted imho.
    The population is rather fed up with that regime and while I think it will get worse if he's replaced by another puppet, the people are not hostile to a change (my wife being Gabonese knows a little bit about the mood there).
    The thing is that in that case it's also probably the puppeteer that changes.
    To remember, Ali Bongo had half a year ago contacted Putin and that is probably already to much for the empire.

    1. and why a talk about Africa. There we can see the same thing happening as in the middle east with the changing of "alliances" (better said puppeteers). We see in slow motion how country after country comes under the control of the USrael empire at the expense of the former controllers (France, Belgium) and partners (Russia, China).
      The Ruanda Genocide is incomprehensible if not viewed in the perspective of kicking out of France and Belgium and replacing with USrael. From there, they could start their terrorism into the Kivu region of Congo.
      Sudan break up had to do with the oil contracts they had with China.
      Ivory Coast ousting of Gbagbo was a pure Israeli operation done via its Sarkösy agent (as was Libya).
      In the same vein the Boko Haram terrorists follows the same script as the Al Quaida bs in middle east.

  9. thanks Gallier2

    I'd seen the coup attempt, but, no way can I manage all the nuances of that as well- Yikes

    Yes, I would agree the changing of alliances is a factor

    Gallier2 'The Ruanda Genocide is incomprehensible if not viewed in the perspective of kicking out of France and Belgium and replacing with USrael.'

    I agree that is definitely a part of the situation in Rwanda- We get a steady diet of drivel here in Canada regarding that because of Romeo Dallaire-

    I read his book...

    I think his ptsd came from the fact that he allowed the killings to occur so the Usrael empire could gain ground.

    Kagame was clearly groomed and placed in power by the US.
    Oh and Israel loves him too
    They gave him awards..

    Israel’s African darling: Paul Kagame

    "On Sunday, 26 March 2017, Rwandan President Paul Kagame became the first African president to address the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which also identifies itself as “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby.” Kagame was also the only foreign head of state to address this year’s conference besides Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself.

    On the same day, a full page ad for the Champions of Jewish Values Gala in NYC at the end of May appeared in the Washington Post. The event, it said, will celebrate “the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem,” meaning the Israel Defense Force’s seizure of Temple Mount - a holy site to Muslims, Christians, and Jews - during the 1967 Six Day War. Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer and Alan Dershowitz will be among the presenters, and awards will go to Martin Luther King III, David Friedman, Jose Maria Aznar and others. Paul Kagame will receive the Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Prize for Outstanding Friendship with the Jewish People."

    Need I say more?

    1. Hi Penny,

      again change of subject. Here an interview in the international herald tribune of Etienne Chouard

      This is the guy who single handedly made France vote against the EU Constitution in 2005 (imo).
      He is a simple high-school teacher but thinks about democracy and power since then and has a knack for unspinning the whole political vocabulary.
      All the political requests (not the economical stuff) of the yellow vests are in some way his achievement.

    2. but be warned, the translation to english is quite clumsy. It's not machine translation bad, but it would have gained a lot of clarity if the translator had a better grasp of the english political discourse and if he had added a little bit of context.

    3. ty gallier2
      I look forward to reading it
      I like anyone who can unspin the the political vocabulary

  10. One last item of interest Koenig is a jewish name.

    not relevant?

    I don't know,but,certainly interesting. If not a bit curious.
    The way he's advocating for an Israel 2.0..

  11. It is not rocket science, Penny.

    If the goal was always partition (and we have the evidence); and if the major players agree to a partitioning of Syria along the Euphrates (even so-called autonomy for any areas outside the original territories of the Kurds is a partition in all but name) then what is there to discuss?

    All entities agreeing to Kurdish control outside their original areas will be making a deal with a Zionist proxy force. Call it surrender; call it complicity in a conspiracy -- either way, all participants in such an outcome will be ZOGs.

    Syria is now the great litmus test -- who is and who is not ZOG. We shall soon see.

    It is not rocket science.

    1. I respect your opinion, but, also disagree with it being as simple as you present it.
      And we'll leave it at that.