Monday, January 21, 2019

Glacial- Breakin' Records

Yup, glacial. Seemed a new word was in order to describe the extreme cold weather round these parts. It's been cold for while now. Colder then is the norm, but, it's now glacial.

This morning at 6: 38 am, the environment Canada weather was measuring - 18 C or 0 F
The weather station in my back yard is in agreement. 0 F or -18 C
With the windchill it is - 30C

There is an extreme cold advisory and a blowing snow advisory issued for the region because we had a sizeable dumping of snow between Saturday and Sunday.

30 to 35 Centimeters. About 12 - 14 inches in a span of about 24 hours.
Schools are closed today. No buses. Roads are a mess still.
They were yesterday as well. The plow has made one pass, in all this time, down my street.
Oh and wind is either howling or whistling outside of my house...

"Wind chill minus 30 in the morning and minus 18 in the afternoon. Risk of frostbite"
I've been sharing weather updates with ontariogeofish fairly regularly this past little while

Blogger Penny said...
Hey Geofish

Yup, it's cold today/ Quite cold and with the windchill it's colder still

-10 C with windchill - 19C

and we're getting snow.. not a lot,but, it's blowing around
January 19, 2019 at 6:01 PM
  Penny said...
FYI: it's a balmy -14 C and we have a whole lot more snow then when I left yesterday's comment- I'm suspecting we got our 30-35 centimeter amount, probably more and the storm that is blanketing us is expected to deliver another 5 cm's still today.
so overall a pretty good dumping in the last 24 hours or so
January 20, 2019 

Blogger Harold Asmis said...
Yeah, northern winds. You get all the snow and we don't. :) Let's hope the winds don't reverse.
January 20, 2019 at 8:36 AM
Blogger Harold Asmis said...
Long underwear required for dog walking. Double socks under my -40 boots don't quite cut it.
Ottawa Claimed A Chilling Record Over the Week end
Ottawa claimed a chilling record over the weekend: the coldest capital anywhere in the world at -26 degrees Celsius. Environment Canada has issued several extreme weather warnings across the country. Mike Armstrong reports on the extreme cold from Montreal, a city forced to postpone its winter festival because of too much snow.
 'Frostbite in minutes': Environment Canada warns of wind chill hitting -40

"Today’s high will only top out at -17 C – that’s below the average low (-15.7 C) for this time of the year."
Today's high will be colder then the average low for this time of year in  Ottawa.

Manitoba: It really is that cold! 

North said as much in his weekly rant:

"In the meantime, it is so fucking cold up here on the Canadian prairies with near record extreme temperature warnings for the next few days at least... The overnight lows have been down to the -35C range these last few days, with windchill factors in the -50C range as well.... As I have said in the last few rants, these temperatures are expected here in mid-January, but not to this extreme... I am of course astounded that the "Global Warming" freaks are still out there and having the nerve to claim that 2019 is shaping up to be the "warmest year on record", and all I can say is what in the fuck are those idiots smoking??  The outlook for the coming month is also not good, with the average temperatures expected to be some 5 to 10 degrees Celsius colder than what is claimed to be 'normal'... All this means is that what I and others have been predicting as to what is actually coming over the next decade as the planet enters a "Solar minimum" with temperatures much colder than normal may be starting..... Yes, the planet is getting colder, and all I can do now is laugh in the faces of anyone that still claims that we must save the planet from "overheating" by handing our crooked governments our earnings in the form of "carbon taxation".

But ya know, Australia's summer temps are the only game in town 

Yaya: how's the weather round your neck of the woods? 
I understand probably not as much snow?  According to our daughter, cold, but not as much snow as we have in Niagara.


  1. 25F here (39 expected high).

    Cold for me. Balmy for you.

  2. I wouldn't even bat an eye at 25 F. (Not even -4 C for my fellow canadians)- with a high above freezing?
    Depending on whether or not the sun is shining, I, might wear a 'fall weight jacket'
    as opposed to my knee length coat with fur trimmed hood to keep the cold off my face

    Actually bman that temperature is pretty much our average at this time of year.

    I live in a more moderate part of Canada.(Great Lakes moderation) North lives in the prairies and it's much colder there.

  3. Hi Penny: At 11:20 AM, here's the text from my region's Extreme Cold Warning: "Wind chill values will moderate above the warning criteria of minus 30 this afternoon as winds ease. Tonight temperatures will once again fall below minus 20 and with light winds, wind chill values are expected to be near minus 30. A milder air mass will begin to move in Tuesday."

    It's a nice bright day; the roads don't appear to have been ploughed, but the cars are managing to pack it down just fine. The river is frozen over with a covering of white stuff.

    Why, it's a veritable Winter Wonderland! Haha.

  4. Hey, Penny: Just looked out my window and saw kids with toboggans happily sliding down the snow banks. That was me, once upon a time. I remember my own breath freezing on my scarf. Somebody out there needs to calmly face the fact that Canadians are used to icy cold winters and sweaty hot summers. And that it's just Ma Nature doing her thing, some years more or less than others.

  5. Just got back from my daily walk- the temperature hit -12C in full sunshine- it's cooler now at -14C
    -22C with the windchill- still lots of digging out going on today
    -the snow total after the big dump looks to be in the 15 inch to 38 cm range
    I was very warmly dressed and was ok- face got a bit chilled is all

    no mail deliver today

    and yes Yaya: I recall the frozen scarf days as well